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You['re bound to a table for Master's pleasure.

7-11-2010, 10:18 main Author: personal
The stout cords bind your wrists and ankles to the legs of the round dining table, leaving you shivering in a mix of excitement and fear, not quite remembering how you got here, but remembering Him. The one who always ties you here. You can just see over the edge of the table, but can't see behind you as the touch of cold steel presses against the small of your back. You take a short gasp as the knife slits your blouse all the way up to your neck, leaving you shivering from the sudden cool air now. You feel it again as he slits down from your waist, cutting your skirt off of you for the sheer desire to do so. He could have just unzipped it. or moved it, but this is his will pushed onto you.

You squirm against your bonds, panty covered pussy rubbing against the edge of the table as you gasp softly, breasts aching, skin tingling. You almost jump out of your skin as the tip of the knife traces its way down your spine, marking his name on your skin; just enough to leave a little red reminder for you that you're his possession. The strong hand grabs the back of your neck and presses you down as he cuts your pretty white lace bra free, teasing you because he can. The heavy weight of the knife rests against your shoulder blades.

"I suggest you not drop don't want me to find someplace more...enveloping to keep it, do you?"

You gasp, feeling your sweet honey soak your panties and drip down your thighs, "No, Master...I'll be good."

His hand pins your head down by the neck and his other, pulls your panties down your hips, ripping them when they will not go lower on your pinned legs. You take a sharp breath as he pushes into you, the feeling new every time he does it, stuffing into your sodden hole. He takes you without a care; using you like the toy he has turned you into these many months, grunting at the tight heat you give him.

"I missed this..."

His hand slips around your neck to your throat and he squeezes your air away as he takes you, your body shuddering under his as your orgasms start to hit you, crashing from one to the next, gasping to try and take a breath to cry out, but denied by his will. You continue to struggle for any breath, any relief as he slips out of you, your hips betraying your burning need and lust. His hand slips away long enough for you to take a breath and lose it in a long wanton moan when he shoves his dripping cock into your ass, taking it slow but continuously.

You start speaking, begging, not in control of yourself anymore, begging him to take you harder, to fuck you until you can't stand it, to make you his thing, his object, his needy slave,

"You are my slave..."

His hand jerks your hair and pulls your head back, and then other hand going to his knife and you feel the cold blade under your chin

"Mine to do as I you deny it?"

Your breath catches hard in your throat and you tremble, terrified but still moving your hips, needing him so much that you can't help it, even now.

"Master...please Master..."

"Please what?"

You close your eyes and shudder as another powerful orgasm takes you,

"Yours! Yours, Master..."

You hear a scream as he explodes into you, feeling the heat pour into you, knife on the table as his hand presses your head down again, writhing along with you as he marks his girl with his seed.

Your breath comes hard and sharp, trying to catch up to your body, feeling him inside you, throbbing furiously.

He pulls slowly out of you and you can feel his cum drip down you, and you shake like a leaf, knowing how he makes you into this every time. Makes you a trembling mess begging for him to take you how he wants.

"I love you, Master..."

His hand in your hair is your only response and you smile at the soft tug on it. You close your eyes and smile, content to be his slave.

Hours later...

She shivers in the cool air, waiting for him again. Waiting for him as she always does, hoping he'll come for her again. The pretty girl stays on her knees, frozen to the spot he has left her, black leather hood over her head and secured to the rings on her collar, sight blocked out and hearing muffled to a whisper. Perhaps he's already here. She straightens, her body shivering and aching from his earlier visit, remembering his words, hoping he didn't see her slouch. Time seems to melt away. Has she been here minutes or hours? Her knees ache from the cold stones and the dried cum coats her ass and thighs. Has he forgotten her? Left her to wait all night without his touch?

A soft sonorous voice speaks, "hello baby...did you miss me?"

She groans involuntarily, his voice a light in the darkness, "Daddy...yes...oh, Daddy I missed you so much..."

Something warm and soft slips into her mouth and she groans, knowing the taste and feel of His cock, sucking needilly and letting it fill her up, lips pulling and caressing the head. A soft, strong hand touches her shoulder, sending a shudder down her body, wanting to feel him these long hours, wrists still cuffed behind her, arms burning with stiffness. His hand traces the curve of her shoulder as she sucks desperately, feeling nothing but his touch, his taste filling her up. The thick cock throbs warm and hard in her mouth.

"What shall we do with you, I wonder..."

She whimpers as the meat slides out of her...a whimper that turns to a gasp as her head is pulled forward and pressed to the ground, bare ass in the air, resting on her forehead with her hands secured in metal bonds behind her back. A clicking noise tells her that He just locked her collar to a ring set in the floor, securing her here until he decides to release her. She shivers, wondering what he has decided for her tonight. The silence in her hood feels overpowering and suddenly her thighs scream in pain as a leather strap lands high on the back of her thigh.

She screams sharply, shocked more than hurt. She trembles and starts to breathe fast. His hand caresses the soft curve of her ass and along her hip and the touch calms her a little. Another blow lands on the other thigh and she jerks a little, crying out.


Another sharp blow on her thighs followed by 2 more.


She starts sobbing quietly, body tingling all over and starting to float as he beats her, taking short, moaning, gasping breaths. The room echoes with 2 sounds...the leather striking her skin and her needy, wanton moans.

"Please Daddy...please..."

The beating continues up her back, hard enough to feel it, but soft enough to promise more to come. Her body shakes, pussy dripping down her legs like a stream now. Her breath comes in ragged gasps now, whimpering her need.

"Please fuck me Daddy...I need it so much..."

Her whimpers turn into a deep aching moan at the hot flesh pushing into her dripping pussy, hands clenching together in her bonds, hips moving with him with a burning desire. Her skin feels on fire, hot and throbbing from the blows of the lash, but her pussy screams louder, stuffed full and spasming around her Master's cock.

Her body starts to spasm hard as her first climax takes her and she starts babbling something she doesn't even know


He laughs, knowing she's not going to stop for a while, feeling her wet, slippery hole spasming hard around him, milking him farther into her body. She bucks and writhes under him, held tight to the ring in the floor. Her screams are almost constant now as she crashes from one orgasm to the next, one on top of the next.

Suddenly he slips out of her and she takes a huge gasp of air. She whimpers hoping to feel him again, but realizes in a minute that he's gone. She moves her knees up and straightens her back, waiting as always for his return.

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Sexual scene from a day in a Dom/sub relationship.

7-11-2010, 09:17 main Author: personal
She knelt by the front door, waiting for him to return.

He had called about 30 minutes ago, informing her that he would be home soon and instead of her usual greeting, he wanted her naked, kneeling with her head down, hands clasped in front of her, when he returned home.

After he had called she had undressed as she was told, darting into the bathroom for a quick spin in the mirror, she liked looking at herself, shed worked extremely hard to get the body that she had now. She also liked to make sure that there were no imperfections that perhaps she hadnt noticed earlier for some reason. She had thought casually while standing in front of the mirror whether or not hed be upset at her for admiring her body. She wasnt sure, but she didnt really think so.

Now she was kneeling by the door as told. She lowered her head as she heard him coming down the stairs. Keeping her head down as the lock clicked undone. She already knew better than to unlock the door for his return, she had learned in an earlier lesson that there was always a chance that someone else could enter before he did, since he never gave her an exact time of when hed be arriving. When he said hed be home soon it could always mean within a couple a minutes, or a couple of hours.

She watched out of the corner of her eye as the door swung open and he stepped inside, closing the door, and locking it. He moved past her and into the living room, setting his things down on the end table. She hated it when he passed her by like that without acknowledging her, while knowing it was another part of training she disliked it, but still knew better than to move from her position.

He was moving around behind her in the other room and she waited patiently until she heard him approach her. She knew he was looking at her, possibly admiring her hair that cascaded down her back just barely stopping past her butt. He loved her hair, always had from the first times theyd met.

Moving in front of her he reached down taking her clasped hands, raising them above her head and pulling upwards.

Stand up he spoke firmly.

She quickly but smoothly did as he said, keeping her head turned down and slightly to the left.

Stroking his left hand down her arm and over her side resting it on her hip while his other hand still firmly held her hands above her head, he gazed over her body. She was beautiful, and he loved looking at her, he would never tire of coming home to her each evening. Making her take a couple of steps backwards he pressed her against the wall behind them, pressing his body firmly against hers.

Look at me... He said it in a stern voice, but softly. She turned her head and brought it up, looking into the eyes she loved she smiled softly. He returned her smile and kissed her gently, and then parting her lips with his tongue he kissed her more forcefully and passionately, crushing her against the wall with his own body. She whimpered softly, partially from the force he was using and partially because she could feel his already hard cock pressing against her body through his clothes.

He finally released her hands and she let them drop around his neck as she knew he liked, his own hands going to her hips to lift her slightly and press her body against his.

One thing she had always appreciated and loved about their relationship together was that even when in training she was always allowed to speak, and ask questions, unless of course he had specifically told her not to.

Did your day go well baby she asked when he had stopped kissing her for a moment.

Yes its going even better now.

He kissed her neck once, and then took a step back from her.

Get back down on your knees, and address me as you should be when you speak again, understand?

She instantly got to her kneels again, cringing at his words.

Yes sir she spoke softly.

She should have known better than to address him with baby, while it was a name he loved hearing, perhaps on a usual day when shed greet him with a hug and kiss. This day and any other, when they were working together as Dom and sub in their own home, she was supposed to call him by Sir.

Typically she would have addressed him by Master but she had screwed up a couple weeks ago when she had accidentally stayed out past the time he had gotten home. She didnt feel it was directly her fault; there had been an accident which prevented her from getting back home in time.

There were things she could have done better however. She had left her cell phone at home which was a huge mistake; and she should have left her friends early enough to prepare for any kind of situation that she could have run into. He had punished her severely when she had arrived home, bringing her to the point of tears. Not from any pain he caused her, though there was some of that also, but from simply being incredibly sorry she had upset him. He had explained to her later that night as he held her lovingly that he didnt enjoy punishing her so severely, but she had worried him when he arrived home and she hadnt been there, and it was something that needed to be done. Then he had told her that for now she was to use Sir until he thought she had earned enough respect again to call him by Master. Sir is what she had originally referred to him as when they first met and started training.

She broke her mind from her thoughts as he moved to the living room again.

Come here.

She quickly moved across the floor to his feet on all fours, and then kneeled up again in front of him.

Undress me.

She stood, sliding her hands under his shirt and lifting it over his head with his help. She timidly kissed his chest once then kneeled again, using her teeth to undo the ties on his shoes, removing each one, his socks afterwards, as he shifted his weight so that she could. She then kneeled up again to undo the clasp of pants and draw his zipper down with her teeth. She removed his pants and his underwear, trying her best to ignore his hard cock that sprang forward as she did.

Feeling her pussy grow wet at just the site of him, she quickly folded the articles of clothing, setting them next to the couch and out of the way, and then returned to kneel in front of him. She glanced quickly up and him and saw he was watching her every move. Leaning forward she gave a lingering kiss to the underside of his cock, letting her tongue dart out to taste him. She paused for a moment to see if he would stop her and when he didnt she continued kissing him, running her tongue and lips up the length of his cock, licking up the pre-cum that already rested on the tip. She then slowly slid him all the way into her mouth until she felt his head resting against the back of her throat, and then while maintaining a gentle sucking slid her lips back up his cock.

Watching her he groaned, she was damned good at sucking him off, and he also knew how much she enjoyed it which only turned him on more. After a moment he put his hand on her shoulder, pushing her down and away. Then stepped over to the couch and sat down.

She kneeled where he had left her, watching him.

Alright, come here. He said after a moment of settling into a comfortable position and spreading his legs apart for her to kneel between them.

She crawled quickly to him, kneeled between his legs then proceeded to again greedily take his cock into her mouth.

He moaned again as she did, partially from the pleasure of her eagerness to immediately do so again.

At first slowly, then a bit quicker she slid her mouth up and down his cock. Using one of her hands to gently fondle his balls, while holding his cock in her other hand, sliding it up and down in the same motion as her mouth. With the wetness, and warmth of her mouth passing over him, it in a way created a feeling of how deep she could take him. After a moment she steadily held the base of his cock while sliding her mouth completely down over him, letting the head and part of his cock slide into her throat. She continued to do this up and down, massaging the end with her throat muscles while her tongue and lips did the rest.

Reaching down he ran his hands into her hair, holding her head firmly, but continuing to let her do the work.

Continuing to suck, she pressed her tongue that was pierced against the underside of his cock so that her barbell rubbed consistently along the underside while she moved.

After several moments she felt his balls start to tighten and listened as another groan of pleasure escaped his lips, his cock spasmed, once, then again as he started to shoot his cum down her throat with another loud moan of pleasure.

She greedily swallowed all of his cum as he continued to moan, moving her lips and hand up and down his cock.

As he started to soften slightly she slowed, sucking more slowly, and gently. Then removing his cock from her mouth she licked the base, and his balls.

Hands still in her hair, and breathing somewhat heavily he pulled her head up. Bringing her body up his body he kissed her again, and then let her rest her head on his chest, stroking her hair.

You know the best ways to welcome me home, dont you?

She smiled in response, taking comfort in being close to him. She always missed him when he was away at work all day, and hed been working longer hours recently.

He again moved her back onto her knees and stood up.

Get up and lay down on the couch. He said.

She did as she was told, lying down on her back. She watched as he moved her hands above her head, while removing some restraints from the cabinet next to the couch. In each room of the house they kept restraints, and different toys. Most of the items were kept in the living room and bedroom.

He placed the restraints on her wrists, fastening them together, then taking the end he attached it to a hook that was screwed into the end table, but not visible to any company that might be over.

He then picked up a bag from the table that she hadnt noticed before; it mustve been one that he had brought in with him when he had arrived home.

I picked us up a new toy while I was out today. He said reaching into the bag and pulling out a box. As he opened the box she noticed what seemed at first was only dildo that was about 5 inches long, and thick. Then he removed some straps from the box, lowering himself next to her.

She had already tensed a little, while she didnt mind toys, she much preferred it when he was touching her himself.

Im going to fix us some dinner, and while I do that, youre going to enjoy yourself for both of us. He said, sliding a hand along her right leg, and applying pressure so she spread her legs.

As she saw what he meant to do her eyes widened a bit and she started to struggle a little, pulling as much away from him as she could. While she disliked the toys a bit, she disliked them a lot more when he made her use them on herself, being as she was still working on the fact that she could be very self-conscious.

She should have known better than to struggle or object at all, in a split second he had grabbed her leg, quickly and forcefully turning her onto her side so her ass faced him and grabbed a paddle he left on the table to smack her hard, once and then again.

She cried out in surprise at his force and the pain, and squirmed again instinct driving her to a running response, but there was the couch on one side, her hands tied, and him on the other. She wasnt going anywhere.

THHWACKthe paddle came down on her ass again as she squealed, her body jerking against the restraints.

Dont you EVER struggle away from me like that! You know better! he said loudly, his voice severe as he brought the paddle down once more.

Her body was shaking violently as he flipped her roughly onto her back again, but she was no longer struggling. He spread her legs again, with much more force this time, feeling her pussy, which he already knew would be wet. He grabbed the vibrator from behind him and rubbed it in her juices before sliding it up into her pussy. Even with her ass still stinging, and feeling ashamed, she couldnt suppress the small moan that escaped her lips and it slid into her. She turned her head to the side, so that she was looking at the couch. Frustrated and defeated she would endure, but not happily. He picked up the straps, fastening them to the vibe rolling her slightly to one side to bring one strap up along her ass, and then another up her front, both attaching to a strap around her waist that would hold the vibrator in place. After a few more adjustments he was satisfied and leaned forward on the couch turning her face to look at him.

Im not so horrible to you am I? he said.

No Sir. she replied quietly, but with a tone that showed her defiance.

You know I love to bring you pleasure, and you also know, that I like to watch you enjoy pleasure. I got this toy for you, because I knew youd enjoy it. You struggle with masturbating for me, so I thought youd enjoy this even more, so I could give you a break of playing with yourself sometimes. Understand? his voice was soft, but still harsh. Enough so that she knew not to try and talk back to him.

Yes Sir. She said, still not completely looking at him.

He looked at her for a while longer, and then ran his eyes along her body again before standing. However, before walking away, he switched the vibrator on to a low setting, listening to its soft hum. As he walked into the kitchen he chose to ignore her last small whimper of protest.

He could watch her while in the kitchen through the bar that was set into the wall, looking over the living room. For now she was lying motionless, her head turned away. He knew with the vibrator going in her cunt that she wouldnt be able to stay still for very long. She was extremely sensitive and very easily orgasmic.

As he started taking things from the cupboards and fridge to fix their dinner he thought about how far theyd come. Theyd been together for a bit over a year now and shed come to live with him only a little over a month ago. From the first time they had spoken to each other he had let her know what he wanted and expected out of a relationship, and she had agreed that these were things that she wanted also.

The first couple of months were difficult, they lived quite a ways from each other and at first while he knew she had a submissive nature, she continued to fight him in anything he asked. He did understand now that with her past, and the way she was, she had just needed some extra time. She was definitely still disobedient at times; the most whenever he wanted her to pleasure herself, but she was getting much better even in those things. He enjoyed disciplining her, and training her, and throughout their relationship there would always be times when it was necessary, they both knew this.

His thoughts were interrupted as he heard her first quiet moan. He turned looking at her through the opening. She was squirming a bit, and her eyes were closed, probably still trying to resist the pleasurable feel of the vibrator.

Moving out of the kitchen he again approached her. Her eyes opened and watched him as he came closer, they were slightly glazed. He spread her legs again which she had closed.

I want you to keep your legs open so I can watch you, keep one off the couch if you need to. He said it sternly while he reached down, turning the knob at the end of the vibrator up another level to increase in the vibration.

A sharp intake of breath hissed through her lips and clenched teeth when she felt the vibrator start to hum in a faster rhythm and her hips bucked once as she felt him slide his hand up her pussy, gently rubbing her clit. She groaned deeply as he touched her, her hands involuntarily jerking against the restraints on her wrists.

He rubbed her clit between his thumb and forefinger, pinching it gently. Then stroking it in a slow circular motion, watching her the entire time as he did so; he would bring her to orgasm this first time, and then leave her to continue while he worked.

She squirmed, her breaths coming faster as she neared orgasm. Her body started to shake and she arched her back, pressing herself more against his hand and giving a cry of pleasure as he quickened his fingers against her clit, sending her over the top in a frenzy of pleasure.

A few tense moments and her body again started to relax as she began to come down from her orgasm, her cum dripping from her pussy.

He reached up and squeezed one of her nipples hard, knowing that this would bring her more pleasure.

She gasped; moaning loudly as her body again jerked and shuddered as another orgasm tore through her. When she started to calm down again and his hand came away she struggled a little against the vibrator that was still firmly inside of her, knowing that it would bring her to an orgasm again within a matter of moments.

He watched her silently for a minute longer, resting his hand on her belly and looking into her large blue eyes that were glazed over. Her body had a slight glistening sheen across it from the thin film of sweat that had already broken out across her; it only made her more attractive. She was shivering slightly, an occasional small shudder running up her body. Something she had referred to as her aftershocks of a powerful orgasm in the past. He thought it was sort of a cute way to refer to them.

While there was a desire for him to let her loose then, and forget about making any dinner; fuck her, and cuddle her the rest of the night, he also wanted to continue with his plans.

He stood, kissing her once before returning to the kitchen.

He proceeded to cook their meal, listening and watching as another three times she orgasmed while he was working. By this point she had began to verbally beg for him to stop and free her, and was again fighting the restraints. He usually didnt let her go as long as this, but she needed to be punished.

Perhaps a half hour or so went by before he returned to her. Her pussy was dripping, having gotten even the couch wet.

Please, please Sir, I cant cum again, I cant. Please stop she cried and begged as he crouched down beside her.

At this point it isnt just pleasure, its punishment, you know that dont you?

Yes Sir she whimpered, her eyes continuing to beg him. He was hard again, had been for awhile, and he wanted her. Reaching down to the vibrator he turned it off, but left it where he was. As he did she heaved a sigh of relief.

Turn over on your stomach he said.

She quickly did as he asked, cringing a little at the feel of the vibrator still in her as she moved.

Now bring your knees up, keep your shoulders down, so I can see your beautiful ass up in the air.

She again did as she was told, completely exposing her ass and pussy to him.

He sat down behind her, rubbing his hands over her ass, giving each cheek a gentle smack. Then ran his hands over her pussy and up her ass again; her cum had run all the way down.

Using the pad of his thumb he pressed against her anus firmly, and listened as she moaned, squirming a little back against him.
She had always loved being fucked in the ass, she liked plenty of other things, but one of her favorites was definitely having her ass played with and fucked.

He shifted so he was kneeling behind her, and while holding his cock, ran it up along her pussy and ass crack, getting it wet with her cum.

She moaned.

Please she uttered, barely above a whisper, moving her ass side to side slightly.

He leaned forward and whispered in her ear. Please what

Please fuck me she said a bit louder.

What did you say? his voice had become stern again.

She hesitated, confused, more dazed than anything; and then remembered.
Please fuck me, Sir she pleaded.

No sooner than she had uttered the words did he ram his cock up her ass. Bring a sharp cry from her.

He held still, buried deep inside of her ass.

Like this my little sub? he asked

Yes Sir, yes! she barely gasped out the words. He started to fuck her, hard and brutally he slammed his cock into her ass over and over again. The way she liked it, and the way he did also. Her screams of pleasure only encouraging him to fuck her harder, holding onto her hips and bringing her back against him with every thrust he made.

He paused for a moment; reaching forward over her he released her hands.

Turn over. He said, pulling out of her ass.

She immediately turned over, bringing her legs up to give him access to her ass again.

Thats my girl he said as he pushed back inside her. He liked fucking her in the ass this way so that as she orgasmed her cum came down, drenching them both.

As he started to fuck her again he reached down, turning the vibrator on again, this time to the highest setting.

She screamed, arching her back and lifting herself against him so all that was basically still resting on the couch was her shoulders and head.

Holding her hips he fucked her in a hard steady rhythm Then releasing her hips to hold and squeeze both of her breasts, leaning forward slightly on his hands putting enough pressure on them and to causing her a little pain that he knew at this point would only increase her pleasure.

She squirmed and twisted violently underneath him as orgasm after orgasm rocked through her. Tossing her head from side to side while digging her nails into his chest and back, screaming loud enough the she knee their neighbors must be able to hear.

Im going to cum in you this time, youve been a good girl for the last little while and I want to reward you. He spoke as he felt his own body start to tense. He could feel the vibrator going in her pussy and it was drawing him to his orgasm much quicker.

All she could do was continue to cry in pleasure, too overwhelmed to do anything else. He knew how much she loved it when he came inside of her. While she loved to suck him dry, she also loved the feeling of his hot cum filling her.

He tensed, about to cum, and thrust again and again. Then let out a cry and loud groan that mixed with hers as he started to cum. He could feel his cock spasming with his orgasm, his hot cum shooting deep into her.

She cried out again feeling his cum, pulling him down to her in his last thrusts so she could kiss him deeply and passionately.

A moment passed and he half collapsed on top her, reaching in between them he turned off the vibrator, expertly unsnapping the straps and pulling it from her body he tossed it onto the floor. His cock was still in her and slowly going soft but for now he was staying right where they were.

She sighed, happy, and pleasured; kissed his shoulder, his neck, and then his lips.

For now, your training is done, understand? he said quietly.

It was what he always said when they were finished working as Dom/sub for the moment.

Yes, thank you Sir. She responded as she was supposed to with a smile, eyes closed, and resting contently.

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She is waiting for her Master.

6-11-2010, 19:05 main Author: personal
I run towards door, carrier bags full of groceries in hands, handbag slipping off shoulder and bunch of cinnamon coloured chrysanthemums stuck under my chin. I'm franticly trying to reach down to coat pocket and find house keys.

Oh Lord, please don't let me be late. He said: "Don't be late, pussy-cat." words ring in my ears.

My fingers clumsy and stiff from freezing cold. Where are those darn keys! Oh God don't let me be late. I finally find keys, peel them out, standing by the doorway I'm trying to balance bags, flowers and pick right key.

I insert key in and turn only to find lock sticks. I rattle door with fury. Oh no! Oh please not now, I will be late!

I struggle with lock for a while, one of bags slips my grip and falls on the floor. Apples and tomatoes roll out on a doormat. Giving door a last tug I manage to open and step in. Stand in quiet doorway listening. Scanning. Searching. He's not here. He is not here!!!

Am I late? Is He gone already? Did I miss him?? I panic.

I run to the kitchen, my high heels clicking on tiled floors, I slip and almost fall taking turn to the kitchen. Drop bags and flowers on a table and quickly run back to sort out mess I've left by the door.

I pick up apples and tomatoes all covered in dust now, fingers iced with cold and nerves won't obey.

I run back in and unpack groceries, rinse fruit, put things where they belong, arrange flowers in a vase and step back. I scan kitchen for any imperfection.

OK its good, its fine. Pick keys up, hang on hook, take coat off and put boots away.

I hear a sudden noise. I freeze and listen. Is it He? Oh, no, please not yet! I'm not ready, He won't be happy...

I run upstairs, two steps at the time and enter the bathroom. One look in a mirror and I feel like crying. I'm a mess. I'm a such a mess. Hair is all over the palace, smells of dirty town linger to my skin.

Quickly set shower on and strip of clothes.

I step in and hot water hits skin spreading warmth and bringing colour to my cheeks. I choose His favourite shower gel. Pour some on trembling hand and loathe soft skin generously. Water is pouring over my back, bringing much welcomed relief from stress...So good... I feel tension escaping tormented neck muscles, feel warming up after day out in a cold.

I wash my cream breasts with my dark pink nipples standing proud, I caress skin, glide my hand, body is soft and warm. Tingling sensation is growing in my pussy, lower tummy feels mellow, heavy. I slide soapy hands very slowly thru my body, chest, neck, throat, down my sides, onto my butt and back up again.

Mmmm it feels soo good.

I turn around and water is hitting my chest, tormenting sweetly nipples, running down curvy tummy in between my legs...

You may fantasise He said... You may fantasise...

I let my hand wander down, lower and lower, between my tights, to my shaven pussy. Other hand is petting left breast, pulling on nipple, rubbing it and rolling.

My mind is light, absent, I'm drifting away, just me, hot water and lively fingers...

For a moment nothing else matters, there isn't world out there, only me and my hands...

I let my finger slip between lips and its oh so wet there, slippery sweet wet. I let second finger in and tease my clit, electricity shoots thru my body. Massage little sensitive tight knot full of sensation, pet for a while...

I can't help it... My fingers penetrate, explore my wetness, move in round motion, first slowly... I rub myself, let fingers slip inside wet, naughty, so horny cunt.. In and out...Thrusting there and back.

I balance myself now with other hand resting on a shower wall, legs suddenly gone soft, knees can't support my body... I lift leg up and rest it on edge of tub. Oh yes. I can reach far now...

Fingers are rushed, hungry, greedy. My clit is throbbing hard, my cunt is hungry. Empty. Wanting more, needing, aching...

I slide two fingers in and out, in and out. I fuck my pussy firmly and strong, my fingers penetrating, my hand teasing my lips, rough and rushed.

I plunge my fingers deep, deep inside, hard. My hips swing to movement of hand. In, out. Oh so fucking good. So good...

Memories flash thru my mind... Remembering of Your strong hands bringing me rewards, feel of Whip on my naked skin and how full I felt with You inside me...

I feel orgasm arising thru my body, like wave, rolling, sweeping me away. I thrust fingers in last time and feel cunt pulsating, massaging my fingers, almost sucking on them. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck...My heart is beating fast, I'm breathless, blood humming in my ears...

Suddenly I realise where am I. What have I done.... Fantasise Master said, Fantasise not touch yourself!

Oh no. Oh no... He must not find out. I scrub my hands, my cunt... He will smell, he will smell me right away...

Now I'm late for sure. Oh Lord...

I wash my hair, condition, rinse and step out. My skin pink and shiny from water, cheeks and cleavage still flushed from orgasm.

I gently pat myself dry with a towel. Quick dab of moisturiser and body cream.

Should I put make up on? Did He say yes to make up? I don't know, I don't know. Ohh

I pick up clothes, rush to bedroom. Put dirty stuff away and stand by the bed.

On white sheets He has set out outfit for me. Buckle collar. No panties? He will see, he will see my pussy still swollen, still pink and wet from my play... It will anger him, he will deny my pleasure.. or whip will be my teacher...

Oh, noooooooo... I'm starting to panic again, my head spinning.

I quickly tidy up. Last look at the bedroom and I get on my fours next to bed. I connect lead to collar and position myself. On my hands and knees.

I wait.

I wait. I hear clock ticking. Minutes pass by. I hear cars driving by. How long am I like this?

How long till He is here?

Kid is shouting for his dad next door. I wait. How long...

I feel my knees starting to hurt. I feel my back throbbing. My wrists start to ache. I wait. I'm thirsty but won't disobey you, even that you are not here. I hope I'm pleasing you. Oh I hope I'm a good pussy-cat.

My head is full of fear, excitement, hope, full of spinning thoughts. I fear I missed You. I worry I've been late. I'm scared I've angered You, I fear Your punishment... I'm scared You will know about my play in a shower... I panic this will anger you badly... that I won't see You again. Won't taste pleasure from Your hands, lips, cock, your whip. That I won't get to enjoy your power again.

I wait....

More She is waiting for her Master.

A passive slave keeps her Master waiting.

6-11-2010, 18:05 main Author: personal
"You're late."

"Yeah, I know. Traffic was ridiculous and "

"I don't want to hear your excuses. Take off your clothes and kneel facing the wall."

A wave of excited fear washes over me as I start stripping off my clothes. I can feel my chest growing flush and my breathing getting heavier. I carefully fold my clothes, place them on the bottom stair and lower myself into position- back arched, on my knees, hands clasped firmly at the small of my back.

I wait...and my mind begins to race.

I really should have left my apartment earlier. It's not like I've never seen that episode of Family Guy before. He'll know that I lied about the traffic. When has traffic ever been bad between my place and His? I wonder what it's going to be this time. The anticipation clouds my head with pleasurable fear.

What time is it now? Judging by the ache in my knees, I've been kneeling here for at least thirty minutes. I hear him moving around upstairs and hope that he will soon rescue me from being alone with my thoughts. The longer I hold my subservient position, the more my desire increases to submit to His every want the more I want to feel his strong cock deep inside of me.

How long must I stay here? The muscles in my back are tightening and my knees feel as though they are going to give out under the weight of my body. All of this causing my pussy to ache with need and crave attention.

Finally, his voice.

"Crawl to me."

Pangs of excitement fill my body. I yearn for His touch. I climb the stairs on my hands and knees anxious to get to the top so I can feel His hands on me. Obediently, and eagerly, I kneel before Him.

He points to the bedroom and I continue to crawl. He walks directly behind me and I wait for the feeling of his open palm against my ass. Nothing. He tells me to go to the corner of the room and once again face the wall. Any moment now I would feel his hand slapping my thighs or his teeth sinking into the back of my neck. My pussy is soaking wet and needing fulfillment. My heart racing...body shaking...waiting...waiting...

The light flashes out surrounding me with darkness. "This is it," I think to myself, smiling secretly in anticipation.

"Never keep me waiting," He says, then walks out of the room, closing the door behind him.

When He shuts the door, I assume He is coming back for me. Assumption, however, is yet another mistake to add to my list of faults that evening. He doesn't come back. I rest as much as possible. Sleeping is difficult. My dreams are vivid. My pussy is soaked. Each time my body wakes from strain, my pussy grows wetter.

The scariest part is that I am not bound. If I want to, I can move at any moment get up to pee, scratch the nagging itch on my nose, walk out to Him and ask why He has left me there. Normally, He would have tied me so tightly that I would have no choice but to comply. This freedom terrifies me because it gives me options.

He did this on purpose. I was being a brat. I was waiting to slip into a scene and did not expect that it would begin as soon as I arrived at His house...late. I understand why He is doing this now. I can't slip back and forth from my submissive role. He is my Master. I never should have been late or even questioned that it would be ok that I was late. I feel ashamed of my actions and attempt to make it up to Him by resisting my incredible urge to move. Finally, my thoughts consume me and sleep overtakes my weary mind and body.

I am jolted awake by the smell of cigarette smoke and leather. "Good morning, slave," He whispers breathily into my ear. He imprisons my neck with the thick, black collar and pulls me up by one of the rings to face Him. This is the closest He has come to touching me since I arrived the night before...late. He takes a long drag off of His cigarette as He stares at me. A faint light through the window tells me that it is just barely morning. I am relieved to see Him, but nervous that my punishment is not over.

"Good morning, Master," I say, and my eyes move to the floor. I am afraid to look at Him because I don't want Him to see the need in my eyes. He already knows; He doesn't need to see it. He can smell it. He wraps the matching leather cuffs around my wrists and secures them together with the metal clip. He slips the silky rope through the clip, ties a quick loop, and gently pulls my arms up over my head, attaching the rope to a small hook in the ceiling. He steps behind me and covers my eyes with a tight blindfold. My body is completely vulnerable. He covers kisses with hot breaths all the way down my body making my nipples stand at erect attention. He takes my right nipple and grinds it between His teeth and pulls. Without missing a beat, He pinches a clamp over it and I gasp. He repeats the torture with my left nipple. I realize that I am rubbing my thighs together and grinding my clit against them. He realizes it too. A sharp slap to both thighs tells me to separate my legs immediately. A third slap sears my clit and I shriek in pain. A wet finger probes my pussy hole. He pulls it out and pinches my clit.

"You're very wet, slave," He pinches harder. My breathing speeds up and I am already close to climaxing. "You are crazy if you think I am trying to get you to come right now. Oh, believe me, I will get you close. But there will be no coming for you today. I think waiting to come will be a proper punishment. What do you think, slave? Do you like waiting for me to allow you an orgasm? Isn't waiting fun?"

My God I will never be late again. This is almost worse than getting spanked. I stay silent and pray this will end soon. He rubs his giant, erect cock against my thigh before he slaps my clit repeatedly with the tip. He moves behind me and sinks his teeth into the back of my neck. He pulls on the chain of the nipple clamps while using his other hand to rub long circles around my clit. I feel his cock poking at my ass. I feel as though I'm going to faint. He begins to kiss down the entire length of my back, still rubbing my clit, and pinching it every so often. He is now underneath me, in between my legs and He inserts his tongue into my sopping hole. He licks up my slit and covers His mouth onto my most sensitive area. Gently, probing my pussy with two fingers and running his tongue softly over my clit, I go insane. I can feel my climax approaching quickly, both inside and out.

"Master! I'm gonna come!"

Just as I begin to peak, He pulls everything away from me including the nipple clamps. My body aches and writhes against my binds. The slightest touch will send me over the edge into blissful ecstasy.

" you not like waiting? Too bad. But- just because you will not come today doesn't mean that I won't." He takes the rope off of the hook and pulls my arms over his body and pushes me to a kneeling position. My arms are secured around Him and my face is at perfect sucking position. He shoves his cock in my mouth and fucks my face hard. He is so deep into my throat that His balls slap my chin. I love sucking His cock and it brings me close to orgasm yet again. Just as I think I will have to pull my mouth away to warn Him of my impending climax, He pulls away and explodes His cum all over my chest. Three hot spurts dripping over my breasts and spilling over my stinging nipples. I look up at Him with confused eyes and He glares down at me. Between his teeth and breathing heavily, He says, "After all this, you didn't think that I would allow you the pleasure of my cum down your throat, did you? That's another thing that you will have to wait for."

More A passive slave keeps her Master waiting.

A gift for my Master.

6-11-2010, 16:04 main Author: personal
She moved to her knees, facing down, shoulders back, those ample tits pushed forwards, tracing against the thin material of that button up shirt. Consuming thing, that, His shirt, His scent upon it. Position taken, facing the doorway, as she would tilt her head, the stolen glance from those eyes to the clock. Only a few minutes, and how she knew they would tick on for an eternity. Hips pushed back, that pert little ass of hers rested to her knees, as she would shift, hands smoothing the line of cotton to her tanned flesh, making sure it was perfectly aligned. Last instant touches, fingers rising to brush to collar locked into place after that shower. Those rituals Theirs, this time, Theirs.

Thighs pushed apart, the line of cunt, sweet little pussy all shaved. Another ritual, one she adored, the knowledge that He was aware of the time she did it, everyday devoted to tending to what was His, that sex of hers. Shaving off that hair, knowing well the very lines of what was His, every dirty little petal, every needy slick inch of the constricting tunnel. Claimed, property, not alone, because He owned her. It was those smaller things that bound, not just love or devotion, not just the words, but the actions of it. Each assuming roles, that to them expressed some heightened thing. Something bigger them themselves.

The clock chimed out those seconds, and as her eyes closed she could smell Him, feel His hands upon her. Anticipation itself making that little slit dampen, making those velvet petals, so dusky grow dewy with want. Shifted hips, that grinding a light thing to her own calves, as she would draw in breath. Strange how erotic it was, to kneel and wait. Every breath consuming His scent, forcing those sweeter memories of every other Time. Reminding her how He tasted on her lips, how his cock bruised that delicate mouth of hers. How His hand cracked against the line of her ass, as He gripped her hair, and commanded her to cum.

Ten more minutes, her eyes opened, already those little gasps, as her body trembled, that faint thing the way her hands clenched to the edge of the shirt, pulled it down, the motion of it making those hard buds press against the cotton, so dark those blooms were on those heavy globes of pillowy flesh, every breath making them rise and fall, dance. A curve of lips upwards, tongue ran out, picturing His lips there, knowing soon He would come and she could crawl to Him, beg for His fingers, for His taste, beg for what she needed. Wanted. Craved. Surprised to hear a sound, more surprised to realize it was her own whimper.

Eyes found themselves closed again, and she would lower her head. Trying not to think about that ache inside her, that molten steamed core, that burned at the thought of His voice. Not to think about how her throat tensed wanting His load, needing to feel His jism running down her throat, like liquid pleasure, like praise that needed no words, for her attentions done correctly. Teeth raked over those lips, light things those pants, for air, as if He were already there, stroking before her face. For an instant, if she thought hard enough, she could feel it, the thick plumed head of His cock rolled over her cheek. For an instant, if she closed those eyes, and held that whorish breath in, she could hear Him, asking her "Does Master's little whore need something?" as He rolled the thick throbbing meat over the side of her silken cheek, and made her beg for it in words.

Heart raced within that chest of hers, those breasts dancing as she would try to hold that position. Eyes, almost nervous now would look to the clock. Five minutes. A deep breath taken in and held, the shifting of her hips, gods she could feel it, that slick heat running over bare mons, drizzling down thighs, so fucking wet. Clenching gash, tucked away there, already smoldering for it. For Him. Swallow, remember to swallow, throat aching needing His flesh inside, needing His touch, His kiss, His words in her ear. Be a good girl, be a good girl. Her own thoughts lashing out at her. Funny thing that, the way the mere thought sent her into this frenzy, the more she tried not to think about it, the more apparent it became.

Whatever you do, don't think about him bending you over His knee. Don't think about the way His hands move between your thighs, and spread your pussy, the way He commands you to watch His finger pushing in and out of you. Whatever you do, don't think about the sensation of His hand on your ass, cracking those earth shattering slaps to it, making your hips ram forwards, as the vibrator inside your dripping pussy slurps in contrast to that stinging fire on your backside. Whatever you do, don't think about how He might decide tonight is time for restraint, how He will show you the very lines and limits of your control, and show you in every lesson why He is Master, and you are girl. Don't. Think. About. Those. Things. It will only torment you more. So of course, those were the exact thoughts she had.

Almost time, her breath taken in, heart wrenching now, to stay still, to not move, to remain there, upon knees, all dripping and wanton. Near panic in the back of eyes, as lips tightened together, trying to focus on the door itself, will Him to come within. Beg Him to hurry, to stride inside in that manner. Come home. Teeth raked bottom lip, tugged it, pulled on it, sucked it. Hungry, wanting, needing, those emotions so rampant. Almost fear, at how much inside she ached for Him, how much inside that need drove her body to writhe in quiet dance there upon her knees. Don't think about how when He says "Good little cunt" it is the very sound of love. Don't think about how when He strokes her hair and lets her lap off His cock cleaning their taste from it, how that itself, makes some haven of serenity for her.

Thighs spread wider, that scent of pussy wafting upwards, mixing with the smell of Him upon that shirt. Nipples perked, tits jiggling with the slight grind of hips, seen the very glimmering wetness on her inner thighs. Flushed face, that erotic tension coloring her eyes, making them seem more luminous, the biting of that lower lip swelling it, making it look fuck sore. Greedy. Eyes widen from the lust that coursed through veins, and heart pounding with that love. And then, as the seconds had become hours, she heard it. The key in the lock, the sound of His footsteps, and then His voice.

"Such a good little whore, already ready for her Master. "

And she knew, she was saved.

More A gift for my Master.

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You must do as you are ordered.

6-11-2010, 15:03 main Author: personal
Your knock at the door is tentative and light. Not sure of what to expect of this meeting, or if you are doing the right thing. But that decision was made for you, you must do as you are ordered. The door swings open revealing a darkened room. With the dim light you can barely make out a silhouette as I offer you my hand. Reaching to take it, you feel the cold metal of the handcuffs close securely around your wrist. In a heartbeat I secure both of your wrists behind your back. Ordinarily this would be an unsettling situation to suddenly find yourself in, but you can't help but feel a little excited.

The blindfold comes next completely eliminating what little light the room had. As you feel your heartbeat rise I guide you further into the room. Soft music drifts about the room and as you feel warm on your sensitive skin. The soft gentle kisses trailing from your ear down your neck send shivers of anticipation through your body.

You've dressed as required, a slut, a wanton tart. The vision of you pleases me very much! I begin to slowly undo the buttons of your black lacy blouse, my fingers shaking from both nervousness and excitement. Pulling it off your shoulders and letting it fall around your cuffed wrists adds to the sensation of being retrained as my hands caress your breasts.

Allowing my lips and tongue to roam over your breasts, I quickly undo your very leather skirt letting it fall to the floor. You are indeed a lovely site standing in the middle of the room, blindfolded, your blouse and bra draped across the handcuffs wearing nothing but a pair of silky stockings.

As I lay you back across the bed you feel the warm wet kisses begin to trail up from you feet moving to the inside of you thigh. You feel my warm breath as I slowly move upward. My hand trails across your stomach and down between your parted legs as my tongue lightly dances over the tightening muscles of your inner thigh. My fingers feel the dampness that is rapidly turning the material to a darker red as I pull the material aside. You feel for the first time my tongue slides upward, parting you, causing a slight shudder to course through your body.

Over the soft music playing in the background a continuous buzz invades your pleasure. Almost undetectable through the music it grows loader as feel the cool touch and rippling vibration touch you, sending the same vibration through your body. My tongue continues to create waves of pleasure as the vibrator slips between your parted lips and you feel the vibration invade your body. As the vibrator reaches its full depth I quickly secure it by pulling a silk scarf around it and tying it to your waits. I quickly secure your feet to the bottom of the bed and run a rope from the chain of the handcuffs to the headboard. Tigh enough to cause slight pain and to keep you from raising up.

Leaning forward I whisper in your ear. "There are some errands I need to run. I'll be back with a nice surprise."

As I close the door I hear a slight moan. I slip quietly back to the chair in the corner of the room. I think both of us will have enough to keep busy for a little while.

I quietly enjoy your motions and low moans for a while, before I move to stand over the bed watching as the muscles in your thighs flex and strain against the bonds that restrict your movements. The muffled hum of the vibrator drones on broken up only by your soft moans. As you pull against the ropes continuously tightening your stomach muscles I cannot determine if you are trying to retreat from the pleasure between our legs or drive yourself toward it. A shinny layer of wetness now coats your soft flesh from head to toe.

A testament to the time and energy you have spent in darkness. Your breathing alternates from deep and slow to shallow and fast as the rapid energy waves that emanate from your core spread through out your body.

As I watch your body move I can't help but grow harder than I have ever been in anticipation. I quickly remove my clothes freeing myself from what had become an uncomfortable prison.

As I slide my fingers gently up the sides of your legs I feel a quiver of anticipation roll through you. I unfasten the bonds that have held your legs in place. You immediately breathe a sigh of relief as you bend your knees and pull your legs up toward your breast.

Sliding the wet red material off your legs I reach and slip the vibrator gently out making sure to brush your most sensitive area sending a tremble through your stomach. It is slick and wet with your juices as a trail it up your stomach and tease each nipple with the buzzing probe. Following closely behind with my tongue I suck hard on each nipple enjoying the slight trace of wetness left behind. Your back arches.

Moving quickly I roll you over and bring you up on your knees positioning myself directly behind you. I run my stiffness the full length of you lips and ever so slowly enter you from behind. I stop after only about 2 inches. The incredible sensation is mind blowing as it is now my turn to feel the shudder of anticipation run through my spine. I remove myself completely from you only to re-enter to the same depth over and over again. Holding firmly to your hips as you try to force more and more in. "Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Please!!!"

It is the only thing I needed to hear as I plunge my full length deep inside you and begin a slow rhythmic stroke as you rock back to meet it. Reaching underneath you I apply the tip of the vibrator to you feeling your body tense immediately. You let out a series of half moans half cries and your muscles tense gripping and holding me in the very depth of your being.

We both explode in unison. And for a moment we are the only two people who exist.

More You must do as you are ordered.

Slave is used and abused by her Master.

6-11-2010, 14:02 main Author: personal
Dressed in a black PVC trench coat with the outfit her Master had her wear every Thursday on underneath, Dinah knocked twice (the number of times her Master had told her to) on the door to his tenth-storey flat. She waited the long minutes until He answered the door. He always made her wait... the thoughts of what might happen tonight swimming through her mind. He didn't smile as he opened the door and ushered her in.

"Today, slave, we will be in the dungeon," He told her. The dungeon was a large room Master had had specially adapted.

Dinah walked down the hallway and entered the dungeon. She stood in the middle of the room, her posture perfect, hands by her side, chin up. Master made her wait again. She wondered what He was doing. Was He having a drink? Smoking a cigarette? Or just standing outside the door, enjoying making her wait? Knowing that the expectation was making her crazy. That her nipples were hard, her stomach tight with longing, her cunt tingling and wet.

Master entered.

"Take off the coat, slave," He ordered.

Dinah slowly undid the belt and the three buttons up the front. She slid it off, folded it and placed it on the floor in front of her. Master appraised Dinah. She knew that Thursday's outfit was one of his favourites. It was a black and white PVC maid's uniform. It had a headband, wrist cuffs with d-rings, a short black skirt that barely covered her bottom, a short white apron, a black under-bust corset which pushed her large, firm breasts upwards, white over-the-knee boots and a collar with a chain attached to it.

"Tell me slave, what do you want?"

"I want to make you happy, Master," Dinah replied, as she did every day when He asked her, "I want you to use my body however you please."

"What are you, slave?"

"I am your slut, Master."


He slowly approached her.

"Raise your arms above your head, slave."

Master attached the D-rings on her wrists to a chain above her head. He went to the side of the room and turned a lever pulling the chain upwards, lifting Dinah onto her toes. He went to a table and picked up two nipple clamps.

Dinah eyed them apprehensively. Her nipples were so sensitive the pain of the clamps was almost too much for her to bear. She wanted to beg him not to use them, but she knew it would make no difference, and He might punish her for the insolence.

He smiled slightly as He ran his finger down her right breast and round her nipple. He opened the clamp and let it close on her. Dinah bit back a scream; she knew if she cried out she would be punished.

"Slave, remember any sound, any at all, and I will add an extra ten strokes to your chastisement."

Dinah nodded, she understood, but the pain in her right nipple was excruciating and what was worse, she feel herself getting more and more turned on. Meanwhile, her Master was lightly licking her left nipple. It was so light she could barely feel it, but already her nipple was hard. Master looked up, his sharp eyes mocking her, knowing what even his slightest ministrations did to her. He opened the clamp and placed it over her nipple, but waited before releasing it. He looked deep into Dinah's eyes; every moment she expected him to let it go, flinching in expectation.

She felt it close, sharp, agonising pain running through her body. Dinah cried out.

Master stepped back, studying Dinah as she strained on her tip toes. He walked over to a cabinet and opened it.

"Which do you want, slave? The paddle, the cane, the whip? Remember, you get twenty, an extra ten for crying out. Ten for crying out. And ten for being weak... for wanting me to hurt you, to abuse you. Answer me, slave. Now."

"The cane, Master."

He picked up a long, thin cane and circled around behind Dinah. She could feel his cold hand slowly lift up her short PVC skirt, baring her small, round butt, still baring the faint traces of past punishments. Dinah waited for the first stroke to mark her.


The cane ripped through the air, hitting both of her cheeks. Dinah jumped slightly, swaying unsteadily on the painfully high-heels. Again and again, the cane reddened her ass, until tears ran down her face.

"Eighteen... nineteen."

Her Master paused, letting the air make her burning ass sting.


The last stroke, raining down on the many strokes before, made her scream in pain. Her body slumped against the bonds holding her up.

Master released her hands and pulled her over to a specially adapted table. He bent her over it, cuffing her hands above her and her ankles to the legs of the table, leaving her cunt and ass totally exposed and vulnerable.

"There we go, slave," he said, slapping her sore butt and making her jump, "Beg me, slave. Tell me what you want."

"Please, Master," Dinah moaned, "Fuck me. Fuck me in the cunt, in the ass... however you want, Master. I need to feel you inside me, Master. Make me yours."

She begged, whilst writhing on the table trying to relieve the pain in her breasts, as the clamps twisted beneath her.

Master walked to the table, picked something up and approached her. Dinah heard the vibrator begin to buzz as He turned it on. Her cunt tingled as she anticipated it being pushed into to her, stretching her and filling her. Master slowly ran the tip of the vibrator up Dinah thighs and over the very edge of her bare cunt lips making her shiver. She could feel the tension building inside her. He gently pushed the first couple of inches into her. Dinah recognised that he was using the largest vibrator, which was 10inches long and had a 5inch girth. Dinah longed for more, she tried to push back onto the thick vibrator, but Master sensed this and pulled it out.

"Slave," his voice almost made her cum right then, "I choose how much pleasure, or pain, you receive."

He suddenly pushed the vibrator up her ass. It was in several inches before she instinctively clenched her sphincter.

"Master," Dinah cried, "Please!"

He ignored her and continued to twist the vibrator into her. Dinah's ass was on fire as the huge toy stretched her. She shook, tears running down her face as her Master impaled her upon the full 10inches. He stood back, watching her ass spasm for a moment, and then walked round to her head. He wrapped her hair around his fist and pulled her head upwards.


Dinah opened her mouth as Master forced his large dick down her throat, revelling in the feeling of her gagging. Dinah was being forcefully fucked in the mouth, Master was bobbing her head back and forth, and the vibrator in her ass was stretching her wide and the light vibrations teasing her, but she longed for him to fuck her cunt. Her longing was so fierce she could barely stand it. She wanted to cry out, to beg him to take her, but could only make a muffled groaning sound.

Dinah could feel her Master getting close to cumming. She could taste his precum on her tongue. Now she longed for him to release his load into her mouth. She tried to take all of him down her throat, her tongue working his hot dick. When he pulled out, Dinah moaned.

"Not yet, slave," Master said as he reached round and pulled the vibrator out of her ass, before shoving it back in, again and again. Dinah gasped and arched her back as he reamed her. Master then forcefully pushed the vibrator into her dripping cunt.

"Ah!" Dinah cried out, "Yes! Please, Master, please, fuck me..."

He slowly fucked her with it for several minutes, just slow enough so that Dinah couldn't cum.

"Please, Master, please... take me..."

He discarded the vibrator and held her hips, his cold fingers digging into her hot, red cheeks, making her wince. Master slowly ran the tip of his cock over her sensitive cunt.

"Beg me, slave," He whispered, making her stomach tense with lust.

"Please, Master... I am yours... take me."

He slammed his dick into her.

"Master!" she cried. He fucked her hard and she could feel her self getting closer to the edge.

"Please, may I cum, Master? I can't stand it..."

She begged as he pushed his wide dick into her tight cunt. He continued to fuck her, making her wait. She whimpered quietly as he ran his hands up her back and round, under her body, finding the nipple clamps and pulling on them. Dinah cried out in pain.

"Cum for me, slave," Master whispered, as he impaled her again and tugged on the clamps.

Dinah moaned in ecstasy and torment as she came, her Master continuing to fuck her relentlessly. After a few minutes, he pulled out of her and she felt his hot cum splash over her ass and back. She laid on the table, exhausted, the pain in her tits and ass vying for her attention. Master un-cuffed her wrists and ankles.

"Clean yourself up, slave. Once you have, tidy the dungeon and leave. I'll see you tomorrow at 10pm. Don't be late. You know what'll happen if you are."

More Slave is used and abused by her Master.

He's totally at his wife's mercy, and he muses about his cir

6-11-2010, 13:01 main Author: personal
Alexander Morden is waiting. He has been told to wait, so he is waiting. That's his task, right now. His function. His raison d'etre.
Tied down as he was, there was nothing Alex could do to conceal himself. Once Ted's eyes had accustomed themselves to the gloom, and he had seen Alex's bound, naked body stretched out on the bench, he had continued to look down at him for several agonising minutes, broad smiles adorning his face. Ted had even tried to talk to Alex, but the whole cell, including the window and its concrete surround, was quite soundproof.

Suddenly Ted must have remembered he had customers waiting down the lane, customers who would be braying for their milk if he dallied much longer. The face disappeared, and bright sunlight once again lit up his cock.

But it was no longer a flaccid cock. It was rampant. Erect as a six-inch flagpole! It remained at attention for the next two hours, and was still rigid when Alex's Lady returned to release him. He hadn't been able to stem the riotous flow of thoughts that had assailed him.

Ted's a good looking guy, and Alex is vaguely attracted to him despite strong suspicions that he's gay. Alex has already been forced to taste cock, but only with ostensibly straight men. He still feels threatened when in the company of overtly gay guys. So he's still not exactly sure what had got him so aroused while Ted had been surveying his bound, naked, hairless body.

As soon as his Lady had come back and released him he'd confessed to Her about this encounter with Ted. It was expected of him, and he knew it would be a breach of their loving relationship if he kept quiet about it all. Besides, he felt sure Ted himself would say something sooner or later.

His Lady had laughed, but hadn't commented. Not at first. It had been the following day - yesterday - when the consequences of that little episode became apparent.

Plip! Plurp-p-p! Plip!

Remembering it, his mouth feels dry. He takes a few more sips of water from the spigot.

Normally his Lady deals with household bills. If a delivery man calls, he just skulks naked in the kitchen while She signs for things or makes payment. Yesterday, however, was different. She remained in conversation with Ted for several minutes, and eventually came back into the kitchen.

"Ted wants you to pay him this week!" She said, directing him to the back door.

"But I'm undressed...!" He choked off his own words, realising his mistake. He shouldn't have demurred. But it was too late.

"Go out and pay him," She ordered. "Now."

Alex looked at her questioningly. "But you keep all the mo.." he started.

"You don't need money. Go and pay him!"

Light dawned in Alex's eyes. Ghastly, cum-tinged light. He didn't believe his beloved Lady was doing this to him! He glared at her. She ignored him.


He jumped. And went, despite his nakedness, to the back door where Ted was waiting.

"Hi, Ted," he mumbled. "What's the problem?" Alex still had a saucepan lid in his hands, and he tried ineffectually to use it to cover his embarrassment.

"There's no problem," declared Ted. "I just want the milk bill paid."

"How much is it?"

Ted looked at his big blue notebook. He pretended to do some calculations, then wrote on one of the tear-off slips. He handed it to Alex.

Alex looked at the slip of paper, aghast. There were just two words written on it.

"One blowjob."

Alex didn't know what to say. After a while he looked up and peered into Ted's eyes. They were gleaming.

"That's the exact price for eleven pints of semi-skimmed milk and three tubs of cream!" the milkman declared with a smirk. "Please don't ask for credit, as a refusal often offends! Oh, and by the way, you can put down that saucepan. I've seen it all before, remember?"

Alex was still staring blankly at Ted. This wasn't happening, was it? He put the saucepan on a window sill.

"Prompt payment will ensure that you don't start accruing interest!" Ted added. "Of course, if you'd rather have your little secret spread all over the district ..."

Ah. Alex understood what was going on. Blackmail. And Sue was going right along with it!

"When you say 'prompt payment', do you mean what I think you mean?" asked Alex glumly.

Ted nodded. "Yep. Right here. Right now. We can't be seen from the road. Oh, and in the circumstances you might think it's a good idea to call me 'Sir' in future."

"Can't we discuss this, er, Sir?" Alex was clutching at straws. Ted shook his head and unzipped his jeans.

"Surely it would be simpler if I just paid the bill in the usual way?" Alex ventured, his final despairing attempt at escaping the inevitable. Sue did allow him pocket money, and he had about £6 saved up. His pocket money was a valuable resource, but he'd willingly hand it all over if it would save him from the fate that was looming very, very close.

Ted, however, was not to be diverted from his blowjob.

"Just do it, little guy," he said. "Get down and do it. This could well become the 'usual way' for you to pay my bills!"

Alex sighed and knelt. Putting his hand to Ted's zip, he gingerly inserted two fingers and felt for the job that he was expected to blow.

And it was a big job.

No underpants. God, the guy must have dressed specially for the occasion!

Two fingers weren't enough. Alex would have to thrust his whole hand through the zip to grasp that enormous member. He closed his eyes, reached in and pushed his fingertips around the cylinder of hot, slightly sweaty flesh. His own less impressive member began to twitch, the eroticism of the occasion registering in the inevitable way.

Enormous! Life was so unfair! Cocks ought to be issued by reference to a guy's worldly achievements, not just at random like this. Hell, Alex was a well-respected chartered accountant. Not a high-flyer like that Micro-something bastard, but he reckoned he rated an eight-incher instead of the pathetic five-point-eight inches that actually graced his groin. And here's something that's got to be more than a foot long, stuck between the legs of a fucking milkman! Alex felt like crying!

But he didn't. He grasped that cock, and (with difficulty, because it was struggling hard to be erect) forced it out into the light of day.

Alex gulped. No, it wasn't a foot long. Nine inches, more like. But it was thick! Nearly as thick as one of the milk bottles its owner left on people's doorsteps every morning!

And it was growing!

Alex's fingers were still inside the milkman's jeans. Feeling in the space under that impressive member he looked for, and found, the orbs that fed it. Once, several years back, he'd been to a local agricultural show, and he'd been seriously impressed on seeing the balls that hung below the prizewinning ram. The pair that he now grasped were at least as good as the pair attached to that poor sheep, which he felt sure had been served up with mint sauce by now. He grasped those balls, palpated them, envied them, wanted them...

"Get on with it, for fuck's sake!" Alex's reverie was rudely halted by the milkman, whose thick cock was now projecting rigidly and demandingly towards his mouth. He didn't have to part his lips - his mouth was already wide open in awe. Ted leaned forward, and Alex offered no resistance. The monstrous glans slid into his mouth like an artillery shell entering the breech of a field gun, and passed deeper within, deeper, deeper ...

Alex gagged at first, but he refused to be beaten by this enormous thing. If he had to suck the guy off, he'd do it properly. And he'd bloody well enjoy doing it.

The first sensation, as the hot, swollen glans entered his mouth, had been one of elation. Yes, he'd sucked dick before, but nothing of this order of magnitude. Somehow this one felt right, as if his mouth had been made to receive - and welcome - something this big. It tasted good too. Not piss, not cum. What the hell was it, he wondered. A sweet taste, spicy, special. Hell, he knew it, but he couldn't quite ...

Ah! Yes! It was honey! Honey, for God's sake! With that massive cock rammed deep into his throat he looked up into Ted's eyes, and gave him a questioning look.

Ted pushed; withdrew, pushed and withdrew. "Yes!" he declared between thrusts. "You can taste it, can't you?" Alex nodded. "You like honey, don't you? Sue told me you'd like it. I just smeared some under my foreskin for you. Nice, eh?"

Alex could only nod his appreciation. He was busy, attempting to deal with flesh that insisted on penetrating well past his tongue and down his throat. He'd never experienced anything like this before, but he'd heard about deep throat techniques and he felt sure he could handle it. It was all about relaxation, wasn't it?

The milkman pushed again and his cock passed ever deeper, filling Alex's mouth and more. He wanted to throw up. He didn't want to throw up. He decided to forget about throwing up, and concentrated on relaxing his throat so as to receive more of that honeyed meat. Now Ted was holding the back of his head and fucking his face, thrusting, withdrawing, thrusting. Alex wrapped his lips around the hard log of flesh, sucking as Ted withdrew, tightening like a clenched sphincter as he entered. An inexorable, pulsing rhythm was established. In, out. Squeeze, suck. Squeeze, suck.

Alex knew, just as Ted knew, when the point of no return was reached. The point when it became clear the huge cock was going to gush, would have to gush. They both continued their actions, faster, faster, urging the orgasm closer. Suddenly Ted gasped, juddered, pushed his cock hard through Alex's mouth and held it deep in his throat. His whole body continued to pulse, and all at once Alex felt the first urgent, powerful spurt of Ted's hot, creamy white cum. He swallowed. It was a reflex reaction, not something he'd decided he wanted to do. But the cum continued to flow. And Alex continued to swallow.

When it was all done, and that massive tool began to wilt, Alex knew he could have released it. He had paid the bill. But something made him carry on. Amazingly, he wanted more.

He kept up the sucking rhythm, lightly and gently because Ted would be feeling the usual post-orgasmic sensitiveness. He licked and swallowed, cleaning away the final dribbles of cum from the lifeless member. Alex tasted and took every drop, milking that cock for everything it could give him. And as he sucked, he became aware that he was sucking renewed life into it. Gradually the cock swelled again in his mouth.

Alex still had his hand inside Ted's jeans, holding and caressing the immense sac that contained the milkman's bollocks. He grasped the tackle, manoeuvred it until it emerged through the zip to hang against his chin. Now he had Ted's entire love kit to play with. And he mustered every ounce of the skills he had accumulated, to play that instrument like a virtuoso.

Once Alex had coaxed the milkman past those few uncomfortable post-orgasmic minutes, he set to work again with gusto. It wasn't long before he had him riding rapidly towards a second orgasm. But before Ted could again grab his head and start the face-fucking stage he stopped all action, spat out the cock and looked into the blackmailer's eyes.

Eyes that were clouded with frustration!

"Want me to continue?" Alex enquired gently.

"Yes. Yes! For fuck's sake, yes! Get on with it!"


"Er, yeah?" Ted's erection was beginning to wilt.

"I mean, do you wish to address me as Sir?"

"Yeah! Yeah!! Sir! Get on with it, Sir! Please!"

"Please Sir?"

"Yes! Yes, Sir! Please, Sir, DO IT!!!!"


"Yes! Sir!! SIR! Fucking SIR!!"

Alex decided he'd made his point. He took the huge cock back into his mouth and restored it to a proper state of erection. Then he set to work. Ted shuddered to his second orgasm just eleven minutes after he'd enjoyed the first.

The cock subsided very quickly, and the flow of cum wasn't anywhere near as copious as the first time. A few dribbles emerged onto Alex's tongue; he was pleased that he could actually taste the stuff this time, instead of having it forced down his throat. When he'd sucked cock before it had only been to prepare the guy for entry into his Lady's chapel, so he'd never had a taste of cum before.



Alex takes another little sip from his bottle and swills the liquid about in his mouth, recalling the different sensations yesterday morning when it was cum instead of spring water. It wasn't exactly delicious, but neither was it repulsive. The taste was, well, like nothing else he could remember experiencing. A bit salty, maybe. Not a strong taste, nothing like the acrid smell of stale cum that can sometimes rise from unwashed bedsheets.

But the texture's interesting, he muses. Thickly viscous, almost stringy. He thinks back to a time, a couple of years back, when they'd stopped off in Brightlingsea for a meal and they'd had oysters. Eaten properly, they just slide down your throat like a great gobbet of cold snot.


He giggles. No, the cum didn't feel exactly like an oyster. Nor like cold snot, come to think of it. But it's a close as he can get for now. Maybe after he's had another taste...

When Ted had let him stand up again, they'd decided by mutual agreement to drop the 'Sir' thing. Sue had been standing in the doorway, watching the whole episode, and she'd been quite amused to see how her little slave had stood up for himself. Even Ted saw the funny side, once he'd tucked his tackle back inside his jeans and reverted to his milkman status.

They decided not to make the blowjob a regular, weekly event. Sue thought that would be a tiresome imposition for her, no less than for Alex. She would have loved to get that magnificent cock inside her own chapel, and she actually suggested it. But no. Ted reluctantly admitted that he was strictly gay. He hadn't come out about it, though, and he wasn't prepared to let it be generally known.

"Oh, well then," said Sue, "we'll keep quiet about that, if you'll keep your mouth shut about what you saw through the window!"

"Fair enough," replied Ted. "But can't we include an occasional blowjob? You saw how well Alex did it! And me, I don't ever remember feeling so completely drained after a guy's sucked me off!"


Sue agreed that Ted could have Alex from time to time, but not on the doorstep any more.

Alex smiles. Nothing's fixed up yet, but he's looking forward with eager anticipation to their next time. He's still surprised at himself - he never imagined he could get so much pleasure from sucking a man till his balls run dry. But he'd enjoyed the event, and he's played it over and over in his mind during the day or more since it happened.

He takes another sip. Looking up at the bottle, he sees he's already used more than half of his water. The sound of his pee dripping into the bucket has changed, from the earlier metallic, hollow tones to a simple watery sound. The bucket's filling up.

And, he sighs to himself, it's getting dark.

Resigning himself to another long wait, he closes his eyes and relaxes as much as possible. Sometimes he can doze, get a bit of sleep, but it isn't easy.

Sue enters the cell, naked except for high heels, black gloves and black fishnet stockings held up by a fantastic array of studded leather straps. There's a wicked leer on her face! She's holding an enormous leather whip in one hand, a cage of a dozen fierce ferrets in the other. She advances on him, slowly, slowly ...

Alex is dreaming ...

... and waiting.

More He's totally at his wife's mercy, and he muses about his cir

She knows he is worth waiting for.

6-11-2010, 12:00 main Author: personal
She lay naked in the dark waiting for him. A cool breeze moved through the room from the open window. It swirled about in the darkness and found its way to her body where it danced lightly across the surface of her skin and left tiny goose bumps in its wake. Her nipples rose in response and stiffened. She did not know when he would arrive, only that she would be ready when he did. She was, in fact, ready now. She wanted him to enter the room and take her. Her legs were parted and she could feel the moisture between them. She longed for him to fill her up there. Restlessly, she shifted her hips on the bed. If only she could touch herself, she thought. But the silk bindings held her wrists and ankles firmly in their grasp.

He had done this to her before. She loved it and she hated it. He would tie her to the bed and then leave her alone in the dark. She never knew how long he would be gone but as time passed the anticipation would take hold of her and her mind would fill with the possibilities. Would he return alone? Would someone be with him? Another man? Another woman? Each time it was different but, always, by the time he returned she was ready for anything and everything. Her imagination would shift into overdrive as she lay in the dark and memories and fantasies would weave their spell over her until she was fairly panting for release.

She knew that was the objective for him. He wanted her to become aroused just by the anticipation. He wanted her imagination to take over. He wanted the memories and the fantasies to possess her. She often wondered if he was somewhere watching her. The thought aroused her even more. The excitement of his eyes on her was only exceeded by that of his hands on her. Sometimes all he had to do was look at her and she was seduced.

She could not explain the power he had over her; did not even understand it herself. All she could do was feel it . . . and want it. Yes, she admitted to herself. She wanted it. It was why he could seduce her with his eyes. It was why she allowed him to tie her this way. He had never forced himself on her. That, she knew, was not his way. She gave herself willing and by letting him possess her she freed herself to go where he would take her.

Again the breeze found its way in through the window and moved the sheer drapes so that a splash of moonlight fell across her body and pooled in the shadows on her stomach. Looking down her body to where the light trailed off between her legs, she felt again the wetness that was growing there. It had become so copious that it had begun to drip down to the sheets beneath her ass. Oh how she wanted his tongue there to lick it up. She could practically feel the tip of it sliding through her wetness and playing at the edges of her pussy. A soft moan escaped her lips and she strained against her bindings again. Memories washed over her again. She remembered the time he had returned with the other woman. She had never been with another woman before but the feel of her soft lips and skin had been so exquisite and when the woman had kissed her way between her legs and began to lick her clit she had given herself over to the pleasure and screamed as the orgasm had overtaken her. She had become so aroused that when the other woman had moved over her face she had eagerly reached out with her own tongue to taste the sweetness there. When the woman had screamed and bucked her hips in response to the ministrations of her tongue she had felt a rush of power that was quickly engulfed by her own cry of pleasure when she felt him slide into her. Her muffled screams had reverberated against the other womans pussy as he emptied himself into her.

She shifted her hips again and another memory took its place in the forefront of her consciousness. It was a memory of the night he had returned with another man. It had long been a fantasy of hers to have two men touching and kissing her, exciting her. But she had never imagined just how delicious it would actually be. They had taken their time arousing her. Soft kisses, firm but gentle caresses, fingers and tongues probing her tenderly in all her most secret places. He had blindfolded her that night so she could not tell which one of them was doing what. The not knowing had only heightened the intensity of the experience. She had tried to detect differences. Her lips had searched for signs of familiarity in their kisses; her tongue had strained for distinctions in taste when each cock had slid into her mouth. But she had realized that as her passion had grown that she could not tell any differences. Her lust had rendered her incapable of discernment and she found that did not even care. After a while all that had mattered was what she was feeling in her nipples and in her pussy and in her ass as fingers and tongues had probed her even there. By the time they had mounted her so that she had one cock in her mouth and one in her pussy it had become enough that they were there and with her body and with her mouth she had sucked the orgasms out of each of them so that they could crash into and intermingle and become entangled with hers, which came one after the other until she could barely breathe.

The memories enveloped her and the wet spot on the bed grew steadily larger. Now the breezes from the window had found it and blew softly across it as if trying to excite her even further with her own moisture. God, she wished her would return. Then, as if in answer to her thought, a door opened. Light from beyond the door washed into the room. She turned to look but the persons face was still in shadow. Was it him? Who was it? She could not tell for sure. The figure moved and the door closed and the darkness chased the light from the room once again. She strained to see but the brief flash of light had destroyed her night vision and she could not tell where the person was.

Then there was a sound. It was on the other side of her and she turned her head. A figure was silhouetted against the window. A small breath of air moved toward her and she caught a hint of a scent. It was different than the smell of her own sex that had been steadily filling the room as she had remembered the previous experiences. It was a scent that she was familiar with. It was the muskiness that she found when she knelt between his legs. It was him this time. She could tell for sure. She knew that fragrance and she knew now that he was naked too. As if in confirmation, the night air moved the drapes aside again and she could see him in profile in the moonlight. His cock stood out away from his body like a thing with a life of its own. She suspected that he had been watching her and that watching her grow more and more aroused had aroused him as well. She licked her lips and pulled against the restraints.

The drapes returned to their place and she lost sight of him again for a moment, but then she felt the bed shift and knew that he was at her feet. With a sudden rush of excitement and dread, she knew what he was going to do. His lips closed over her toes and he began to gently suck on them. She squealed and tried to pull away but was unable to. He loved her feet, she knew that, but it was almost more than she could take. The feel of his lips and tongue moving over her toes and kissing the soles of her feet sent jolts of electricity up her legs and straight to her clit. She had never known how erotic her feet could be before she met him but there was no denying it. When he sucked her toes and stroked her arches she felt it in other parts of her body. It was as if her nipples and her clit and her toes were all connected and he could touch them all at once. She bucked against the restraints and squirmed as he kissed his way up her legs, paused briefly to blow warm air on her pulsating clit, and worked his way up to her aching nipples. He lingered there, kissing each one, pulling on it with his lips, nipping it gently with his teeth.

She was gasping and begging him to take her but he refused to be rushed in his exploration of her body. From her nipples, he licked his way back down across her stomach and into the sodden valley between her legs. She was practically in tears by the time his tongue slid between her lips and across her clit. When it did, she immediately exploded into orgasm. She cried aloud and thrust her pussy against his face and let it possess her. He licked her through it and then slid the middle and ring finger of his right hand into her. She gasped again and clamped her pussy down on his fingers.

She felt him moving on the bed and kneeling beside her head. She felt the moisture seeping from it first, tasted the saltiness and then her mouth was full of his cock. Wantonly, she sucked on it as he began to move his fingers inside of her. He began sliding them in and out, slowly at first and then gradually faster. Another orgasm quickly began building in her and she screamed around his cock as it hit her. She felt him thrust harder into her mouth, heard him moan, and tasted even more moisture on her tongue. He stopped thrusting with his fingers and began to move just the fingertips deep up inside her, rubbing that wonderful spot he had discovered. Again, she began to rise on the wave and again her screams were muffled by the thick cock on her mouth. When he pulled it away, her lips were left with a plea for more mixed with the taste of his saltiness.

She felt his hands loosening the bindings at her wrists and ankles and moving her body until he was kneeling between her legs. A sudden rush of wind blew the drapes aside again and in the moonlight she saw him there, kneeling with his cock, still wet and glistening from her mouth, in his hand and he was guiding it toward her pussy. Then just as suddenly the wind was gone, the drape fell back into place, the room was again plunged into darkness and she felt his hardness thrusting deeply into her. The force of it caused the air to rush from her lungs and she struggled to breath. He filled her so completely and as good as his tongue and fingers had felt, this was what she needed. With words that were indistinguishable, she urged him on and he took an ankle in each hand, spread her legs wide apart, and thrust into her repeatedly and with ever increasing force until the orgasms were ripped from them both.

When he stopped and lowered his body down beside hers they wrapped their arms around each other and held one another tightly. Gently he kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear and she smiled and knew that he would always come for her and she would always be waiting.

More She knows he is worth waiting for.

Dom & sub enjoy foreplay of a sort.

6-11-2010, 11:58 main Author: personal
"Do I need to repeat anything?"

"No, sir."

"Good. I have something rather special planned."

He hung up without a good-bye. I had plenty of time to get ready but started to draw my bath immediately. I hated to rush before our meetings. 'Something rather special' hung in my imagination as I watched the tub fill with water. Was he about to start a new phase? As I lay in the hot water and made little waves with my hands, I wondered how in the world I had gotten to this place. This place with him. This place in myself. We had known each other for such a relatively short time. It had been little more than six months. Sex had never been anything like this before. I had certainly never been like this with any other man. I had never even imagined it could be like this. Just a few months ago I would never have been able to imagine that anyone really acted this way, let alone me. Not like this. I mean I guess I had had fantasies but this was real. I am not some stupid young girl. I am an adult, a mature woman. My God I am over forty. At work I am a respected professional. I am relatively intelligent and at least I thought a very responsible person. My marriage, my ex-husband, other men, it was like they had been from another planet. How could I possibly feel this way about him? What kind of love, what kind of obsession was this? No one in their right mind, no one in the real world actually lived like this. What kind of a woman would allow herself to be used like this. I was moments like this that frightened me.

What was worse, I now wondered whether it was really him who was always doing the leading. Was he still pushing or was I now asking to be pushed? Was it he or was it me who just wanted to dive down deeper and deeper into the darkness? At the end of our first real scene, after the agreed upon time had elapsed, it had been like we just popped back up to the surface like a cork. Like coming up from under water for a fresh breath of air. Then it was clearly he who immediately wanted to dive back down into the darkness again.

Now it seemed sometimes like we would never return to the surface. Each time we met we only dove down deeper and deeper. Down into the warm darkness. Down deep under water, leaving the light at the surface farther and farther behind. Holding your breath, going deeper and deeper. Now it was like we would never come up for air again. I now wonder if I even know which way it is back to the surface. The lack of oxygen has made me drunk. I am intoxicated and no longer responsible. I breathe but below the surface but there is no oxygen. We swim in the darkness, weightless and delirious with pleasure but how can one live without air, without light.

I waited for him perched on a barstool in the middle of my living room floor. Everything was precisely as he had instructed. Although I could not tell exactly because of my blindfold, I knew the room would be in little more than half-light. The only illumination was the single candle he had instructed me to light. I was facing the front door with the heels of my black patent leather pumps hooked on the chair rail. I held one hand in the other at the small of my back. My knees were splayed lewdly apart. I knew what I looked like. I was on display. Waiting.

I fidgeted and I waited. I would periodically drop my chin to my chest and then arch my back and lift my chin to the ceiling. It released some of the tension and kept by back from cramping. Then I would let my chin drop again to my chest. I waited and I fidgeted. Every few minutes I slowly rolled my hips backward and forward. The sensation of the benwha balls moving inside of me was lovely. They might have slipped out except for the narrow panel of my thong panties tight against my vaginal lips. I waited. No matter how I anticipated it I knew he would open the door without warning and startle me. The knowledge that I was sitting here like this just 10 feet in front of my unlocked front door frightened me a little but mostly just added to my anticipation.

What if some stranger walked down the hall and tried the door? Here I sat, blindfolded, all dressed up in black lingerie, on display, more naked than if I had been nude. What little I wore only accentuated my obvious role. His favorite black leather waist cincher held up my sheer seamed stockings. The tiny thong barely covered my freshly shaved and oiled pussy. My breasts were bare except for the makeup he had taught me to so carefully apply to my nipples. First I had to trace the edge of the aureoles with a pencil. Then fill them in with lipstick applied with a brush. Finally dust with blush and blot. My once innocently pink little nipples now an almost perfect match for the deep red of my lips and my fingernails. So, here I sat, the carefully prepared sex slave, on display. The submissive slut waiting for her Master. Waiting. I estimated it had been about 20 minutes now.

We seemed to be in a Waiting phase now. I had had to wait like this the last four times we met. I do not mean exactly like this, of course. How I was dressed, where I had to wait and my body position had varied but the idea of waiting had been the same. And the idea of being on display while I waited. The first time had been in public on the patio of a local restaurant. Then the only sexually overt thing been the same absurdly too high heels I wore tonight. That evening while having a drink after he arrived he had first presented the benwha balls to me. I really did not know what they were when he casually set them on the table. Then he proceeded to just as casually but graphically explained to me their use. Of course he then ordered me to go to the ladies room and install them. The walk back to the table was an experience. A lovely balance of surprise, embarrassment, pleasure and fear. Later the walk around the block to his car was long enough to really get my attention.

That time he had had me wait about 20 minutes. The shortest had been little more than five. The longest thus far had been about forty. The previous phase had been Photography. The one before it had been Anal Penetration. Waiting was proving to be much easier than either of these. Each of them had been very difficult in the beginning.

From the first he had been very careful and gentle when he started Anal. He made sure it never hurt me. Not as part of that phase. He started with a long narrow dildo. He always used lots of lubrication. The discomfort was always more psychological than physical. I just did not think any self-respecting lady could say, "Please fuck my ass, sir." It was also that I felt my vagina had been abandoned. My pussy was the center of my femaleness. It was made for his nice thick cock, not my anus. It was all so pointless to me. He would tell me how much he loved my pussy as he pushed into my ass. He always made sure either he stroked my clitoris or he ordered me to, and I always came. He still licked and sucked my pussy with his mouth but he reserved his cock for my ass. I lasted for over a month. The position I came to like best was on my back with my knees drawn up to my chest. He would usually work on my nipples while he had me stroke my pussy. In that position, when I was not blindfolded, I could see his expression as he came inside of me. I enjoyed watching the violence and lust pour out of his eyes and be replaced with such tenderness. Before he came I was his but after he came he was mine. But why my ass? Then just as I came to accept it and even enjoy it he stopped. That, of course, was his point but his points just do not seem to make much sense sometimes. It was not like I ever really tried to deny him anything, my ass included. I had accepted him from the start. I had always tried to open myself. I had tried to relax. But for him acceptance was never really enough. For him there always had to be one step more.

Photography had actually been more difficult. I think erotic photography with settings and props and soft lighting can be beautiful. The fact that that was not what he wanted was obvious from the start. It was not beauty or even eroticism he seemed to want. He wanted a record. Physical proof of my sexual submission. Hands bound, cum dripping down her chin. Stripes on her ass from the crop. In bondage with dildos imbedded in her mouth, pussy and ass. Before the pictures, in the morning, in the light of day, dressed for work I could deny any of it had ever happened. But pictures did not go away. They could not be denied. They did not fade into a memory, which could be recalled as nothing more than a fantasy. No, pictures proved the reality. They were a permanent record. They could be handed to you and make the reality undeniable. That seemed to be a big part of what he wanted, but there was more. He also seemed to want to capture the moment. He wanted a record of the lust, the passion of the moment, the narcotic effect. When I saw them all I could see was how big my butt looked. How blotchy my skin was. That did not seem to matter to him. I came to understand that what he wanted was the look in my eyes. He wanted a record of my passion, my lust, my surrender. He wanted to hold forever that moment when I came. He really did not care if my hair was matted and sweaty. He did not care if my lipstick was worn away and my mascara had run. It was understanding that that finally let me get past it. I could never really see what he saw but it was enough that I understood his need. By understanding it I finally got to the point where I could at least try to respond to the camera rather than loathe it. That had been enough for him. We moved on.

I waited. A new record. It must have been at least 45 minutes by now. A little uncomfortable but easier than most of his phases. Arch your back. Stretch your neck. Roll your head. Move so those nice little balls bounce against each other. Feel them move as I move. Back and forth. But do get caught. Listen for him. Do not let him catch me rocking. Do not let him catch me squeezing my thighs together. Keep my hands behind my back. Relax. Calm down. Wait.

Oral Sex had been one of the easiest. I always really like it, even before him. For him it was my submission. His cock in my mouth. His control. His cum down my throat, in my mouth, on my breasts. Not for me. I liked the taste of him. The smell and taste of his maleness. I liked tasting and drinking his cum. I liked my power. My power to make him come. The position did not matter. Whether he let me control his thrusting or he just held my head and fucked my mouth. Once I learned to control my gag reflex it did not matter. It was still my control and his orgasm. It was still my lips, my tongue, my mouth that made him come. My mouth could shrink him right down to gentleness. I liked sucking him and I loved feeling him come in my mouth. We moved through that phase very quickly.

Still I waited. Maybe this phase would better be called Remembrance. While I waited there was nothing more to do than think and remember. I wondered what the next phase might be. I could guess but it scared me so much I thought I should push it out of my mind for fear of encouraging him. In my heart I knew I was probably too late.

Each of these Phases was defined by his obsession with the specific act. During Oral and Anal it had been the only way he would allow himself to climax with me. During Photography every meeting seemed to require a series of pictures. Now any of these activities may happen during an evening together or none of them. Other things were never so much a specific obsession as they were more of just a recurring theme. These were things like Bondage. I was made physically helpless for some period of time almost every time we met. The severity and duration would vary enormously. There were days when all he would do is tell me what position to maintain. "Lie down on the bed and keep your hands above your head." "Bend forward over this table and grip the edge." "Don't move your hands." Other times I might be tied with rope or chained so that I could hardly move a muscle. My wrists might be cuffed in front of me and then stretched above my head so that my feet hardly touched the floor. Bondage was not so much an activity as a given in our relationship.

For him Bondage seemed to be the major symbol of my submission. For me it was more the costumes I was always ordered to present myself in. I had had to develop an almost entire wardrobe of clothing I wore just for our time together. Some of his preferences were rather obvious. He loved anything in black. Black dresses, black skirts, black blouses. Black Black Black. Always with very shear black stockings and high heels. And of course he hated pants. I was never allowed to wear them in his presence. Other things were less predictable. He did not like sandals. Even pretty delicate high heeled sandals. Instead I had three pair of shoes for dress up.

One pair were pumps in grey suede with three-inch heels. This was the more conservative pair. The other two were the identical except for color. They were patent leather pumps with four inch spiked heels. One pair was in black and the other was in a bright red. The red ones never went out in public. They were just too obviously sexual. Typically my only underwear was a garterbelt for my stockings. He seldom allowed me to wear panties of a bra. No teddies, no French cut panties, no corsets. He did not have me wear my skirts particularly short. Nothing was much shorter than an inch above my knees but they had to be tailored and close fitting. He particularly liked one long mid calf skirt with a high slit at the side. For blouses he favored creams and white, particularly in silk. In general, when I was dressed for him in public, I always felt rather well and even slightly conservatively dressed except for my lack of underwear. I never felt he tried to make me look cheap or overtly sexual.

My favorite outfit is a pale grey silk suit he bought me just last month. It has a long jacket just slightly shorter than the skirt. It is also my shortest skirt, cut at about two inches above the knee. The grey pumps are a perfect match for the color. The jacket closes with one button. I have only worn it in public once. He had me wear lace top thigh high hose from Victoria's Secret rather than regular stockings since the skirt was so short. We went to dinner and then had a drink at a downtown bar. That night at dinner I really felt I looked well dressed and attractive. And the whole time no one would have guessed that I had nothing else on. No panties, no bra, not even a blouse under the jacket.

I was careful with how the jacket draped and it did not really show that much cleave. Then at the bar he went even further. He had me go to the ladies room and attach clamps to my nipples. So when I came back we just sat there like any ordinary couple and talked for about twenty minutes. And the whole time, unbeknownst to the world, all I really want to do is have him release my poor little nipples and fuck me hard. On the road back to his place he even had me open the jacket so he could watch the clamps sway with the car but he would not let me remove them until I masturbated to orgasm as he drove.

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