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Some of Karen's questions are answered.

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Karen Dear, Please accept my invitation to lunch with me. I apologize for the last minute invitation but since I know you have no other plans and aren't going anywhere else, I'm hoping you'll accept. My servant will assist you in any way to prepare for our 'date'. It is at your disposal. If you feel compelled to speak to it, simply address it as 'Servant' as it has no other name.

The note was unsigned.

Karen spoke, albeit in a low tone as she was only addressing herself, "Curiouser and curiouser!"

She looked to the door. Servant was just standing, not looking at her, but waiting. She shrugged her shoulders. "Okay, servant, at least my sweet ass will be out of this fuckin' cold room."

Servant turned and began walking down the hall. Karen followed. As she glanced over her surroundings Karen realized that the structure was less a warehouse and more a huge barn. The wall to her left was lined with doors leading to more storage rooms like she had spent the night in, but across the room was a line of empty horse stalls. The loft above her was filled with bales of hay.

Servant opened a door at the end of the row and Karen discovered a tack room beyond which was a large bathroom. A gang shower, three toilets and a bidet were separated from the gleaming freshly oiled leather of the tack by only a 30" tall half wall topped with glass.

Servant hung the dress on a hook and went into the bath area to turn on the shower. Karen protested when Servant began to unbutton Karen's jeans.

"Hold on buddy, this I can do for myself." Karen pulled her top off and as it slid over her head she realized how much either the shirt or her body stank. She pushed down her jeans and had her fingers hooked in her thong when she remembered Servant. She looked up and saw the Servant had already undressed and was in the shower, soaping up a pair of washcloths. What startled Karen most, however was the fact that Servant wasn't a slim man, but a rather nicely built woman! Shrugging, she stepped out of her panties and entered the shower.

Karen reached for the bar of soap but was quickly stopped by Servant who was shaking her head 'no' and wagging her finger. Karen would have preferred a shower with soap but the hot water felt so good to her she just shut her eyes and turned her face up to the cascading stream. Servant took Karen's hand and motioned her to sit on the slatted teak bench. She then filled her palm with shampoo and started rubbing it into Karen's hair. What Karen expected to be a quick shampoo turned into a fifteen minute scalp and neck massage. Karen groaned, "I'm supposed to be getting ready for lunch so you'll have to stop what you're doing sometime in the next five hours, mmmm!"

Servant grabbed a hand sprayer and rinsed the shampoo out of Karen's hair before applying a generous amount of conditioner and rubbing that in. Servant then had Karen rise and stand with her arms at her sides. The two cloths Karen had seen Servant soaping up were, as she could now see, terrycloth gloves.

Servant began soaping up Karen's shoulders and worked its way down Karen's left arm. Then, standing in front of her Servant raised Karen's arms and scrubbed her armpits, working her way across her collarbones, down onto her breasts, and between her legs. Servant took particular care to clean Karen's pussy and ass.

The next thing Karen became aware of was the pair of lips licking and nibbling her labia. She almost lost her balance the first time Servant's tongue invaded her. She sat back down on the teak and Servant's tongue hardly missed a beat.

Karen had quickly figured out that her role in this whole process was simply to allow herself to be done. Ordinarily, she would have dug her heels in and demanded some independent course of action, but it was rather nice allowing herself to be, done, to have someone else take total control. Her pussy was dripping as Servant gently sucked her clit...

For now, however, all Karen wanted was to know what was going on. She gently stopped Servant's ministrations short of her finish line. Karen couldn't ever remember doing that before.

After Servant had bathed and dried her, Karen was ready for whatever should come; at least she thought she was. Servant led her to a make-up table, had her sit down and started working on her face. Karen asked, "If you could tell me where the hair dryer is I could..."

Servant shook her head no and started combing Karen's hair under a dryer. Karen looked in the mirror and thought, "I never would have picked that color eye shadow but I have to admit, it looks really good on me." Servant put the blue shoes on Karen's feet and held the blue frock for her to step into. She hadn't been offered any underwear options.

Karen was then led down the hall and out of the barn. As she followed Servant she allowed her eyes to look over the estate. The home and barns were certainly grand but what most impressed her were the fastidiously manicured grounds. It had been Karen's observation that the first symptom of the once mighty who'd fallen on hard times was an untended landscape. Whoever owned this place wasn't short of cash!

Servant led her into the main house through a side patio door which led them into what was ostensibly a foyer, but looked to Karen suspiciously like a gallery of equestrian art. The walls were adorned with paintings ranging from old English hunt scenes to a magnificent horse portrait. Karen immediately surmised that the muscular near-black filly with the white star and tiny feet had to be Barbara and Stuart Janney's legendary Ruffian.

The center of the 20 by 30 foot room was occupied by a life-sized bronze of a horse and jockey in full gallop. Karen didn't immediately recognize the horse, but as she walked around the bronze she saw the delicate tracing of an "H" in a triangle on the Jockey's silks and knew the horse had to be Seabiscuit.

Servant had been patiently waiting for Karen. Karen asked her, "Do you know any of the history of these magnificent champions?"

"No, I'm sorry, Mistress, but I don't know nearly as much about thoroughbreds as I should."

Karen pointed to the large painting. "I've got a book about that wonderful filly. I could lend it to you if you like."

"I'm sorry, Mistress, I can only accept gifts from my Master, but thank you for offering." The two walked on toward the dining room.

Karen wasn't really on board with this Master-Mistress nonsense but no one had asked her her opinion and she wasn't volunteering anything at this point. Besides, she was a little busy right then counting chairs. Wow! Fourteen chairs on a side, two sides and one on each end...seating for 30 at the table!

There was a slim girl with short blonde hair waiting at the head of the table. She was wearing a tuxedo and standing in a pose reminiscent of a military "at ease" posture; legs spread apart and hands held behind her back. She was glancing toward Karen as Servant led her to a seat to the right of the head of the table.

Karen had not yet reached her seat when a door in the opposite wall opened and a man briskly walked in. Karen recognized him as the man she had been at the Prime Rib with. He was the man who put the green olives in her pussy. Brian, his name is Brian!

Brian held her chair for her and she sat. "Thank you Brian."

He smiled as he went to the head of the table. "Oh, so you remember me."

"The sight of you made me flash on the olives, and after that, yes, a few pieces fell into place."

Brian smiled again. It was a powerful weapon; Karen began to feel more than a little heat deep within her. Brian continued, "I wasn't sure how hungry you'd be so the kitchen's prepared for either a light brunch or something a bit more elaborate. I, for one, am having Eggs Benedict, grapefruit juice and coffee."

"That sounds lovely, I'll have the same." The tuxedoed woman bowed and left for the kitchen.

Brian said, "First of all, about late last night, I wanted to apologize for the unforgivable behavior of that servant which struck you. It was completely unacceptable and rest assured that the offending young woman has been severely punished and will no longer be in service here."

"She didn't really hurt me, so I wouldn't be too harsh with her. If this young lady is 'Servant', what was the other's name?"

"As you're no doubt aware, the origins of many of today's names began with the job of the person. Millers were known as Miller, carpenters were Carpenter, and so on; here we use the same system. Her name was Servant, as her function was to look after and protect you from doing harm to yourself. When she lost her function this new Servant was assigned to you. Yesterday her name was Groom, as she took care of several of the horses."

"And therefore around here Brian becomes Master."

"It's functional."

"So who am I?"

"You're not part of our little community so your name is still Karen Jacobs. Your parents are still Donald and Elaine, your home is still ostensibly Larchmont, and you're still a sophomore at the University."

Karen was surprised. "You seem to know a lot about me."

"Oh, I know a lot more than those minor details. I know practically everything about you. I know you were offered a full academic scholarship but because you were too lazy to fill out the paperwork accepting it, it was subsequently withdrawn. I know that you sporadically apply yourself to your studies and trust to a remarkable intelligence to keep academic failure at bay. I know that you haven't had a boyfriend since Robbie Banner in the ninth grade, preferring a succession of one night stands.

Brian leaned forward, "Unless you count Jeff Naylor as a boyfriend. He's made eight 'dates' with you this year, but his idea of a date is to bring you back to Alpha Chi to be passed around from room to room like an interoffice memo. I believe you set the house record by fucking 37 of the brothers and their guests one weekend.

Let's see! I know that you were sufficiently down on yourself after that weekend that you jumped a train to Albany to visit your favorite cousin Carrie. You and Carrie have always been there for each other in the past.

The only problem is that you never made it to Carrie's! A commuter in the train station mistook you for a 'working girl' and offered you $300 for a fuck in his hotel. You stayed the night with him and caught the next train back to school.

I know that the last time you went to bed sober was 34 days ago when you had a bad chest cold and never went out to party.

Oh, wonderful our food has arrived!" He leaned toward Karen as if he was sharing a secret with her, "Talking always makes me hungry."

Karen was numb. She knew all the individual things he had said were true, but she'd never faced them all together as had just happened. She could feel the tears in her eyes as she said, "So you figured you'd kidnap the whore so you could have a convenient pussy?"

Brian reached out and brushed a tear from Karen's cheek with his thumb. "Karen, Karen, Karen; if all I'd wanted was your pussy I could have had you in the restaurant men's room. If you can recall, you asked to be taken there.

Furthermore, I didn't 'kidnap' you; you begged to come home with me."

"So why did I wind up locked in a cell in the barn?"

"The door to your room was locked so you couldn't wander off and hurt yourself, and although it pains me to have to say this, your room was in the barn because only people sleep in my home and you don't quite qualify in your present state."

Karen couldn't look at his face. "If you don't want to fuck me and don't even consider me to be a person, why am I here?"

Brian leaned back in his chair and continued looking at Karen in silence until she looked up into his face. "As you obviously know by now, I've invested quite a bit of time and money trying to figure out what makes you tick. You originally caught my eye when you were an incoming freshman."

He leaned forward and took her hand. "You have all the ingredients to be an extraordinary woman, yet for some reason you've chosen this self-destructive path for your life. You're bright, you can be quite charming, and you're an incredibly beautiful and sexy woman. You just don't like yourself very much.

By the way, speaking of bright..." He reached his hand backward without looking. Servant handed him Karen's anthropology paper.

"If I'm not mistaken you fail your course if this isn't turned in by 2 p.m. I'll see that you're driven to campus in time to turn it in. I've read it, by the way, and I think you give Dr. Leakey more credit than he deserves."

Karen smiled for the first time. "Yeah but the professor thinks Leakey walks on water so I was playing to a grade."

"I thought so.

Why are you here? You're here because I want to offer you a life line. I'm not your shrink so I don't care why you started disrespecting yourself. I just want to help you to realize the potential that you were born with, the potential you've chosen to squander."

Karen didn't break eye contact. "And how are you going to accomplish that?"

"By taking over for a while and making your decisions for you. For this all to work you must admit to yourself that you've been doing a shitty job of running your life and that it's about time you hired a professional to run it for you. Someone who can instill discipline where there was only chaos. Someone who can ultimately give you back your self-respect."

Karen kept watching his eyes. Over the years she had gotten pretty good at separating the people who were sincere from the bullshitters. This guy believed that he could do what he said he could.

"And you're the man who can accomplish this?"

Brian answered softly, "Yes I can.

But look at the time! Your paper's going to be late if you don't hurry. Servant has already put your things in the car and Driver will take you to McArthur Hall to turn in your paper. Think about what you want to do. After you've submitted the paper Driver will either take you back to your apartment, or, if you'd like to pursue this discussion, back here for more conversation. Either way, consider the frock a gift. That shade of blue makes your eyes almost electric."

Brian looked at her plate. The food had not been touched. He shook his head. "If you do come back I'll have to see you get something proper to eat! You need fuel for that engine." As they stood he leaned over and kissed her cheek.


As Karen traveled in the back of the limo back to campus she distilled their entire conversation to two words; Master and discipline. She had a pretty good idea that this transformation involved the loss of her independence. She would wind up with the same status as Servant or Driver. She had a thought and rolled down the window between herself and the chauffer. "Driver, are you allowed to talk to me?"

"Yes, Mistress, the Master told me to truthfully answer any of your questions except those concerning my former identity."

"How long have you been with...Master?"

"Two years this February, Mistress."

"How did you meet him?"

"I had been turning tricks in Manhattan and one John got kind of rough. He beat me up, took back his money and threw me unconscious from the car on 8th Avenue. Master's car had been following us and picked me up immediately. I was taken to the clinic at Master's house."

"Are you happy at the Estate?"

Driver hesitated before answering. "I wish you could see my face to show how strongly I feel about this. I ran away from home at sixteen with a boy who brought me to the City. He took off in less than three weeks and left me with an unpaid rent bill on the rattrap we were renting week-to-week. He'd taken my last $200 when he left. The landlord was willing to give me two more days to come up with the rent in exchange for a fuck. I was turning tricks that very night. I had a pimp by that weekend.

If Master hadn't taken me from that life I'm sure I'd be dead today."

"But didn't you just trade one Master for another? Your life is still being run by some guy!"

The car pulled up in front of McArthur Hall. Driver turned and looked Karen in the eyes. "My first MAC decided to move to L.A. and sold his stable to another pimp the week before my 'accident'. Prior to that I'd done some speed and a little coke but drugs were never much of a problem for me. My new guy believed in drugs as a training tool. His other four girls were all crack-heads and I'd been told repeatedly that anytime I wanted some I could have it for free because I was 'special'.

If I'd stayed with him I would have been a crack-whore in a matter of weeks. With Master I'm now one year away from my G.E.D. and Master insists I have a twelve credit college course of study selected by next month.

When Lewis told me who to fuck he did it for money and he didn't care if I lived or died.

When I began my training with the Master he also occasionally told me who to fuck. But every fuck aided me in my acceptance of the discipline. I was never hurt and you can believe whatever your want but I believe he sincerely cares about me and my future."

Karen sighed and said gently, "But Driver aren't you just his slave?"

Driver answered with passion and tears in her eyes. "Yes! and it's the best thing that could have happened to me.

Do you want to know my greatest fear? Master has told me that once my education and training is finished I must begin a life out in the 'real' world. I fall asleep every single night trying to think of some way I can convince him to let me stay.

In my experience the 'real' world sucks...Mistress." Driver turned back to the windshield. "You'd better hurry Mistress, it's almost two o'clock. I'll wait here."

Karen drew more than a few stares in her blue dress and she left her paper in the Professor's "In" box. As it was getting close to the deadline he was at his desk with his feet up waiting for 2 p.m.

He said, "Damn, Miss Jacobs you just cost me twenty dollars. I bet Professor Kuhn that you wouldn't make it in time. I was sure that by the end of the week you'd be on your knees under my desk trying to convince me not to fail you. Oh well, maybe next time."

Karen was shocked. "Professor, why would you say such a thing? That's horribly cruel."

"Why do you say that? That's how you got to keep your 'A' last year when you forgot to turn in your term project. Kuhn mentioned that you fucked your way into an 'A' in Sanderson's course also."
Karen suddenly remembered that what he'd said was true! She'd completely blanked it out of her memory until he reminded her.

Karen was numb when she got to the car. "Take me to my apartment, Driver."

"Yes, Mistress."

When they pulled up in front Karen said, "I just want to run up and get something. I'll be going back to the estate."

"Yes, Mistress."

Karen took one thing from the apartment and ran back to the car. When they got back to the estate she was shown to a room which would have done any cocktail lounge proud. A long mahogany bar with about a dozen stools and about ten little cocktail tables. Behind the bar was a 450 gallon saltwater Reef tank with a half dozen large Tangs and many thriving corals. Brian was sitting at one of the tables with another gentleman talking baseball.

The two men stood as Karen approached. Brian said, "Karen, I'm so pleased you've returned. Karen, this is Mr. Scarpelli, a business associate of mine. Bart, this lovely flower is Karen."

Karen shook hands. "Am I interrupting something?"

"Not at all! We're done talking business and would welcome some new blood in the conversation."

The young lady in the tuxedo came over. Brian asked Karen, "Would you like a water, perhaps some iced tea?"

"White wine, please."

Brian held up his hand. "Karen if you would do me a big favor? Until our business is discussed would you mind keeping it non-alcoholic? I'd prefer you with a clear head."

Karen was about to argue, since the men were drinking beers, but said, "Iced tea would be lovely, please."

When the tea was served Brian said, "In fact, Bartender why don't you take Mr. Scarpelli to his room and help him unpack?

Bart, Bartender will see to all your needs. I'm sure Karen and I can rough it without her services. Why don't we meet by the pool at 7:30?"

Karen could see Scarpelli mentally undressing the young blonde as he said, "Great idea, Brian I'm sure we can find something to do to fill the afternoon." As he put his arm around the girl he put his hand in Bartender's panties and grabbed her ass.

After they were gone from earshot Brian muttered, "Pig!"

Karen responded, "If he's such a pig, why did you give him Bartender to fuck?"

"Two reasons, but most importantly the fact that he's a big client of mine and he could become a lot bigger.

The second reason is that Bartender had no advance hint that she'd be servicing the man. She needs more training in being able to anticipate situations and to be ready to please at all times.

You've brought a package! Is it a present for me?"

Karen started to open the bag in her hand which she had taken from her apartment. "In a way! When Servant was bringing me to lunch I paused at the painting of Ruffian in the foyer. I asked Servant if she knew the history of the filly and she said she wanted to learn more. I offered her a book but she told me she was forbidden gifts from anyone but you.

Anyhow, if you would indulge me I'd like to give you this book in the hopes that you could, in turn, give it to her."

Brian inspected the book. "Oh, Jane Schwartz' book! It's a wonderful read."

He pulled a phone from his pocket and direct-connected a number. "Servant, please come to the lounge immediately.

I'm impressed that you recognized the filly from the painting! I always thought the artist made her look larger than life."

Karen responded with a sigh, "Maybe because she was!"

Brian's face took on a wistful look. "That she was."

Servant came into the room. Brian looked her up and down. He said, "Servant, I'm rather disappointed in you today."

"Yes, Master?"

You were told to look after Mistress Karen and help prepare her to come to brunch. Instead you slowed her down by taking liberties with her. Did Mistress indicate in any way that she wanted you to eat her pussy"

"No, Master."

"Once you began to do so, uninvited, what was her response?"

"She stopped me, Master."

"You were to please her and look after her and instead you took liberties and saw to your own needs. Did you enjoy sucking her clit?"

"Very much so, Master."

Brian tossed her the book. "Your education about the horses is woefully inadequate. Read this and if Mistress is still around tomorrow and if she doesn't consider you a complete waste of her time, you will tell her about what you've read."

He turned to Karen. "Do you want me to replace her as your attendant? If you like, I'd consider selling her to a Turkish brothel."

For some strange reason she couldn't explain, Karen played along. "No, don't replace her. I was thinking that perhaps I wouldn't have stopped her eating me if her technique was a little better. Maybe, if I'm not too tired, I might train her in proper oral sex technique."

Karen winked at Servant when Brian had turned away. "And after she's gotten better at eating pussy, maybe we'll have time to discuss the book. But I'd do that only if I saw a marked improvement."

Servant replied, "Oh, thank you so much, Mistress. I'll try to be the very best student."

Brian dismissed the girl and turned back to Karen. "Now what are we going to do with you? You've been here barely 30 minutes and you're taking it upon yourself to order my slaves around?

I hope you realize that if you enter service that all comes to an end. Your status will be that of a rank beginner and you would be dealt with rather harshly if you display such hubris again."

"I realize that."

"We'll discuss this at length later, but right now I have a request of you. I can't order you because we haven't finalized our arrangements. Think of it as a gesture of good faith."

Karen looked him in the eyes as she said, "Anything, Master."

Brian smiled. "We'll see. In the meantime I'd like you to take the elevator up to the third floor, room 317, and join in Bartender's little party with Scarpelli. Fuck him blind."

Karen didn't need to think about it; in fact, it was kind of nice not to have to think. She just said, "Yes, Master."

She took the elevator to the third floor and let herself into Scarpelli's room. He was on his back on the bed and Bartender was riding his cock. She looked close to cumming. Karen slipped out of her shoes and blue dress as she walked over to the bed.

Karen noticed Bartender's trim, delightful body. Pert ass and B/C tits which had never held a pencil. The aureoles were huge and puffy. Karen felt like a cow with her DDs.

Scarpelli, however, fell in instant lust over them. As Bartender continued to ride his cock he pulled Karen down to kiss her as he mauled her breasts. Karen thrust her tongue in his mouth and started attacking him. She withdrew her lips and swung her leg over his face as she lowered her pussy onto his mouth.

Scarpelli's technique wasn't bad! It surprised Karen that his tongue could tease as well as caress and suck. She'd expected him to be more of a 'thrust and stab' kind of sex partner.

Bartender had been cumming for the last twenty seconds. She put her hand on Karen's shoulder and said, "Mistress, why don't we switch. The gentleman needs to taste my cum."

Karen switched places with Bartender and was pleased to see the size of Scarpelli's cock. Not so big as to become a project, yet large enough that Karen was sure she'd have an enjoyable afternoon. Bartender had mounted Scarpelli facing Karen and as he tongued her she started to cum again. She leaned toward Karen and grabbed her breasts and sucked her nipples. She supported herself with one hand on Scarpelli's hip and with the other she began to rub Karen's clit.

Karen felt Scarpelli's thrusts take on that particular frenzy which told her he wouldn't last much longer. Between that and Bartender's expert rubbing of her clit, Karen's pussy started contracting and she began cumming all over the wonderful cock.

The collective juices of the three of them couldn't soak into the sheets fast enough so there was a not inconsiderably puddle between Scarpelli's legs. He lay on his back with a girl in each arm cuddled against his chest. Each of his hands cupped a breast and the two girls' tongues were drawing lazy circles around his nipples.

Although Scarpelli couldn't see it, the two girls' eyes were locked on each other, making promises for sometime later. Karen sighed.

More Some of Karen's questions are answered.

Karen's sense of self-worth plummets to new lows.

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As Karen began to climb up through the layers of unconsciousness which constituted what she assumed was a very deep REM sleep, the first thing she became aware of was the pain in her left hip. She tried, without moving, to remember anything which she might have done the previous day which could have been the cause of her discomfort.
It was at this point that Karen discovered her hands were bound with duct tape. She sighed and mumbled barely above a whisper, "And the hits just keep on coming." Suddenly she remembered, "My panties! I had just reached under the table in the restaurant and removed my black lace thong and was putting them in his pocket when my tit brushed against his arm. He told me to remove my panties so he could get at my pussy!" In the restaurant?

Now it was her bladder's turn to protest in a manner which although now mild she knew would rapidly grow in immediacy. She forced her eyes open and processed the incoming data which seemed to indicate she was sharing a stark windowless room with a large number of cardboard boxes emblazoned with the legend "Smithfield Van Lines" and a single sixty watt Sylvania bulb hanging from the center of the ceiling. Her brain rebelled against the large size of the boxes reasoning that because of their names they should be more...ham-sized.

Ham! Olives! She had taken the olives off her salad and put them on a saucer. Her date had said something about hating waste and had told her to remove her panties so he could insert the olives inside of her! Her hands flew to her jeans and even though she was bound she was able to unzip her jeans and insert a finger between her labia. Nope! No olives!

The room was definitely not, she concluded, her dorm room. She hoped her anthropology paper was still in her room but she was mildly frightened that she might have had it with her in the bar and if so she had no idea where it might be. That paper represented 2/3 of her grade! Wait a minute! If she was hanging in the Parrot it would have been after class and she would have been in her jeans and tank top. When she was in the Prime Rib she was wearing her black cocktail dress. Now she was back in her jeans. Sounds like a lot of changing!

She also wondered in passing where her shoes and bra might have gotten to. With those enormous tits of hers she rarely went anywhere without support, and the concrete was damn cold under her bare feet. The door opened and a slim man, clad in a ski mask, came in and placed a tray on the boxes. She called out to him, "Excuse me, what the Hell is going on here?" He whipped around and backhanded her across her cheek. It knocked her back on her ass. He went to the door and let himself out.

It hadn't required a key so she went to the door but found it to be locked from the outside. She went to the tray. It contained a crystal glass, a pitcher of what looked like ice water, and an empty pitcher with a post-it which read "urine". Karen dropped trou and squatted. She doubted whether she'd ever pee in a Baccarat pitcher again. She buttoned her jeans and poured herself a drink. She almost choked. "Vodka!" She sighed, "...just keep on comin'." She drank the entire glass.

Karen forced her face into a wry grin as she thought, "I've GOT to start going home with a better class of boys!" She lined up four of the boxes, stretched out, and tried to get back to sleep.

More Karen's sense of self-worth plummets to new lows.

A sub's first encounter with her Master.

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Her voice caught in her throat as she tentatively lifted her hand to the door. Her knock against the hotel room door sounded foreign to her and she was suddenly overcome with mounting fears, but something held her in her spot. The door opened and a handsome older man stood before her with a sly smile and she couldnt help but immediately look to the ground. She felt his hand slide into hers to lead her inside as he spoke to her calmly,

Come in, pet. He shut the door behind her and locked it.

They had been speaking online for sometime and she had vowed to be his completely. He had rules for his pet; she could only cum at his request and if she touched herself she was to write him vivid letters describing her fantasies and how she brought herself to the brink of pleasure. Neither of them had planned for it to come this far, but now she stood before him, her cheeks flushing deeply, as he slid his gaze over his pets body. She felt his body move close to her as he slid his finger under her chin and lifted her gaze to his. A pleased smile played on his lips as his hands moved to her jacket pushing it from her shoulders to the floor. His hands then moved slowly over her body as he removed her shirt and jeans, her eyes remained locked in his intense gaze. Standing now, in a black lace corset and panties before him, her cheeks burned crimson red. His steady voice slid through her body as he smirked,

Are you nervous pet? Yes Sir. She heard her voice waiver slightly as she answered but the word Sir, slid naturally from her pouty lips. He walked around her, his eyes inspecting her body, occasionally reaching out to touch her soft skin. He was behind her now and she felt his body press against her nakedness, his hands sliding down her sides to her panties, his fingers pulling them down her legs with ease. She felt his hot breath against her neck as he tasted her skin before sliding his hands up her back and neck into her hair, then roughly forcing her to bend over the arm of the hotel couch and pressing her face into the cushions. Quivering slightly, she could feel tears stinging her eyes as he stepped away from her, leaving her nakedness exposed. The first sting of his hand across her backside sent shivers of erotic pain through her body and caused her to whimper, burying her face further into the cushion. He quickly pulled her head back, exposing her face, growling to her as he continued to spank her,

I want to hear you, my pet.

Tears slid down her cheeks and as each spanking reddened her backside, she cried out to him, her voice almost pleading,

I only want to please you Sir I only want to please you.

Suddenly the spanking stopped and she felt a delirious spasm of pleasure as his hands softly stroked and pinched at her red cheeks. His fingers inched down towards her wanting sex, sliding his index finger slowly up and down her wet slit. She was shivering and couldnt help the wanting moans that pushed past her lips. He smiled down at his pet, his tone was calming as he kneaded her aching sex,

Very good, pet, your ass looks so perfect when its been reddened by my hand.

She moaned as his fingers still toyed with her sex, lifting her pert buttocks towards his hand. She heard the delicious sound of his belt being unlatched and his pants unzipping and she nearly cried as she felt the head of his cock playing at her wet hole. Suddenly he thrust himself deep inside of her and began to ceaselessly pound into her. His hands reached around and cupped her breasts, roughly pinching her sore nipples as he took his pet. She was shivering and moaning, fighting hard against her mounting pleasure, for she knew what would happen if she came before he requested it. His pleasure-filled grunts were absolutely intoxicating as she felt as though every ounce of her body was being melted into his. She submitted completely for him at that moment, knowing she had found her Master. Her body was so close to orgasm that she feared she would soon lose control, and just as her fears began to mount, he moaned to her,

Cum for me pet, now.

As soon as the words passed his lips, she came hard for him. Her who body writhing against him as he felt his pets muscles tense under his hands. He began to spank her again, hard rough stings across her ass as he continued to pound into her. He took every inch of her, clenching his eyes shut as he felt himself spasm, his cock buried inside of her. He collapsed on top of her back, taking in her soft scent. Pressing his face into her hair, he whispered softly to her as she quivered beneath him,

You have pleased me, my pet.

His words filled her with intense pleasure as she settled into her new place as his slave.

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An encounter between a young sub and her Master.

24-12-2010, 15:12 main Author: personal
It is always a patient wait for Sir to come home in the evening...or, the morning. I do indeed miss Him terribly when He's gone, but I know that He is pursuing that which he enjoys, his livelihood, and no matter how tired He is when He arrives, He always makes time for me. I love Him.

I love the way this gown fits over the curves of my body, enhancing the fullness of my breasts, accentuating my waist. Sometimes I feel vain standing in front of this mirror all the time, but I only want to be sure that I am pleasing for Him. He does so much for is my gift of thanks to Him to submit, to love, to pleasure and please Him. Nipples poke persistently through the sheer fabric, and before returning to my spot on the sofa to wait, I take a moment to straighten His bed.

A quick check: all is in order.

A fitful nap on the sofa yields a good hour of sleep before I hear the sound of the door opening. The clock to my right reads 12:07, but I am quick to rise and greet Him, ask Him if He needs anything of me, help Him out of his coat. His body exudes sex, masculinity. I watch as he unbuttons his shirt and takes off his belt.

"Sara, come back here with Me," He says as He walks back to the bedroom to undress.

"Yes, Sir."

I follow and stand in the doorway obediently watching him remove His shirt. He motions me towards Him, and I feel His eyes on me as I walk across the room.

"Take off your gown. I wish to see you."

"Yes, Sir."

I stand naked before Him, excited yet nervous. I feel His eyes upon me and his touch upon my shoulders. He turns me around so He can see my back. I can feel His hot breath upon my neck as His fingers play upon my backbone. I shiver. Cold fingers run down my back, down, down to my ass, around the curve of my bottom, playing over the back of my thighs.

"Open your legs," He whispers.

I spread them apart while his arm wraps around my waist and He pulls me back closer to Him. His breathing steady in my ear, I feel his fingers slip back upwards and dally between my legs. His hand probes from behind; His fingers run over my vagina lips, up and down, parting them and pressing into me, gently feeling the tender folds of skin tucked inside. I feel so wet already and a small gasp escapes my lips. His warm kisses caress my neck as he removes his hand and pulls me against Him once more. I can feel His hard cock pressed against me now.

"You really do turn me on baby," He whispers again.

"I'm happy to please You, Sir," I reply, breathing heightened.

My eyes flutter as I feel his wet fingers upon my stomach now, traveling down once more...He knowingly parts the outer lips again and proceeds to rub a small circle around my clit as I feel it grow hard and evermore sensitive to His touch. My whole body throbs. I can feel it in my nipples, my stomach, my clit, my head throbs. When He presses His index finger directly onto my clitoris, I reply with a sharp breath.

"You are very beautiful tonight, Sara."

"Thank You, Sir."

"I've been thinking of you all day."

Thumb now on my clit, He starts caressing the opening of my vagina with His index finger. It never takes me long when he does this; my mind races. His arm on my stomach presses me back against Him harder and my bare ass rubs against the fabric of His boxers, the thin covering between my skin and His cock. Pleasured moans waft from my lips as I feel the muscles of my cunt begin to clench, tension builds, slight spasms...and He feels it too. His cock strains against His boxers. A numbness spreads from the tips of my toes up through my body, every nerve hardened in resolve. I'm holding it back, but my clit burns with pleasure. My sex spread onto his slippery fingers: throbbing, spasming...cumming.

He catches my trembling, limp body in His arms.

"You're mine, Sara."

I gasp as I run my fingers over the collar around my neck. I am His.

"I am Yours, Sir."

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She pleases Master and he finally takes her.

24-12-2010, 14:12 main Author: personal
We walked back to the building that housed my office. His hand was pressed lightly into the small of my back. The touch was sensuous; it was gentle, yet dominant, and a warm reminder of his presence beside me.

When we arrived at the building, a security guard was exiting. He recognized me because I often work late. He held open the door for us to enter.

"I've locked up the building but you'll be able to get out as always. Have a nice evening," the guard said. I smiled and thanked him. Master and I walked up the stairs, the sexual tension between us growing with each step. I wondered how he wanted me to pleasure him. The building was silent; I guessed that there was no one in the locked building but us unless someone else was working late.

We reached my floor and stood outside the unisex washroom door. My excitement and nervousness got the better of me again, and my hands shook a little as I unlocked the door. We stepped inside and I flicked on the florescent lights while he locked the turn bolt, ensuring that we wouldn't have any unexpected visitors.

The washroom was large it was an old dormitory washroom that had never been converted. It housed a shower, a few stalls and three sinks. On one wall there were three full-length mirrors.

"Kneel," he said.

I knelt down on the blue and green tiled floor and looked up at him expectantly.

"Place your hands behind your back," he commanded.

I did as he said and waited. He pulled two silk scarves from his right pant pocket one of which he had probably used earlier to bind my wrists before he spanked me. He stepped behind me, binding my wrists with one scarf and blindfolding me with the other.

"Open your mouth," he demanded.

I opened my mouth in a round "O" and waited. I heard him walk back toward the door and unlock the bolt. Anyone with a key to the building like the security guard we had passed on the way in could enter. I felt panic rise in me but I remained where I was, bound and kneeling on the floor.

I heard him walk forward and he leaned down and unbuttoned my blouse, pushing the fabric to the side so that he could again see my transparent red bra. My nipples hardened in response to the rush of cool air. He ran his thumb over my taunt left nipple and I inhaled sharply but I remembered to keep my mouth open and round.

The vibrator in my pussy jumped to life. Moans uncontrollably escaped my red lips. Then, as quickly as it had begun, it stopped.

"Tell me what you want," he ordered.

"I wish to please you, Sir," I answered.

"How?" he asked.

"Anyway you would like," I responded without pause. Silence filled the air. I had remembered too late.

"Er, Sir," I added.

I felt him step around me and then a sharp thwack on my bottom.

"Anyway you would like, Sir," I repeated, heat spreading across my ass cheeks.

"Good girl," he said. "Do you want to suck my cock?"

"Yes, Sir," I answered simply.

"That's not very compelling, my little sub. Beg me."

"Please, Sir, please let me suck your cock." I begged. "Please...honor me by letting me pleasure you with my mouth. Please...use my mouth my body as you wish. Fuck my mouth, Sir. Please fuck my mouth. Use me. Please. Please." My voice was earnest. I felt embarrassed saying such things, though it was made so much easier with the blindfold. At the same time though, I longed to look at his face so I could see if I was pleasing him with my words. Once I finished speaking I obediently formed my mouth back into an "O."

"Well, alright, then..." he said. I heard him unbuckle his belt and the sound of a zipper. I heard the rustle of his pants sliding to the floor. I heard him step forward and felt him tease my lips by tracing their outline with his cock.

"I'm waiting for my whore to begin," he said.

With that, my pink tongue darted out and licked his cock from base to tip. He was incredibly hard and I ached to have him fuck my pussy. Once I reached the tip of his head, I swirled my tongue around, tasting pre-cum that had dried there. I licked his cock with the flat of my tongue, being sure to tease the sensitive spot just below the head. I twisted my head and sucked one very full ball into my mouth, and then the other. He moaned with pleasure. I momentarily wished my hands were free so that I could have worked his cock with my hands while I sucked his balls. Yet, it was delicious to be bound and serving him.

" good..." he murmured, his hands petting my hair.

I moved back up and wrapped my lips around his shaft and then plunged down on his cock, fucking his shaft with my small hot wet mouth.

"Fuck, yes," I heard him say. He gripped my head and began to fuck my mouth hard and fast. I tried to take him as deep as I could, but he pushed right to the back and I fought the urge to gag.

"Ohhhh...your mouth feels good, you beautiful fucktoy. You are my whore, never forget that."

I felt his cock throb and swell in my mouth and I sucked him hard and hungrily, enjoying the thought that he was using my mouth while my other two holes were plugged at his pleasure. Suddenly he pulled free of my mouth just at the moment I was waiting to drink cum from his cock.

He came, spewing his milky gift over my face and hair. I felt some splash onto my forehead and a dollop dribbled down my hair onto my right shoulder. It soaked through my blouse. He wiped what remained on his cock directly into my hair.

I heard him step back I suppose to admire his work. I heard a buckle clink on the floor and then a shuffle as he pulled his pants back up. He stepped behind me and told me to stand but was kind enough to help me up. He turned me and then removed my blindfold. I was facing the wall of mirrors. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see his cum hanging from my hair and the white glob soaking into my blouse. He kissed the back of my neck.

"Thank you, Master," I said, looking at him in the mirror.

"Thank you," he replied with a smile. "You please me greatly, my beautiful slut. But we're not done yet."

Then he unbound my wrists and pushed me forward toward the wall of mirrors.

"Slide your jeans down and brace yourself against the wall," he said, smiling broadly.

I slid my jeans down and braced myself against the wall as he had ordered. I looked at my fingers spayed out against the mirrors. He carefully and slowly removed the butt plug from my ass. I worried for a moment that he might make me lick it, but then he placed it in one of the sinks.

He massaged my round bottom with both hands, teasing my tender skin with his fingers. He reached underneath and rubbed my clit and I closed my eyes. His fingers slid along my pussy lips and I knew he had discovered how wet I was as a result of sucking him.

Then, I felt another hard spank, as terse and as controlled as the one I had received moments before. I gasped and my eyes opened wide. Another thwack came quickly, and then another. Some were light whispers against my flesh, others sharp, tense and euphoric. All the while I watched his face in the mirror, my eyes on his, watching him watching me. I wondered how red my bottom had become. He paused and stepped back.

In the mirror, I watched him pull his belt free from the loops on his pants, and I realized what was next. His eyes met mine in the mirror.

"Ready?" he asked, waiting.

I hesitated. "I'm not sure," I said.

He didn't look impatient or frustrated. Instead he said, "You wanted a proper spanking, did you not?"

"Yes," I replied, looking down at the floor.

"Is that you still what you want?" he asked.

I paused. Heat flushed my face. He would never allow me to hide, which was part of the beauty of our relationship, part of why I loved him, but also sometimes why I had the urge to run. It can be so hard to have another see you exactly as you are, without guises or subterfuge.

"Yes, Sir, you know it is," I said, my voice a contradictory mix of defiance and humiliation.

"Ask for it, then," he demanded.

I had trouble getting the words out; saying them made me naked. It did not matter that I was in a bathroom at work, my jeans at my ankles, my panties long gone, my blouse spread wide open exposing my breasts. It was the words, not the flesh that mattered. He knew it. I knew it too well.

I looked away. "Please spank me with the belt," I said, trying to mask my deep embarrassment by using a matter-of-fact tone. No response. I met his eyes in the mirror. "Please," I said, feeling like I was on the verge of crying.

With that the black leather splashed across my ass. The pain was intense but wonderful. It was all that existed, an intoxicating high like I have never experienced before. Between each lashing, the sound of my heaving breath filled the room. I would moan or cry out when the leather met my flesh, but I loved every moment of it. I seemed to come right out of my body. Then I realized I was about to cum again.

"Master, may I cum?" I breathed out, raggedly.

"Yes, my whore," he said. There was a zip sound and a rustle of fabric.

With the next lash, an orgasm shook my body. Once more the belt lapped at my skin like a lover's tongue and then I felt my master's hand slide across my pussy lips, coating his fingers and upturned palm with sex juice.

A second later his cock pressed against my anus, lubed by the liquid desire that seemed to come endlessly from my cunt. The vibrator in my pussy buzzed alive and world seemed to swirl around me. He plunged his cock into me, gaining entry more easily since my asshole had been stretched by the butt plug he had playfully tortured me with earlier, but my ass was still tight. He thrust his shaft in and out of me as I continued to come.

The intensity of the sensations made me feel like I might pass out, but instead I came with a torrent of screams. Dizzily, as one orgasm would end, another would come mere seconds later. Realizing how weak I was becoming, my legs shaking endlessly, Master pushed me toward one of the sinks something I could hold on to better than the wall.

He leaned over me, his right hand gripping my hair. He whispered sweetly into my ear, his voice warm but his words filthy. He described fucking my ass, how it felt, what it made me, what it made him. It was there, while I clutched the white porcelain sink, that he came in me, spewing cum into my ass over and over. I came one last time, my body celebrating his possession of me.


So that was the moment, Sir. The moment I woke from this delicious dream, my body pulsing in pleasure with only one thought: You. I ran from our connection because I didn't know what else to do. But I will always love You. And I will always be Yours.

Sincerely Your sub,

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Mistress Taralyn starts training silk to cum on command.

24-12-2010, 12:10 main Author: personal
(This is a two part story. After you read this, please read silk's side of this part of her training. The name is Slave Silk's Diary, Ch 1. It is written by SilksHeart.)

Arriving home in the middle of the morning, I went into the house and found silk, nude except for her collar, downstairs, kneeling in the middle of the mat, masturbating. She was not aware of my standing there watching her. She was too engrossed in what she was doing. She was holding her left breast to her mouth and was licking the nipple. With her other hand she was fucking herself with a nice steady rhythm. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was harsh. I could see her wetness shining on her beautiful shaved pussy. Moaning, she stopped and just stayed there with her eyes closed. When she opened them, she was startled to see me standing there watching her.

"Good girl silk," I said, smiling at her.

"Oh Mistress, you are home! I missed you!"

She was visibly excited and jumped up and ran to me, as her beautiful green eyes filled with tears. I took her in my arms and kissed her softly.

"I missed you too baby," I said as I caressed her silky skin.

"Did you have a good time withwith him?" she asked.

"Yes honey, I had a very good time."

" you him more than me?" she asked in a very small voice.

"It is not the same, silk," I told her. "There are a lot of different kinds of love. He is a man; the feeling is different. You are my slave silk, I love you very much, and I always will. You are mine forever silk, I collared you."

I stood there for a couple of minutes with my arms around her, then suggested she make us some lunch while I showered.

Silk had set the controls of the bread maker the night before so we had fresh home made bread for lunch. She had also fixed my favorite salad, sliced avocado and grapefruit on lettuce leaves, with poppy seed dressing. My sweet slave was trying to make amends to me. She was doing a good job of it too.

While we were eating, I discussed the next phase of her training with her.

"Silk, the next phase of your training is going to be hard on you in some respects."

She blanched a little, but just looked at me without saying anything.

"I think I would like you to learn to cum on command," I told her.

"But I always cum when you tell me." She looked bewildered.

"Yes silk, but you are always very hot and ready to cum then. I want you learn to cum whenever I tell you. I hope we can teach you to cum without having to be touched at all, but if not that, at least with just a touch or two and you will cum."

"Really?" she asked. "Do you really think I can learn to do that."

"Well, we are going to give it a shot," I said.

I explained to her what we were going to do. I was going to bring her to the verge of cumming over and over again and not allow her to do so. I was going to push her limits. I would only occasionally let her cum when I gave her the command. I was going to make her masturbate frequently when I was not at home, but she would not be allowed to cum then, either. I would tell her when to masturbate, for how long, what she was to do when she masturbated. She was to keep a diary for me to read. I wanted to know exactly what she did, how it felt physically and emotionally. Everything she was feeling and thinking. If I did not tell her differently, then she was to repeat what she had done the previous time until she got different directions. I explained that just because she repeated the same thing several times would not mean I was unhappy with the way she had done it. This was not something I thought she would learn in a day to two, I told her. It would take some time. I was watching her as I told her all this. Her eyes were glowing. She did not realize how hard this was going to be on her, but I knew. I knew very well.

Taking silk downstairs, I put her on the examining table and strapped her down. I stood there and looked at her for a minute. Gawd what a sight she was. Lush body strapped down, helpless, totally under my power, her pussy was already getting wet.

I ran my hands over her body, gently caressing her, enjoying the feel of her soft skin under my hands. Taking both breasts in my hands, I squeezed and kneaded them while licking first one nipple then the other. Silk's nipples became hard very quickly. Sucking her right nipple, I pinched her left one, putting more and more pressure on it. Silk began to moan. Biting down on her right nipple, I pinched and twisted her left one. I mauled both nipples with my hands and mouth. Silk's moans were lovely. I placed a bull nose clamp on each nipple and moved down between her legs.

Her cunt was hot. Her aroma was so very enticing. I stroked her soft, dewy lips, taking them between my fingers and caressing them, squeezing them softly. Her moans became louder. Using one finger I ran it lightly around her clit, just teasing it, making it throb and ache for me. Silk was visibly panting and her juices were running freely. I slid two fingers into her and brought them back out and put them to her mouth for her to suck. She sucked and licked all of her sweet juice from them. I went back to playing with her clit, teasing it, but not giving her what she desired. Every once in a while a soft "please" would escape from her lips. I ignored her "please" and continued to tease her clit, running my fingers around it, flicking it lightly, but never rubbing it the way she wished me to do.

Again I slid two fingers into her hole.

"Yesssssssssss," she cried, but I removed them and began to work them both into her tight little ass hole. Silk's whole body was quivering, shaking. I worked both fingers into her ass and then began to fuck her ass hole gently.

"Please Mistress, I need to cum now," she implored me. "No silk, you may not cum."

She whimpered in reply.

I fucked her ass steadily with my fingers, pushing them in all the way then pulling them almost out and pushing them into her again, over and over. Using my other hand I caressed her inner thighs. I pushed her to her limits. She was moaning, crying. Her whole body was trembling. The juices from her hot cunt were running down onto my hand as I fucked her ass with my fingers.

When I knew she could take no more I removed my fingers and went back to her nipples. Getting a Popsicle I rubbed her nipple tips with it, licking the Popsicle off her breasts as it melted and ran down them. Putting the Popsicle down I bit the tip of her right nipple until she screamed from the pain, then moving to the left nipple, I bit it until she again screamed.

Returning to between her legs I started to rub her clit in circles. She was immediately, again, ready to cum.

"Do not cum silk," I warned her as I continued to rub her clit for a short while. Silk's body was in torment, she needed to cum so badly. I rubbed her clit until I knew if I kept it up there would be no way she could control herself. Stopping, I removed her clamps and unstrapped her. I lay down on the mat in the middle of the floor and told her to pleasure me. I thought I saw a hint of rebellion in her eyes as she lowered her lips to my soft breasts.

Silk began sucking my nipples very hard. She was savage with them. She sucked and bit them at the same time. She mauled them with her teeth. I was thrashing, moaning, crying out. I grabbed her head and pushed it between my legs. She attacked my pussy with her mouth as if she was a starved animal, licking me, sucking me, biting me.

"Fuck Me, You Bitch!" I yelled, "Fuck Me Hard!" and she did. She slid her tongue into my hot hole and started fucking me with it as she mashed my clit with her fingers.

"Fuck! Oh Fuck Yes!" I screamed as my cum squirted all over her face. Silk kept her tongue going in and out of my pussy hard and fast. She swirled it around inside me as she rubbed my clit hard with her fingers. I cried out again as another orgasm shook me.

Silk moved her mouth from my hot pussy and I moaned. She jumped up and got a dildo and rammed it into me hard. She fucked me with the dildo with long, smooth strokes, in and out, burying it deeply each time. Using her other hand she worked first one, then two fingers into my ass. She fucked me in the ass in rhythm with the dildo.

"Gawd baby!" I screamed as orgasm after orgasm went crashing though my body. Silk fucked me until I was exhausted. I lay back, breathing hard, eyes closed.

"My turn now Mistress?" she asked.

"No, silk, you may not cum, but I do want you to kneel again on the mat and masturbate. Rub your clit for me silk. Not too hard, just gently and in a circular motion."

I watched my slave as she rubbed her clit. Her need was strong and she was soon ready to cum.

"You may stop for a minute slave," I told her.

I watched her as she calmed a little.

"Now fuck yourself with three fingers. Do it in a slow and steady motion."

I watched silk's fingers moving in and out of her pussy. Her juices were flowing and her hand was covered with them. She was beautiful to watch, her head thrown back, eyes closed, fucking herself at my direction.

"Please Mistress," she begged, "please let me cum."

"No silk, just keep fucking yourself."

When I knew she had reached her limits I had her stop. She was panting and her body was trembling. I sent her to the study to start her diary. I was having her do it on the computer so during the day, when I was not at home, she could email her entries to me while I was at work. Silk glared at me, but went upstairs to do as she was told. After Silk left the study and went to our bedroom, I went to my computer and played some Hearts online for a few hours. Silk spent most of the afternoon reading "The Talisman," by Stephen King. I knew she would like the book. I had enjoyed reading it. I had read a lot of Stephen King's books over the years, but my favorite was still "The Shining." That was one scary book!

About 7, silk came downstairs and announced she was starving. I was hungry too, and neither of us wanted to cook, so I told her we would go to dinner. She was a little surprised when I told her to wear her short black leather skirt and no panties. I also wore my black leather skirt, and I didn't wear any panties either.

We went to Smokey Joe's Tavern. Joe's is not a fancy restaurant by any means, but it does serve the best and biggest hamburgers in town, and I was in the mood for a very good burger. Most of the clientele are truck drivers. Joe's was one of their favorite places to eat and drink.

When silk and I entered, we got a lot of stares and more than one low whistle. I picked a booth against the wall that was facing a few of the tables and the end of the bar. I had silk slide in and then I slid in next to her.

Quietly I said to silk, "pull your skirt up and sit with your legs spread."

"What? Are you serious?" she asked.

"Yes, silk," I said, "I am very serious."

"But, those guys over there will be able to see my pussy."

"Actually honey, those guys over there will be able to see OUR pussies," I said as I grinned at her. "I think we ought to give them a show."

"Oh my Gawd" she said, but she did pull up her skirt and spread her legs. I got up and went to the bar and placed our orders and came back with a beer for silk and a Coke for me. I sat back down and then I pulled up my skirt and spread my legs also.

"Mistress, I am so embarrassed," silk whispered.

"Silk I want you to get used to having your body seen and touched by many others," I told her.

Silk and I talked for a few minutes and watched the men sitting across from us. They had all turned their chairs around and were sitting facing us so they could see our beautiful bare pussies. Within just a couple of minutes, everyone in the place was up at that end of the bar and facing us.

Our hamburgers arrived, and silk and I ate with relish. I laughed out loud when the bartender came to clean up our table and just happened to drop a fork and then somehow managed to kick it with his foot until it went a little under the table. When he bent to pick up the fork, I gave him a show by spreading my legs even wider and reaching under the table and spreading myself wider for him. It took him a very long time to pick up that fork. After he stood back up I purposely looked at the very evident bulge in his pants and then smiled at him. He smiled back and blew me a kiss. I turned to look at silk and she was red faced. The bartender came back with another beer for silk and another Coke for me. He told us they were on the house.

I again put my hand under the table, but this time I reached for silk's pussy. She jumped when I touched her.

"Please no," she whispered.

"Oh yes, silk," I told her, "it is time for the show, and we are the main attraction."

"Slide down a little in the seat and spread your legs even more. I want easy access to you."

Silk gulped part of her beer and then did as I asked. I began to play with silk with my left hand and with myself with my right hand. What I did to silk I mimicked on myself.

Even though silk was completely embarrassed, she was also wet. I began stroking her outer lips gently, just running my fingertips over them, while I did the same thing to mine. I ran my fingers all over the outer lips and up and around the clit and back down again. I explored our pussies with my fingers. Playing with them, sometimes spreading them wide, other times running my fingers just around the inner lips. Both of us were getting very wet, and our breathing was becoming harsh. When I slid two fingers into silk's cunt she audibly gasped. I began to fuck her pussy and my own very slowly. I slid the two fingers in as far as they would go and then brought them out again. My pussy was burning, and so was silk's. In and out, in and out, slow and steadily I fucked our hot, wet, cunts. Taking my fingers out, I started playing with her clit and playing with my own at the same time. I ran my fingers around them, then stroked them from base to tip. I pulled them out as far as they would go and then pinched them very hard. Silk and I both moaned as I did this. I could see silk was fighting to keep from moaning and crying out. I was having a hard time keeping relatively quiet. I knew the men could hear some of the noise I was making. I have never been quiet when it comes to sex. I rubbed and played with our clits. I glanced at silk and saw she had her eyes closed and was breathing with her mouth open. Both of us were breathing loudly. Again I slid my fingers into our burning, dripping cunts, but this time I fucked us hard and fast, pushing my fingers as deeply as they would go, over and over again.

"Please Mistress, stop, you will make me cum," silk whispered to me.

"Silk," I told her, "you are not to cum."

"Mistress, please, I can't hold it." Her voice was quavering.

Sternly I said, "You will not cum silk."

I continued ramming my fingers into our steaming holes, driving them in as hard and as fast as I could. I started mauling our clits again, rubbing them hard, mashing them into us. I was moving my fingers as hard and fast as I could. Silk was shaking, visibly fighting hard not to orgasm but she was on the edge of no return. I looked up at the men watching us. No one was drinking, no one was talking. They were all totally mesmerized.

"Do not cum silk," I said fairly loudly as I withdrew my hand from her hot, aching pussy. I wanted those watching us to know that I was controlling her. Silk moaned and shook but she did not cum. I continued fucking myself, abusing my clit as my orgasm drove through my body. It was exhilarating and exotic to know I was being watched as I came. I was dimly aware of other moans besides my own.

As my body quieted, I sat up straighter in the booth. Silk was still shaking and showing her need strongly. I again looked at our audience and had to smile. I was not the only one that had a nice orgasm, it was obvious some of the men had too. Holding out first my left hand and then my right hand to silk, I made her clean them both with her tongue and mouth. We then quickly finished our drinks. I smiled at the men as we walked out the door and headed for home.

More Mistress Taralyn starts training silk to cum on command.

Silk defies Mistress when Mistress takes a male lover.

24-12-2010, 11:09 main Author: personal
Chapter 3, The Punishment

I was furious as I sat there at the kitchen table, trying to eat lunch.. Mistress was going out that night, going out with HIM, with Adonis! I knew Mistress would be very upset with me if she knew what I was thinking, calling him Adonis instead of Master Adonis and feeling like Mistress belonged to me instead of the other way around. I really didn't care though. All I could think of was that she was going out with him, and I knew he would fuck her and she was mine, MINE! I finally blew up, I could not hold it any longer.

"How could you?" I practically yelled it at her.

Mistress looked confused.

"How could I what silk?" she asked.

"Go out with that...that...that man! With HIM!"

"With Adonis? Why should I not go out with him? He is gorgeous, charming, and very sexy. He is everything a man should be and more." Her voice sounded silky and sweet.

The look in her eyes just made me angrier. I hated the way she looked whenever she spoke of him! Her big beautiful brown eyes became soft and dreamy looking and a soft smile would cover her lips.

"But you are mine!" I blurted out.

Mistress's eyes lost their dreaminess. Good, I thought, forget about that bastard and think about me.

"I think you have that backwards, don't you slave?" Her voice was no longer silky and sweet, but hard and cold.

A little voice in my mind, told me I was going too far but I did not listen, I just kept on.

"You are mine," I told her. "You can't go out with him, you have to stay here with me."

"I CAN"T go out with him? I HAVE to stay here with you?" Her voice dripped icicles. "Did I really hear that come from your mouth slave?"

I didn't say anything, I just looked at her. I knew I had gone too far, but I was not going to back down. My stubborn pride kept me from begging her forgiveness.

Her eyes met mine and I knew I was in trouble, big trouble.

With a voice like steel she sent me to the basement and told me to kneel there and contemplate the punishment that awaited me when she returned. As I started down the stairs I heard her go into the garage and start the car. She did not even tell me where she was going or when she would be back. I was still angry and after I got downstairs instead of kneeling I threw myself on the couch and sulked. I was so lost in my thoughts that I did not hear her come back in the house and come downstairs. When she got to the bottom of the stairs and came into the room was when I realized she was not gone. I jumped up and knelt but I knew it was too late.

* * * * *

I was shocked at my slave's disobedience. First her disrespectful mouth and now this. Things had been going so well too. She had been learning her role well over the past couple of months. I knew things could not always go as smoothly as they had been, but this behavior was outrageous and could not go unpunished. I took her to the center of the room and chained her to the ceiling, stretching her till she was almost on her toes, then shackling her ankles together. I put a blindfold on her and then getting a leather strap, I began to strap her ass hard. *Whap!* *Whap!* *Whap!* Each strap of the leather leaving a red welt. I strapped her hard, putting enough force into it that she cried out with blow. I stopped and just left her hanging there. I said not one word to her but left the house to go do my shopping. I wanted something special to wear tonight when I went out with Adonis. He told me that is was a formal dinner to honor some business colleagues and that he would be wearing a tux. I asked him what color the tie and cumber bund were and he told me turquoise. I hoped to find something in turquoise to compliment him.

* * * * *

From the first burn of the leather into my ass, I knew I was in for it. I could not see Mistress but I did not need to, the look on her face when she came into the room and found me laying on the couch was burned into my memory. I knew I had fucked up big this time. Each bite of the leather into my ass made me cry out. This was pure punishment and I knew I deserved it. I had disobeyed my Mistress. I also knew it was going to get worse and not better, that this was just the start. After she whipped me, I hung there waiting for what was next, but then I heard her going up the stairs and then I was left alone, hanging there, blindfold on, with nothing to do but think...think about what I had done and what was in store for me next.

* * * * *

Arriving back home packages in hand, I had an hour and a half before I had to be at the beauty shop. Just barely time enough to teach my slave a quick and painful lesson.

Coming into the basement I saw my beautiful but recalcitrant slave still hanging there in the middle of the room. Her ass still bright read from her whipping, her muscles quivering from being left in that position for so long. I could see tear stains on her cheeks. I removed her blindfold and saw her eyes well up with tears.

"Please Mistress," she whispered, "I am so sorry. Please let me down."

I did not speak to her but unshackled her ankles and spread her legs a little so she could distribute her weight on both feet. After she had her legs under her, I released her wrists. Her groan was loud as she brought her arms down. I rubbed her shoulders and upper arm muscles with Ben Gay. She said she needed to use the bathroom so I used that time to gather what I would need for her punishment. I then led her to the examining table and motioned for her to get on it. I fastened each wrist with straps to the edge of the table. I had her ass right at the very bottom of the table and I strapped each ankle and each thigh to the leg rests. I spread the leg rests as wide as they would go, so her beautiful pussy was open to me completely.

Using an ice cube I rubbed her clit very hard and very fast until her moans were constant then I rubbed her pussy lips with the cube until they were red and stinging. Taking the narrow wooden paddle I spanked her pussy and her clit hard and fast, two on her pussy, one on her clit. *Whack Whack!* *Whack!* over and over, *Whack Whack!* *Whack!* Whack Whack!* *Whack!* I knew her pussy was stinging from her moans, and her cries each time I hit her clit, told me her clit was hurting badly. I knew she had about reached her limits with that and stopped and went back to the ice on her clit. It was very soon that she was begging me to stop.

* * * * *

My clit and pussy were burning from the ice when my Mistress began to spank my pussy and clit hard. Each *whack* of the paddle on my pussy caused it to sting even more and each *whack* on my clit sent sharp pains stabbing through it. She was not taking it easy with me at all. She did not build up and let me get used to the pain, let me get into it, she was just harsh and hard. I could not stop the cries from escaping my lips as she spanked my pussy and clit. When she went back to the ice on my clit, it felt like she was stabbing my clit with needles that were hot and cold at the same time.

"Please Mistress, please stop. My clit hurts so much. Please stop. Please stop and kiss it. Gawd please!" I begged her.

My cries of pain went unheeded and she continued to torture my clit with the ice. When she finally stopped, my whole body was trembling with the pain.

* * * * *

As soon as I stopped rubbing silk's clit with the ice, I put a plastic clothespin straight on her clit. I fastened a heavy chain to the end of the clothes pin and let it hang there. I moved to her nipples and put a cold pack on each nipple. Her tits were large and soft and had fairly big nipples and I very much enjoyed playing with them, torturing them. After the cold packs had done their work I removed them and put a plastic clothespin on each nipple. I only put the pin about half way down the nipple so that the pain would be severe. She screamed as I fastened each one on her. I stood back and looked at her. She looked wonderful with clothespins on each nipple and on her clit. Her now continuous moans of pain sent constant chills down my spine and made my pussy dripping wet.

Taking the clothespins on her nipples in each hand I twisted them 90 degrees to the outside and held them there. Then I twisted them back straight, held them there, then twisted them 90 degrees to the outside, held them there, then back to straight again. After doing this a few times I started twisting them from 90 degrees to the outside to 90 degrees to the inside, repeating that for several times. Her constant screams of agony, her screams begging me to stop, were music to my ears. When I finally quit twisting them and removed them her screams quieted to sobs. I asked her if she wanted me to remove the clothes pin from her clit and she begged me to remove it, so I did. I grabbed the chain and yanked the clothespin from her clit. Her scream was so loud it totally filled the room. It sent electricity through my whole body. I needed to cum and cum badly, and I fucked my self with two fingers as I rubbed my clit with the fingers of the other hand. I rubbed my clit hard, and in little circles, mashing it into me. I rammed my fingers in and out of me, fast and very hard until I exploded in orgasm. My slave watched me as masturbated. Her eyes were hot, and she needed to cum too, but I did not allow it.

* * * * *

The clothespin on my swollen clit felt like it was going to cut my clit it half. The weight of the chain just made It that much worse. When Mistress put the clothespins on my nipples, it felt like they were being pinched in two pieces. The twisting of the clothespins on my nipples was just pure pain. The pain went into my breasts, but was mostly concentrated in the nipples themselves. My screams and pleas for her to stop went unheeded for a while. When she finally did stop, all I could do was just cry and try to breathe. When she yanked the clothespin off my clit it was nothing but pure agony. If it had lasted long I would have passed out from the pain, but thankfully it was only momentary.

I lay there and watched my Mistress masturbate and cum. I wanted and needed to fuck her and wanted and needed her to fuck me, but she paid no attentions to my wants and needs and I had to lay there and watch her as she pleasured herself. I wanted to cum as she did but knew if I did I would be punished even more severely.

* * * * *

Taking a toothbrush, I lightly abraded each of my slave's nipples and the aureoles. I also brushed her clit with it, paying special attention to the tip and the underside. Picking up the Ben Gay I began to rub it into her nipples. The more I rubbed it, the hotter her nipples got until the tears were running from her eyes.

"Please," she whispered, "please stop, please."

I continued to rub in the Ben Gay in for a while before moving down between her legs.

"No!" she cried. "Please not my clit, not on my clit! Please! Please!"

Bending I took silk's clit into my mouth and sucked it, pulling on it with force. Her clit was very tender and sensitive. I sucked it hard and scraped my teeth along the underside.

"Gawd! Gawd! Yes! Oh Yesssssss! Mistress! Yes!" Her cries of pleasure thrilled me.

"I need to cum, please can I cum now?" she begged.

"No silk, you may not cum." I replied.

Leaving her clit I licked all around her inner lips then slid my tongue deeply into her pussy, curling it and licking all around her inner walls.

"Please, now, now, please, Gawd please, I need to cum so bad." Her voice was trembling, her body shaking in it's need.

I raised my head, her juices on my face and lips, and smiled at her. "No silk you may not cum." I said.

Silk whimpered.

"Here silk," I said, "I will help you forget about that with a little more Ben Gay."

Taking a little Ben Gay I rubbed it just a little on the underside and the tip of her clit. She shrieked but soon stopped. I know it burned, but I did not use much and did not rub it in very much. It was just enough to take her mind off her need to cum.I thought that she had probably learned her lesson today and that we would not have to repeat this one.

* * * * *

The warmth on my nipples, rapidly turned to burning. The longer she rubbed in the Ben Gay the more it burned. I could not stop my tears from flowing as my nipples burned and burned. I could not stop my fear either. I remembered she had used the toothbrush on my clit too. When Mistress Taralyn moved down between my legs I knew. I begged her to leave my clit alone. I was glad she didn't when she began to suck on it. Her mouth made me ready to cream right then, but she would not allow it. Then she put the Ben Gay on my clit anyway. I felt the heat from the Ben Gay in my clit immediately. It was hot, burning, but I knew it could have been a lot worse.

* * * * *

"Mistress, please, will you make me cum now?" she asked.

"No slave, you will not be having any orgasms tonight."

"No?" she asked, and her eyes again filled with tears.

"No slave, you will not cum tonight. I have instructions for you. Now listen closely," I said.

"You are to leave the Ben Gay on until after I have left for the evening. After I am gone, you are to shower and wash all the Ben Gay off. You are not to masturbate in the shower, nor are you to cum. You are to put your collar back on after you shower and leave it on all night. You are to be nude all night. Right before you go to bed, you are to come down her and kneel in the middle of the mat. You are to masturbate until you are ready to cum then you are to stop. Do not cum and do not masturbate again. We are starting the next phase of your training tonight. Do you understand these instructions so far silk?"

"Yes I believe so. What is the next phase Mistress.?"

"When it is time for you to know I will tell you girl," I replied. "When you awake in the morning you are to come downstairs here, kneel and masturbate again without cumming. You are to stay completely nude at all times from now on until I tell you to put clothes on. You are also to wear your collar at all times, except when you shower. Do you have all this now slave? Repeat it all back to me so I am sure you understand. There are to be no mistakes."

When I was sure she understood, I left for the beauty shop to get my hair and nails done.

* * * * *

Chapter 4, The Date

When Adonis arrived to pick me up, I was ready and greeted him at the door. When he saw me I heard his breath catch and saw the approval in his eyes.

"You are truly gorgeous," he said in a husky voice.

"Thank you, kind sir, you are pretty gorgeous yourself." I replied, and he was. He looked terrific in all respects. He was 6'2" tall and very handsome. He was a body builder and his body was perfectly sculpted. In his tux he was unbelievably good looking. He was the sexiest, most sensual man I had ever met. He exuded sexuality and charm. I also knew he had a very large cock and I intended to find out just how large later that evening.

He looked me over slowly, starting at my head and working his way down and then back up again, stopping to look deeply into my eyes. I knew I looked stunning. Most of my dark red hair was piled high on my head, but some cascaded down over my shoulder. I had on the dress I had bought that afternoon. It was a dark turquoise evening gown, strapless, cut low in front showing the tops of my soft breasts and a lot of cleavage. It was cut to a vee in the back, stopping only a little above the crack in my ass. The dress was form fitting and clung to every curve of my body. It showed off my breasts and my tight sweet ass to perfection. It was floor length and had a slit up the left side most of the way to the hip. Matching heels and a ruby teardrop pendant and ruby teardrop earrings made the outfit complete.

Adons bent and kissed me, softly, seductively. My body responded instantly and I felt my nipples harden and felt the wetness start between my legs. I noticed his body responded too and I looked deliberately at the bulge in his trousers.

"Baby," he asked, "how am I supposed to hide this hard on all night?"

I just smiled at him in reply.

When he escorted me to the car I was not at all surprised to find he drove a Lexus, red with gray leather interior. It suited him to a tee.

When we arrived at the hotel and went into the banquet hall, a hush fell over the crowd. All eyes were on us for a minute before people went back to their conversations. Many people though came to greet us. The women looking avidly at him and shooting daggers with their eyes at me. Them men coming to me introducing themselves trying to charm their way into my good graces. I could see that Adonis was as amused by it as I was.

"By the way," Adonis whispered to me grinning, "my name is Fillip, not Adonis."

I grinned back saying, "Fillip it is."

Fillip had told me on the way there that this was a formal company dinner, to announce promotions in the company. I asked him if he was going to receive one and he laughed saying, no, it was his company, he was the one handing the promotions out.

After the promotions were given out and everyone had said their little speeches, we went into the hotel ballroom to dance. Fillip was a marvelous dancer and we very much enjoyed ourselves. About midnight we said our goodbyes and left.

I noticed right away that Fillip was not heading back toward my house, but was heading toward his. This made me smile. He asked what I was smiling about and I told him I was glad to see the evening was not ending. He smiled back and took my hand and kissed each finger tip, then assured me the evening was just beginning. Again the wetness started between my legs.

As soon as we entered the house he kissed me, his lips moving across my forehead, touching the corner of each eye, and down my cheek to the corner of my mouth. He ran his tongue over the outline of my full lips and then joined his lips to mine. Our mouths melted together. His tongue probed my mouth, exploring it, his tongue caressing mine, loving it, stroking it. I sucked his tongue as he pressed me tight against him, his hand cupping my ass. I could feel him hardening against me and I moaned into his mouth. Slowly we broke the kiss.

"Take your clothes off Baby," he commanded.

I hastened to do his bidding. I stood before him nude, clad only in my heels. The light from the full moon shone in on me, bathing me in it's light. Taking my hair down, I began to dance for him, seductively moving to the music of the breeze as it sung softly to me through the open window. Hips swaying, I slowly, sensuously moved closer and closer to Adonis. When I moved within arms reach, he pulled me gently to him, his mouth finding mine as his hands caressed my back and hips. Kissing down my chin, down my neck and across my shoulder, then down, kissing first one nipple, then the other. I moaned and arched my back up to him. Taking my mouth with his again, he lifted me into his arms and carried me up the stairs and into the bedroom.

As he lay me on his bed, I was amazed at how gentle this giant of a man could be. I also suspected though, that he could be very rough if he chose to be. I watched him as he removed his clothes, admiring the rippling of his muscles. When he stood nude before me, I was in awe of the presence he showed. My eyes traveled hungrily over his body, finally resting on his huge cock. It was 9+ inches long and the shaft was 7" to 8" around. The thick shaft led to a large mushroom head. It was the most impressive, most beautiful cock I had ever seen. My mouth watered as I looked at it. I patted the bed beside me and he lay down next to me.

My lips found his again and I kissed him long and deeply. I kissed down his chest, briefly pausing to suckle each nipple before moving on downward. I loved his body. Being a body builder, his body was shaved clean and his skin was soft from the baby oil he used. Kissing and licking down to his navel, I flicked my tongue in and out of it. His massive body was shivering. His cock lay against my cheek. I rubbed my cheek up and down it. "Baby, please," he moaned.
I ignored his plea and continued kissing and licking slowly downward, running my tongue between his massive balls and his thigh, under his balls and down to his asshole, just teasing it and licking back up to his balls. He moaned loudly and grabbed my head.

"Suck me Baby!" he growled.

Wrapping his hands in my long red hair, he shoved my mouth down onto his huge, pulsing cock. He filled my mouth, my throat, and still kept pushing himself into me. I closed my lips tightly around his engorged prick and began sucking hard, rubbing, swirling my tongue against his shaft as I pulled hard on him. Hands wrapped in my hair, holding and guiding my head, I fucked his huge cock with my mouth. Up and down it, from the bulging head down the shaft, and back up again. His cries and moans filled the room. With a yell of my name he exploded in me, his cock pumping load after load of hot cum down my throat as I continued to suck him. As his orgasm subsided I cleaned him with my mouth and tongue, licking, sucking all the cum from his cock. By the time I was through he had achieved another massive erection.

Pushing me back on the bed he began caressing my breasts with his hands. Lowering his head to me, he began licking one nipple while pulling and pinching the other. I could feel my juices pouring from my hot cunt. He licked, sucked, and chewed one nipple then the other, sometimes taking as much of my breast into his mouth as he could. Slowly he worked his way downward. I was moaning and my whole body was trembling. I wanted his mouth on my pussy, wanted to feel his tongue on me, in me.

His tongue worked it's way down my body, licking me, nibbling on me, kissing, sucking and licking my juices from my inner thighs. He ran his tongue over my soft wet lips and I cried out and thrust my pussy into his face. His licking, kissing all over my wet, hot, pussy was driving me wild, I was moaning, crying, begging him.

"Fuck me! Gawd Fillip! Fuck me with your tongue!" I begged him.

As he swirled his tongue just inside my pussy lips he pressed my hard swollen clit with his thumb. He slid his tongue deep into my waiting chalice, and I screamed his name as my orgasm overtook me. I flooded his mouth with my sweet honeyed wine as my screams filled the room. He mauled my clit with his fingers, rubbing it, pinching it, squeezing it, pulling it, as he fucked me hard with his tongue, driving it deeply into me, swirling it around my inner walls, as orgasm after orgasm crashed through my body.

Raising up on his knees he lifted my legs up over his shoulders and impaled me onto his throbbing manhood. He was huge! It felt like he was splitting me in two as he drove his cock into me. He filled me completely. My pussy grasped him, squeezed him, wrapped him in it's velvet warmth. With long deep smooth strokes he began fucking me, driving deeply into me with each thrust. Looking into the mirrors that lined one wall I watched us fucking, my hips rising to meet his thrusting cock. I saw my juices shining on his throbbing prick. I watched as he drove his cock in and out, in and out of my steaming cunt. Again my orgasm overtook me and crashed through my body, wave after wave of pleasure and pain, as he fucked me with his huge cock.

Pulling out of me, he grabbed me and flipped me over onto my hands and knees. Moaning, crying out, he slammed his cock into my dripping pussy. Growling, holding me tight and pulling me back onto his huge shaft, he rammed his engorged manhood into me, slamming his cock into me over and over, ripping me apart, fucking me like I have never been fucked before. I screamed as orgasm after orgasm again coursed through my body. Throwing his head back and baring his teeth like an animal, he roared as his climax ripped through him and he spilled his seed into my burning body. Exhausted, spent, we lay there, my head on his shoulder, and drifted off to sleep.

More Silk defies Mistress when Mistress takes a male lover.

Chapter 2: Silk's training & tortures continue.

24-12-2010, 10:09 main Author: personal
Slowly waking, I untangled myself from silks sleeping torso. Silk was like a kitten when she slept. She wanted to sleep all cuddled up and in a heap. Last night I let her wrap herself around and over me. I knew after her hard night of torture she needed that security. I got up and padded to the bathroom, yawning as I did so. I was glad it was Saturday.

Coming out of the bathroom I looked at silks sleeping body. The lushness of it drawing my eyes. Silk had now sprawled out and was sleeping on her back with arms and legs akimbo. Getting back on the bed, I gently ran my fingertips down silks soft smooth skin. Bringing my hands slowly back up her body, I lightly ran my fingers over her full breasts then flicked each nipple with my fingertips. Silk moaned slightly in her sleep but did not waken. Leaning over her body I ran my tongue around the aureole of her right nipple. I could tell from the tensing of her body that silk was now awake. Slowly I licked around the nipple then flicked my tongue across it. She winced slightly, but I could tell from her low moan that she wanted more.

Sliding up her body I nibbled on her upper lip then let my lips melt into hers. Kissing her long and deeply, I slid my tongue into her mouth, lightly tasting, licking her tongue with my own, then grasping her tongue and sucking it hard. One hand in her hair, the other on her left tit, I continued to kiss her hungrily. Her moan into my mouth was soft and sweet. Leaving her lips, my kisses trailed down her chin, to the hollow of her throat. I could feel her whole body responding as I ran my tongue down between her breasts then over to the left nipple and sucked it slowly into my mouth. Soon I was sucking deeper and harder and had as much in my mouth as I could get. Her hands were starting to move frantically on my body and soft little moans were issuing from her mouth. I could feel her heart starting to pound in her chest.

* * * * *

Waking to the feel of my Mistresss mouth on my body was heaven. Her lips so warm and soft upon me, making the ache start deep in my loins. I had never known this ache until her. She has a power over me I would never have believed possible. Her lips moving over my body were driving me wild. I could feel the wetness starting to spread between my legs.

* * * * *

Spreading silks legs I moved between them, still kissing and licking my way down her body. My tongue found her belly button, licked it, then moved on downward. The smell of her sex was rising from her spread legs, filling my body with more passion. As my tongue reached her pubic pussy.

Please, she moaned. Please.

Please what baby? I asked.

I only got a moan in reply and her hands on my head trying to push my mouth to her pussy. I moved my mouth down between her legs to her inner thighs and kissed and licked her there. I ran my tongue from her asshole up almost to her pussy and back down again. Her whole body was quivering.

Please, another half cry, half moan escaped her lips.

I slowly, tantalizingly ran my tongue around her anus then slowly up, up across her sweet pussy right to her clitoris. Spreading her lips wide I swirled my tongue around her clit without going over the top of it, then back down to her freely running pussy. I licked all around her pussy without delving into her with my tongue. Her nectar ran warm and sweet into my mouth.

* * * * *

Mistresss tongue was setting me on fire. She was driving me wild. In my mind I kept begging her to fuck me, begging, pleading with her to stick her tongue in my cunt and fuck me. I needed her mouth sucking my clit. I wanted and needed release.

* * * * *

I was licking and sucking her sweet pussy lips, then running my tongue down to her ass and circling it and then licking my way back up to her pussy again, then up to her clit. I loved her whimpers and moans, the cries of need. I closed my lips around her clit and sucked it into my mouth.

GAWWWDDDD!! she screamed.

I sucked her clit hard. I licked it and sucked it and bit it. I spread the underside wide and licked up it. I mauled her clit with my lips and teeth.

Cum for me baby, I said.


Just as I delved into silk with my tongue her orgasm coursed through her body. Her whole body convulsed with the power of it. Her cries of pleasure filled the whole room. Her cum squirted from her and covered my lips and chin. I lapped up her cum, doing my best to keep up with her flowing fountain.

* * * * *

As my Mistress fucke me, my orgasm ripped through me. It started deep within me and exploded outward, hard, wild and violent. My whole body was in spasms, one wave after another tearing through me. Her tongue never stilling, never stopping, probing deeply into my pussy, fucking it hard. My legs were wrapped around her head and I rode her tongue hard.

* * * * *

I needed relief myself and I stopped only long enough to turn around so silk could fuck me too. She rammed 3 fingers into my sopping, dripping cunt as she bit down hard on my clit. She fucked me with savage intensity. My own orgasm shot through me in waves. I came hard and I came fast, but it did not come close to matching silks in intensity.

* * * * *

I had silk draw a bubble bath for me and then I sent her off to shower. We lazed around for the rest of the morning, not doing much of anything, but talking and laughing. Silk always kept me amused with her wit. Her observations about people were always highly entertaining.

When it was almost noon I told silk to go put some clothes on, that we were going out for lunch and to do some shopping. Her eyes lit up and a huge smile covered her face. I smiled at her excitement. She was like a little kid going to the circus. She had been with me for two weeks and this was the first time we were going anywhere together. She wanted to know if she should wear anything special. It was a warm day and I told her shorts and a tee shirt would be fine. When she asked where we were going for lunch and I told her Hooters, she almost choked on her Pepsi. I had to laugh she was so funny. Then I told her we were actually going to The Magic Wok, I was in the mood for Chinese.

Heads turned as we walked into the restaurant. I was not surprised, I knew we made a striking pair. Silk with her black hair and dark good looks, me with my long red hair and fair skin. Silk wore a pair of short white shorts that showed off her tanned legs and a red tee shirt that outlined her large and beautiful breasts. I wore a pair of very tight, very short, jean shorts with the button open that let the ring in my navel show. The white midi tee I wore showed a lot of skin between the bottom of it and the top of my shorts. I was braless and the tee molded to my breasts and my nipples were clearly visible. We both thought it amusing that the waiters were falling all over themselves to get us seated and give us our menus. We started off with egg rolls and Hot and Sour soup. Silk ordered Kung Pao Chicken and I had Mongolian Beef. While we were eating, silk asked me what we were going to buy. I told her a sexy dress for her, and I wanted something, very hot and very sexy for me to wear that night.

Where are you going tonight Mistress? Her eyes were clouded with disappointment that I was going out.

We are going to a party silk.

We? We? A party? A party? She sounded like a parrot and I had to laugh.

Yes baby, WE are going to a party.

What time? Where? Whos going to be there? A party, a real party.

We will be going about 9, and it is at Master Adonis mansion.

Mansion? This guy Adonis has a mansion? She sounded awed.

Silk!! He is not some guy. He is a Master. You NEVER refer to a Master or a Mistress as anything but Master or Mistress unless you are told otherwise. Do you understand? My voice was harsh and I glared at her.

Yes Mistress. Im sorry, I did not mean disrespect. I was just so surprised when you said mansion.

Yes Master Adonis has a beautiful mansion. The whole basement area is devoted to BDSM. He has the dungeon to beat all dungeons, and many rooms for what ever scene you wish. It is truly spectacular.

* * * * *

Wow! I thought, Mistress is taking me to a BDSM party. I wondered what that would be like. I envisioned a lot of Masters and Mistresses there, and a lot of slaves too. I wondered if I would get to meet many of the slaves, get to know some, maybe even make some friends. I hoped so. I had drifted away from my old friends. They would have been very surprised at the life I was leading. Me, the bold one, the mouthy one, a slave to another woman. They would not believe it. I could hardly believe it myself, but I knew I would not have traded it for anything else.

When we left the restaurant Mistress told me that first thing we were going to do was go find a nice sexy dress for me to wear out. I was kind of pleased that Mistress wanted to find me something pretty and sexy to wear that night. We went to La Boutique, a very stylish store that I had never thought I would ever walk through the door of, let alone look for a dress to buy there. We looked at several dresses. Mistress finally picked a little red dress that hugged my body like a glove. It was cut fairly low in front and showed a lot of cleavage, and was cut very low in back. It came only to mid thigh. I looked very sexy in it. I was a little embarrassed when the sales lady was in the dressing room with me. I had to take off my bra to try the dress on and I could still see a few faint red marks on my breasts. My left nipple was still very red. The sales lady looked at the marks on me and looked at my nipple but did not say anything. I was a little surprised to see a faint smile on her face. We picked shoes to match and as we were leaving the store a very well-dressed older lady came up to Mistress and they exchanged a kiss. Mistress introduced me to her as Lady Elise. Mistress told me as we walked to the car that Lady Elise preferred to be called Lady instead of Mistress. Even though hot, slinky dresses are not really my thing, Mistress liked it and I was excited about wearing it for her that night.

* * * * *

I was glad silk was pleased with her dress, and I wanted to find something just right for me. We went to a back alley shop and I found the perfect thing, a red lace teddy that suited me perfectly. With matching hose I was set.

It has been a good afternoon Mistress. Its been fun shopping.

Yes slave it has, but I do have one more stop to make.

Where Mistress?

Love Crafts.

The Jewelers?

Yes. Silks eyes were shining.

May I ask what we are going to get there?

No silk, you may not.

I pulled into the parking lot and had silk wait in the car. After I returned to the car I could see silk eying the package I had put on the seat between us, but she knew better than to ask.

* * * * *

I tried to be patient as the afternoon slowly drifted into evening. At 8 I finally asked Mistress if it wasnt time to get ready to go. Mistress said yes. I jumped up to run upstairs and Mistress stopped me.

Silk, I want you to apply your make up very carefully tonight, and silk, one more thing

Yes, maam?

You will not be wearing your new clothes tonight. You will be going nude.

Nude? I am going to this party nude? No way!

No way? You are telling me NO WAY??? My voice was like ice.

Yes! No! I dont know. Shit, I thought, she cant be serious!

You will be going nude slave girl, and I suggest you not say another word. Her voice was cold and quiet.

* * * * *

I could not believe I had to go to this party nude. How humiliating. I wanted to get on my knees and beg her to not make me go nude. I had never been nude in public before. I did not want all those people that were going to be there staring at me without any clothes on. As I applied my make up all I could think about was that everyone would stare at me. I had a very hard time getting my make up right, the tears from my eyes kept messing it up. Finally though I had it ok and was ready to go.

When Mistress Taralyn came downstairs, I was shocked at what she was wearing. She certainly was not wearing any party dress. She had on the teddy we had gotten that afternoon! I forgot all about what she was wearing when she came over to me and put a chain dog leash around my neck and hooked it to itself. I had asked her one time if she was going to make me wear a collar. She said she would decide on that later. I felt terrible as she put the leash on me. I felt this had answered my question. I was not even a good enough slave that she wanted to collar me. It felt so terrible to know that I had not pleased my Mistress. I had even been terrible tonight when I balked at going nude. It was no wonder she did not want to collar me, I thought. Mistress yanked on my chain and I dejectedly followed her into the garage and to the car. I noticed that she was carrying the package from the jewelers, but I was too down in the dumps to care.

Blue as I was, I could not help but notice Master Adoniss house. Mansion did fit it. It was in the foothills of the mountains and was set back from the road. Even in the darkness I could tell it was beautiful. Mistress parked the car and we got out. She took the dog leash in her hand and I followed her into the house.

I could not help but notice all the people as we went into the house. There were many Masters and Mistresses and many slaves, both female and male. I did notice that my Mistress was not out of place in her teddy and that most everyone was dressed in leather or something very sexy and the slaves were all in various states of undress too. I did not see any others that were completely nude though. The worst thing though, the very worst thing, was that all the slaves had collars, all of them except me. Most of the slaves were standing in small groups and talking, as were the Masters and Mistresses. As we entered many people looked at us. Many looked me over, appraising me I thought, and many looked at Mistress Taralyn. I could not blame them. She was so beautiful and she looked so sexy and hot in her teddy. For the first time I really looked at her in it. The teddy was red lace with black lace trimmings. The back was a thong and showed off her beautiful ass. The breast part was open but there was a black lace ruffle that was down off her shoulders and went across her breasts. The garters on the teddy were red and she had on black lace thigh highs and red heels. Upset as I was, I could not help but feel a wetness starting between my legs when I looked at her. Then the sexiest man I had ever seen came up to us. I could not help but stare at him.

* * * * *

Entering Adoniss house I noticed all the eyes on silk and myself. A smile came to my lips as Adonis himself came to greet me. I showed him my new possession. He looked silk over carefully and commented on her beauty and lush body. This pleased me as Adonis is very picky about his slaves. His eyes came back to me and he looked me over very slowly and deliberately. He then looked into my eyes and I saw the approval there. That pleased me. My eyes were full of approval for him also. Adonis, of course, was not his real name, but that was what we all had started calling him and it had stuck. It suited him perfectly. He looked like a God. He was tall, 6 2 and had a perfectly sculpted body. Each muscle stood out in detail. His awesome chest was bare and he was dressed only in tight black leather pants. His pants bulged at the front, showing off the outlines of a huge cock. Looking at him made my mouth water. He bent over and kissed me, slipping his tongue into my mouth and his hand reaching behind me, cupping my ass and pulling me to him. His hand on my almost bare ass as he held me against him sent shivers through my body. I could feel him start to harden as he pressed me to him. I felt the wetness start to build between my legs before he released me and walked away.

* * * * *

I did not like it very much when Master Adonis kissed my Mistress. I was jealous. I wasnt sure if I was jealous because he was kissing her when she is my Mistress, or if I was jealous because he was kissing her instead of me, or both. I liked it even less the way she looked at him. I could see lust there. I knew if he asked, she would fuck him. I glared at him as he walked away.

My Mistress allowed me to have some Merlot, my favorite wine. As I sipped the wine I watched the people around me. Mistress talked to a lot of people and showed me off to most of them. She would make me turn around slowly so they could see all of me. Their eyes on me and their compliments about me, made me feel good and I began to get wet. Master Ed asked Mistress if he could taste me. Mistress bade me spread my legs and he knelt and I felt his tongue on my clit and pussy. I was so embarrassed that people were watching him do this to me, yet it only made me wetter. I was glad yet disappointed when he stopped.

After about an hour Mistress told me we were going down to the basement. I noticed then that there were not as many people around as there had been. We went down stairs and I looked around the room. We were in a very large room that looked like a dungeon. There were rings every where on the ceiling and on the walls. There were stocks and crosses and other things I was not sure what they were even for. Some were obviously used for suspension, but others I was not sure about.

There was a male sub being flogged by his Master in one corner of the room. He looked like he had reached that other place and I was impressed. Mistress had told me how I looked when I reached it, but this was the first time I had seen someone else there. Actually it was the first time I had seen anyone being flogged or tortured in real life, I had only seen it in films and pictures. I found it very arousing and became even more wet.

* * * * *

Come silk, it is time, I told her.

Time for what? she asked. I did not answer, just led her to the stocks. I removed the chain from around her neck. I could see the surprise in her eyes. I placed her in the stocks and she looked at me with both fear and embarrassment in her eyes.

Please Mistress, she whispered, not in front of all these people.

It will be alright silk, I promised her. I could see her trembling and could see her face flush as the lights dimmed and we were in the spotlight.

You are tonights entertainment silk, enjoy itI will. With that statement I smiled at her and picked up the suede flogger.

* * * * *

I had never been so embarrassed in my life as when my Mistress led me to the stocks and put me in them. I could not believe she was going to do this to me in front of other people. When she told me I was to be the entertainment I wanted to dig a hole and crawl into it. I thought she did not love me at all. With the first touch of the whip the tears filled my eyes, but I was determined no sound would escape my lips.

* * * * *

I began flogging silk with a slow and steady rhythm, *whack* *whack* *whack,* over her ass, down her thighs, back up them, over her sweet ass, *whack* *whack.* The blows were not heavy at first and I was surprised to see tears in my sweet slaves eyes. As the blows increased in strength I could see silk was forgetting about the audience and was getting into the flogging, and the pain. I did not flog her long nor harshly. She was not being punished and the flogging was only to warm her up and get her ready for what was to come.

I finished the flogging and released silk from the stocks. Her ass and thighs were red but the marks would all be gone by morning. I kissed each of her eyes and kissed her beautiful full lips, letting my tongue enter her mouth and letting her suck on my tongue before I ended the kiss. I led her to the wall and chained her so that her arms were each pulled out at right angles from her body. As I shackled each arm I stopped and kissed each nipple. I spread her legs as wide as they would go, pulling them until they would go no farther. I could see how wet she was, see her juices dripping down her legs. I knew she was feeling badly again. It was hard for her to know that all eyes were upon her as she was being tortured. I whispered to her to be strong for me.
Mistresss kiss was sweet and made me feel better and I was glad the flogging was over. I hoped that she was done with me and that someone else would now become the center of attention, but it didnt happen that way. She took me to the wall and chained me to there. She spread my legs so wide I thought she was going to split me in two. It was so embarrassing for everyone to be able to see my hot pussy and the wetness dripping from it. I was embarrassed but needed her to fuck me so bad that I would have gladly let everyone watch if she would have fucked me right then. She wanted me to be strong for her and I wanted to try, but it was hard.

* * * * *

Taking a blindfold, I put it across silks eyes. I wanted her to be in suspense and worry about what was coming next. I looked at silk chained to the wall and felt such a lust for her right then. I knelt and ran my tongue up the inside of her thighs almost to her steaming pussy. She trembled and a low moan escaped her lips. My tongue reached her sweet pussy and I licked and sucked on her outer lips, then spread her with my fingers and swirled my tongue around her nub. A louder moan from deep in her throat told me of her need. Taking a small clover clamp I attached it to her clit. It was tight and I heard her gasp when I closed it. I then attached a larger clover clamp to each labia and put heavy weights on them. I then began to play with the weights, swinging them, twisting them. She finally could take the pain no longer with out crying out and began to moan and cry out with the pain. I loved hearing her moan, it sent shivers through my whole body and made my nipples hard. I stood and looked at her. Her pussy was beautiful. I loved the way it looked stretched like that.

* * * * *

When Mistress Taralyn put the blindfold on me it scared me. What was she going to do to me? Oh yes it scared me, but it excited me too, the idea of not knowing what was coming next caused butterflies in my stomach and an ache deep inside me. I was still embarrassed but it was so exciting too, and my body betrayed that.

I felt the shivers go through my body as her tongue touched my pussy. I wanted to retain what dignity I had but could not still the moans from deep within me. Her tongue on my pussy and clit drove me wild. I wanted her to fuck me so hard. I needed her to fuck me. I cried noooooooo in my mind when she removed her tongue.

I could not help but cry out a little when she put the clamp on my swollen clit. It pinched it so much but Gawd! it felt so good too. The pain just made me drip more. I kept thinking about all those people watching, watching my pussy drip, watching my juices run down my legs, and I just got more excited by it. The clamps and weights she put on my labia were heavier than any she had used before. I could feel my labia being stretched and pulled. The pain mixed with the pain in my clit. When Mistress started moving the weights, playing with them, it felt like my labia was being pulled off, I cried out with the pain but Mistress kept playing with them, kept hurting me. I knew if I could see her face I would be able to see the pleasure my pain brought her. I was glad to please my Mistress.

* * * * *

I rose and got a cold pack placing it on silks left nipple, rubbing the nipple and the breast tissue around it. Letting it get good and cold, letting the ache go deep into the breast before I removed it. Taking a paddle I smacked the nipple sharply, once, twice, three times, *smack *smack* smack.* On the third smack she screamed. The spanking of the nipple after it has been gotten so cold is very painful. Her scream sent a shiver down my spine. I could not help but wonder if it did the same to Adonis. I hoped so. I knew that he, like me, can be very soft, or very savage.

I began to work on the right nipple then, doing the same things to it. Freezing it, then smacking it three times with the paddle. Again my slave screamed on the third strike. Taking a metal clothes hanger I put one clip on each nipple, pretty well down on the nipple but not going into the breast tissue. Silk shrieked as I fastened each clip on her nipple. These are very tight and do cause a lot of pain. I attached a chain to the curved hanger and pulled out hard on it, stretching her nipples out as far as I could. Low moans were issuing from her mouth and just spurring me on to pull harder.

I removed the clip from her right nipple and listened to her scream as the blood rushed back into it, then removed it from her left nipple and let that scream fill me too. I loved my slaves screams. I loved giving her the pain that caused those screams. I also loved what the pain did to her. How hot It made her, how much it made her want to cum. With each torture the wetness between her legs increased, showing all what a true slave she really is.

* * * * *

The cold on my nipples sent aches deep into my breast. The cold packs were so much colder than the ice and caused a much deeper ache. The cold went so deep that it caused my whole breast to ache horribly. *Smack* smack* smack!* I could not help but scream. The pain is horrendous on a cold and aching nipple. *Smack* smack* smack!* now the other nipple and another scream from me. Gawd! Gawd! I could hardly stand the pain! Then Mistress put some kind of horrible clamps on my nipples. I could tell they were attached to something because of the weight. Then she pulled on them! I thought she was going to pull my nipples off! I could not help but moan as she pulled and pulled on them. When she took the clamps off I screamed so loudly as the blood rushed back in. I was dimly aware that all the people there were hearing me scream but I hurt so much I did not care any more. I just hoped she was through. I should have known she would not let me off that lightly.

* * * * *

As I unclamped the clover clamps from my slaves wet and aching pussy, her cries sent more shivers down my spine. Getting an ice cube I began to rub her clit hard and fast. Silks moans were constant now, one right after the other. I know how ice rubbed on the clit feels. It feels cold at first and then causes a sharp and burning pain deep into the clit. The longer you do it the worse it is. Of course if you do it too long it will start to numb and you do not want that. You want the maximum amount of pain without it going numb. Rubbing my sweet slaves clit and listening to her moan made me want to cum. The thought went through my mind that I would like Adonis to come up there and fuck me, right then and right there with everyone watching. That thought only made me hotter and more wet.

When I judged silk had as much of the ice on her clit as she could stand, I began to rub her pussy with it too, rubbing it and letting the ice sting her hot lips. I would move back to her clit for a minute then back to her pussy. I stopped and then taking the paddle began to slap her pussy and her clit. *Slap* *Slap* *Slap* *Slap!* on her tormented pussy! *SLAP* *SLAP* hard on her clit! Shrieks when I hit her pussy, screams when I hit her tortured clit. Finally I stopped and looked at my tortured slave, judging how much more pain she could take. I decided she could take no more on her clit and went back to her nipples.

* * * * *

The ice Mistress put on my clit hurt so much. While it felt cold, it also felt like she was taking a hot piece of metal and sticking it in my clit and moving it around. The pain was immense, incredible! I was ready to beg her to stop when she began to rub my pussy with the ice until my whole pussy was stinging, then back to my clit she went, then back to my pussy. Finally she stopped and relief flooded me, but not for long. As I felt the slap of the paddle on my pussy I could not hold back the cries. When she would hit my clit it sent jolts of pain clear through it. At the point where I could take no more, my Mistress stopped.

* * * * *

I again applied the cold packs to my slaves aching nipples, letting the cold and ache seep back into them again. I again began to spank them, going back and forth from one to the other, in a slow and steady rhythm, lightly at first and then picking up the pace in rhythm and in strength, *smack smack* *Smack! Smack!* *SMACK! SMACK!* *S*M*A*C*K*!!* *S*M*A*C*K*!!* Silks screams matched the intensity of the blows until it was just one solid scream, a scream of pain and of her begging me to stop.

PLEASE!! PLEASE!! STOP!! PLEASE!! PLEASE!! she screamed.

Her begging me was beautiful music to my ears. I gave her a couple of more smacks then I did stop. She sagged in her chains. Her whole body was trembling and she was covered with sweat. I got her some ice water and gave her a drink. I knew she needed one. I did not let her gulp it as she wanted, but made her take it slow.

* * * * *

It was scary not knowing what Mistress Taralyn was going to do next. The cold on my nipples was worse this time than the first time. It hurt so much, so cold, ached so deep into me. I begged in my mind please, please do not hit my nipples again, butshe did, and I screamed. The pain was huge, immense, filled my body and my mind till I could not take it any more. Even after she stopped my nipples burned and hurt. They had never hurt so much before.

* * * * *

The water revived my sweet, sexy slave. I kissed her long and deeply, my tongue entering her mouth, caressing her tongue, stroking it. Silk moaned softly into my mouth. I pulled back from her and put my hand to my pussy and pushed 2 fingers into my hot wet pussy getting them very wet. I then fucked my slaves steaming, dripping pussy with them. She did her best to drive them deeper into her. I fucked her hard and watched her closely. Right before she got to the point of no return I stopped and removed them.

Noooooooooo, please, I need to cum. Mistress please I need to cum, her voice was shaking and full of need. Her whole body was trembling, aching for release, but I would not grant it.

Taking my fingers from her, I put them to her mouth and let her suck them. She sucked them greedily, cleaning them completely. Then I went back to work on her nipples. When I touched them she winced and moaned deep in her chest. I knew they were sore.

* * * * *

It took every bit of control I had to not come when Mistress fucked me with her fingers. Gawd I wanted to cum so badly. I begged her but she did not answer me. My body was filled with my need. That place deep in the pit of my groin ached and ached badly. My Mistress grabbed my nipples again and pinched them. I could not help but wince and groan, they were so sore.

* * * * *

Taking an emery board I started filing on silks nipples. It hurt her and she cried as I did it. I got them fairly raw and abraded. Then I dipped a cotton ball in alcohol and wiped each nipple. Her screams rent the air. She screamed and screamed. Her screams sent jolt after jolt of electricity through my pussy and clit. Her screams were beautiful music to my ears.

* * * * *

Mistress Taralyn started rubbing my nipples with something, it felt like she was rubbing the skin off. I could not help but cry. She did first the left one and then the right one. Then she put something on them that set them on fire. They burned and stung unlike anything I had ever felt before. It was like she had painted them with liquid fire. My screams came from deep within me and filled the room.

* * * * *

After silks screams subsided I gave her more water then removed her blindfold. Her eyes and cheeks were tear stained. I led her to a mat in the center of the room. I put her on her knees and pushed her head to the mat, shackling her wrists to her ankles.

* * * * *

I had all but forgotten where we were and that there were other people there and watching me being tortured. I remembered very quickly I am afraid. Mistress made me get on my knees and pushed my head down, spread my legs very wide and bound my ankles and wrists together. I was humiliated that my ass was up in the air and my steaming pussy spread wide and the juices flowing from it for all to see. Then Mistress knelt beside me.

You have done well silk, she whispered, I am proud of you.

Hearing that made it all worthwhile. Tears filled my eyes and I was happy to think she was proud of me. I hoped she was going to fuck me now and let me cum. I needed to cum so much. As Mistress knelt beside me I saw her put on this HUGE strap on. It had two cocks on it, one for my pussy and one for my ass. It was so big it scared me.

* * * * *

After getting silk in position I strapped on a very large two-headed dildo, 10 inches for her cunt and 6 inches for her ass. Putting lube on my fingers I slid one, then two fingers into her ass, stretching her and getting her loosened up. When she was ready I slowly began pushing both cocks into her. Pushing in and pulling out, pushing in and pulling out, going deeper and deeper with each thrust until finally both cocks were buried to the hilt in her sweet pussy and ass. Placing my hands on her hips I began to fuck her with long smooth strokes. She was ready to cum immediately. I did not make her suffer any longer.

Cum slave, I told her, cum now, and she did.

Her whole body went into spasm after spasm. Her cum was running out from around the dildo and running onto the floor. I did not stop fucking her, I just fucked her in that long steady rhythm as she moaned and cried out.

Fuck me! she cried. Gawd yes, fuck me! Fuck me! Please! Please! Yes! Gawd! Gawd!

Soon she was begging me to stop.

Please enough! Gawd please, no more! No more!

At that point I turned the dildos on and they began to vibrate. I fucked her hard and fast, driving the cocks into her with force, ramming them into her deeply. Her orgasms rocked her body one after another after another. She was crying, moaning, screaming my name, begging me to stop, then begging me to keep fucking her forever. My body could take no more and I threw back my head and screamed as my orgasms overtook me and ripped through me, until my orgasms just ran together and became one. Finally, exhausted, I stopped. Silks whole body was shaking, trembling, as was mine. I took off the strap on and unshackled her. I took her in my arms and we lay there together for a couple of minutes, just regaining our breath.

I rose. Silk started to rise but I bade her kneel there. I left for a minute and returned with the package I had gotten at the jewelers. Silks eyes got wide when she saw the package.

* * * * *

Mistress left me kneeling in the middle of the floor. I looked around at all the people still watching me. I had finally lost all embarrassment. I noticed that most were smiling at me, Masters and slaves alike. I smiled back at them, although some tremulously. Mistress Taralyn came back and I saw she had the package she had gotten at the jewelers. She handed the package to me.

Open it silk.

Its for me? I asked.

Yes baby, it is for you. She smiled at me and I was very surprised to see tears in her eyes.

Hands shaking I unwrapped the package. Inside was a beautiful gold leash. Attached to the leash was a soft black collar, with a nameplate on it. Engraved on the nameplate was my name, silk. My eyes filled with tears and then they spilled down my cheeks. My hands were shaking. My most wonderful Mistress took the collar from me and vowed her love for me. As she placed the collar around my neck, she told me that although she had slaves before, I was the first one she had ever wanted to collar. I was the only one she had wanted to be hers forever.

More Chapter 2: Silk's training & tortures continue.

Her Ponygirl training continues.

24-12-2010, 09:08 main Author: personal
Part two. you really need to read part one first to mke sense of this but here they are in a pub on Saddleworth Moor, Naked ecept for her Ponygirl tack and bound, blinkered and blinded Rose had just pulled Henry ten miles across Saddleworth from the Farm in a two wheeled cart, now she serves the regulars before pulling him home again.
The track seemed different to how I imagined, rougher somehow, and the farm somehow looked different from up on the hillside, the gates were open and I rushed into the farmyard.

"What the fucking hell are you doing!" a total stranger asked. I suddenly realised why it looked different, It was the wrong farm!

The stranger was about twenty five, muscular, ginger haired, badly in need of a shave and probably a wash, not too tall and certainly not too bright, "You want to play kinky games?" he asked I shook my head violently and turned around to lead him to Henry but he advanced menacingly towards me, "You want a fuck is that it?" he tried again so I just wheeled around and ran, ran as fast as I could back up the track.

I ran dragging the useless cart and that ginger haired idiot chased me, I managed maybe two hundred yards before he caught hold of the cart and slowed me down, and as I slowed he grabbed the reins and stopped me, I shook my head violently but he came closer, grabbing my poor sore nipples with his rough hands before exploring my clit ring and running a finger along my poor stitched and neglected pussy.

"Has thee got any rubbers?" he asked, I shook my head.

"Best fuck thee ass then," he said and he made me bend over I felt his fingers on my buttocks spreading my loose anus and he suddenly exclaimed.

"You filthy bitch," he said, "Yer ass is dripping with spunk," I felt dirty and rejected, like a whore where the punter won't pay the price and yet this was free, the humiliation hurt me and finally anger boiled inside me, I had to run away, I had to.

He was straddling the shaft, the Cart's left wheel was at a drunken angle but the seat and everything was still there so as I lunged forward, the seat caught him behind the knees and he fell back throwing his weight back behind the wheels and axle which over-balanced the Cart and brought the shaft up in to excruciatingly violently contact with my crotch, while he in his turn fell backwards into the seat, I staggered with the shock of the blow to my most tender parts but despite the pain and his considerable weight I just bolted for the moor and ran and ran and ran.

"Yee Ha" he shouted as he sprawled back in the seat, "You sure are one mad bitch," but I wasn't interested, I ran past Eli's house and there ahead was Henry, I tried to stop by him but the momentum carried me past, slipping and slithering on the wet grass.

"Bloody hell it's Henry Bryant!" he said, "Why didn't you say!"

"Nnngghht" I snorted.

"Oh right your sex game went off half cock did it," he said.

"Ngghrrrfft" I tried

"What the hell is it," he asked and finally he realised and undid my bit and at last I could try to communicate, but first I gasped wordlessly for breath before I was able to say,

"We, ah, crashed, uh, do you, uh, know, whee, ah, first aid?" I asked as soon as I could.

"No," he said.

"Do you have a, uh, phone." I asked.

"Yes," he said, "At the farm!"

"Then for gods sake, ah, let me out of these, uh, straps!" I demanded, "I did first aid at school!"

He released my arms but the pain was indescribable, "Ahhhhhggghhh," I wailed as I tried to move, but eventually I managed to make my hands work, "His leg's broke." I announced as I ran my agonised fingers over Henry's awkwardly angled right leg.

"Right," he said.

"He needs an ambulance!" I said.
"Not up here, there's just thin crust over bog, won't take weight." he said.

"So where's Bryant's farm?" I asked and he pointed, it was away to the right in the distance I had obviously but unknowingly turned sharp right at Eli's on previous runs.

"You wait here I'll get help." I ordered, and I stood up to run.

"Fetch some rubbers if thee wants fucking." he said and I gave him my best pitying withering look.

My legs were like lead up the hill to ELi's and then on the downhill leg of the track to Bryants the jarring was agonising, there was no one around, I checked the stables, there were seven more Ponygirls tethered and blindered in the stalls but otherwise there was nobody about.

"Oi!" someone shouted, it was Martha, "How'd you get loose,"

"Henry, Leg broke, Moor by Eli's" I gasped.

"Likely story, where thee cart." she said.

"Battered and bent I crashed look!" I explained.

"You are in a mess," she said, "Hold up." and before I could react she blasted me with the hose pipe.

I shivered in shock at the deluge and then as the crushing debilitating horror of the freezing torrent stopped as quickly as it started I staggered towards my stall.

"Right," she said, "get some kit on and give us a hand, Henry had you sussed madam, don't thee fret, his bloody Lordships spy, you 'ent even branded, I expect you nobbled him you lying cheating conniving bitch."

"No!" I protested feebly.

"Dry thee sen, there's thee kit in stall, get it on then give us hand to get Tiger Lilly and Tamoshanter hitched up to the fourwheel, while I phone ambulance.

"No, we have to bring him in first!" I cautioned.

"Oh, of course we do!" Martha exclaimed, I'll get them lazy girls."

I quickly slipped off the waist belts and slipped my panties and bra on and grabbed my trainers socks tracksuit bottom and tee shirt, and rushed to help Martha

They were in their named stalls, she had them tacked up, blindered strapped ready to go but I, removed their blinders and said "We have to rescue Mr Bryant,"

They weren't enthusiastic, and the shafts were in line tandem where usually it was side by side, so all in all it was a hassle getting them fixed and then when we did go they were so slow, I watched them stroll lazily towards the moor, as I dressed but they were so slow that I just saw red and raced after them and when I caught up I grabbed Martha's whip and laid into them.

"No!" she wailed and their knees buckled and they stopped. "You daft bitch you've made them cum!"

"What?" I asked.

"Bleeding Masochists of course, like you," she said.

"Look don't just sit there give us a hand," I ordered Martha and before we knew the Ponies were lying on the cart and Martha and I were pulling the cart which wasn't very bright so we hitched the Ponygirls to a tree and carried on without them.

Martha just about collapsed with exhaustion before Eli's place so I ended up pulling the four wheel cart on my own, without a proper harness it near wrenched my hands out of their sockets.

The ginger haired half-wit from the wrong farm was waiting for us, bending uselessly over Henry who was still unconscious even as we hauled him aboard the Cart, and as soon as he was safely aboard so I set off but not towards the farm but towards the Pub, I took the Pony helmet off, it was a nightmare to remove, and then I removed the neck straps which just left the barbels and clit ring to remind me.

I knocked on the Pub door,

"Bugger off we're shut!" someone said.

"Henry Bryant's busted his leg!" I said, "fetch the Vet!"

"Haha!" Clive said as he opened the door "hey you certainly wash up nice," he said, "I wish I had," and that's as far as he got before I slapped his face. "Want a Pastie and some fizzy orange? " he asked, "On the house."

"Yes thanks," I said, "And a bath would be nice!" I suggested "But lets get Ambulance first!"

"Oh, nearly forgot!" he said and he went in to dial 999.

I stayed with Henry, and when he woke I said, "We crashed!"

"Yes!" he said, "Fucking Dressage for you!" and he twisted round screamed with the pain and passed out.

"You couldn't lend me fifty quid could you?" I asked Clive.

"You could earn it," he leered,

"Yes love tenner an hour live in barmaid," Maggie suggested.

"I suppose!" I said, "But the guys that?"

"They weren't looking at your face were they?" she advised, "You can pull pints and heat up pies can't you?" she asked and when I agreed she said, "Right Clive, I can get away to see my mother in Cleethorpes this afternoon after all!" and she just stormed out.

Clive rang the Bryants farm and said I was all right, and I told them I was staying at the Pub for a few days and then I would be back for Dressage, and solo events only. Martha didn't like it much but I just thought sod what she wants.

Clive was all right really, he told me all about Henry, how Henry was more interested in screwing his girls than grooming them and how Henry dreamed of training a winner for Harrogate.

I stayed a week, Clive let me use his computer, and I ordered a lot of tack on line, top quality stuff, and then I entered myself as Rose for Harrogate, in the Dressage and the Jumping and Cross Country, the same classes as a Thee Day Horse Trial, except girls, and every day I ran and did my exercises, just the way Daddy trained his girls.

There was consternation at Bryants when I turned up on the Friday before Harrogate, Henry was still in hospital, Albert was in a foul mood, Martha was screaming at Tamoshanter and Annie was screaming at Martha.

"All set for Harrogate then," I asked, "Who's going to lead me in?"

"Don't be daft you ain't trained," Albert said.

"Annie, you want to lead me in," I asked, "You could wear something too tight and get the judges struggling with a hard on," I said massaging her ego.

"Suppose!" she said, "But I haven't trained you!"

"Oh just wave the whip and don't hit me with it," I suggested, "Shall we give it a try."

"Ok," she said.

"And I live at the Pub, not here!" I said.

"Yes what ever," she said as if she didn't care either way, so I unloaded my boxes of tack and new clothes and sent the taxi away.

I changed in the kitchen, my tack was new southern tack, with thigh boots with hooves, hoof gloves a crotch belt and a big corset, all in black leather and I had two silver bells to fit the barbels,and an abbreviated headset and a slimline rubber bit, oh and several sets of red and white plumes.

Poor Annie nearly wet herself when she saw me, "You're beautiful!" she said.

"I know!" I agreed.

The practice ring was outside and a few jumps were down but when Annie put them up I cleared everything easily, and the dressage mirrors showed my high stepping and posture was almost spot on thighs horizontal and everything, and I just relished a cross country. I was brimming with confidence.

I think everyone knows what happened at Harrogate, well on the moors near Skipdale actually where the Harrogate club had their Arena and cross country course and I won the jumping, third (dammit) in the dressage and a massive win in the cross country, to win the overall title.

And that was my way out, I put in an online bid for myself, I know that sounds bizarre but there is an offer system where bid for the first three can be made, and Henry agreed I could be sold to the highest bidder, and I was out bid.

Henry watched and came up on his crutches to collect the winning trainers cup and then he said to me as I walked carefully behind him.

"Oh Rose, " He said "Major General Mc Naughton was high bidder, I'll have your stuff sent on, he'll pick you up in a moment."

I had my bit fastened too tight, and so with the full head dress on, I couldn't say no, and before I could do anything about it Annie pushed me into the holding pen I was allocated.

"Ah Rose!" a familliar sounding figure approached me, "Mr Bryant say's you are a total nightmare to train, shall we see, bend."

I bent, I couldn't very well not bend, there was quite an audience, I just thanked my stars I'd continued with Bryant's al fresco enemas.

My heart pounded, Major Mc Naughton undid my crotch belt checked the stitching and then said "Brace,"

"Do the Honours, Dighby, he said and with a popping of fly buttons I sensed rather than saw his huge appendage advancing stiffly and then it was filling me and the world seemed so right, so perfectly and gently did it slide in.

"You smell like your mother!" Mc Naughton whispered.

"Daddy" I almost said, I knew it was him, he often used the Mc Naughton alias but he knew it was me.

His finger was on my clit I felt him take a weight from his pocket and hang it on the clit ring and then his humping grew stronger, "Cum for me Rose," he said, as Dighby started galloping, the clit weight was swaying and driving me crazy and then as Dighby humped me Mc Naughton took the whip, swatting it painfully against my breasts, shoulders, clit, legs, everywhere overloading my brain with sensations, making me feel so alive until I just exploded inside and as he continued ruthlessly swatting so my legs buckled and I crashed to the ground in helpless orgasm.

"You see My dear Bryant, these pedigrees take a beating as a reward for performing well not a punishment," Mc Naughton said as Dighby finally climbed off me.

I lay dazed for ages until Annie came for me and escorted me to Mr McNaughton's van where I was draped in a familiar Burkah and strapped into a sideways facing seat in the windowless rear of the vehicle.

Mc Naughton took me for miles in the van until I could change at a roadside cafe, where I emerged in my street clothes as myself and he as my Daddy.

After the stop Daddy made me drive the van, while he lazed in the swivelling front passenger's seat,

"Daddy," I protested,"I haven't driven at all for weeks, now you want me to drive this tank donn the motorway!".

"Call me Mr McNaughton, please Rose," he requested.

"Yes Major General" I giggled.

"Now tell me all about Mr Bryants methods." he requested, I told him all about the farm as we drove south, Daddy began to speak with his McNaughton voice and he wasn't Daddy so I was able to tell him everything, even about when I fell and had my orgasm as Henry whipped me, the accident where Henry was injured, the Ginger halfwit, just about everything except what happened in the pub.

He listened intently, "It's clear that you have some important decisions to make about your future young lady."

"I hadn't thought any further than Harrogate," I admitted.

"You just won one of the most prestigious events in England," he explained "Which means you're seeded into the top twenty for Cannes next month."

Cannes, I had no idea, all the glitz of the Riviera "Oh, maybe I can stop with mummy," I suggested.

"Well she'll be there, after all she did compete there several times." he told me.

"Really," I replied, "I never realised."

"Oh one of the finest," he said, "But what do you want?" he asked, "was that just a one off darling," he said, "or have you become a pain slut?" he asked.

"I don't know Daddy," I admitted.

"So after Cannes, will you compete, or train, or" he paused, "or will you breed." he suggested.

"Daddy" I squealed and nearly caused a major accident as I swerved the van across two motorway lanes, "I just don't know, I had the best orgasm I ever had when Henry whipped me on the Moor."

"But how about breeding, Sam Carter's wife won Silverdale three years running," he said.

"What, Sam Carter?" I asked incredulously.

"No Simon, very clever chap, prospective parliamentary candidate," he said, "You must remember him, we caught you playing doctors and nurses once."

"Oh Simon," I remembered, oh how I remembered, being found completely naked while Simon "examined" me.

"Just a thought," Daddy suggested "but lets work out the best training strategy first, "Pain as punishment or reward?"

"I don't really like pain at all," I lied.

"Of course you do," he retorted "and just to prove it I'll whip you to orgasm later." he promised

"No I'm not like that Daddy!" I insisted.

"It's a difficult thing to come to terms with, I admit," he said, "But you cannot deny what happened earlier can you?"

We arrived home and parked the "Van" in the garage and made our way indoors, it seemed strange sitting on chairs again, and odd that I had to get my own food, and Daddy's as well, just a light supper, and to my horror I found I had lost my taste for champagne.

Luckily we had fizzy Lemonade and Orange so I made do with a Henry, and as I poured it I thought of Henry and the Moor and his whip and.....

"I promised you an Orgasm." Daddy said rousing me from my daydream "would you like one now?" he asked, as he finished his supper and pushed his plate aside.

"Yes, Sir." I replied without thinking.

"Good put this on," he said as he took a neatly folded dirty old blanket from a canvas bag, "Just this nothing else,"

He made me undress completely then he covered me with the dirty old blanket before he took me outside into the cold damp night to the filthy old shed where we kept the lawn mower and there by the light of a flickering candle he made me put on a crude bridle and bit and a collar and leash and a waist belt with a crotch strap which he pulled much too tight, and finally he cut the silken cord and pulled the strap so tight that it painfully separated my poor abused pussy lips.

He roughly pushed me down onto the filthy floor and took up his whip.

I cowered in the corner protecting my face as best I could as his blows rained down, five, six, I counted, as they inflamed my tender bare buttocks, left, right, nine, ten, and then he changed to flicking up between my legs, one, two, three swats on my pussy lips cruelly held open by the over tight leather crotch strap of my harness until I gurgled in helpless orgasmic ecstasy.

"You're such an easy pony to please!" he said as he unfastened the "bit" from my bridle and fed me two sugar lumps and a slice of apple, and with a final slap across my rump he was gone.

I waited until I was sure he was gone before I lay down exhausted on my blanket and fell into a glorious exhausted satisfied sleep.

More Her Ponygirl training continues.

How new Ponygirl Rose qualified for Cannes 2010.

24-12-2010, 08:07 main Author: personal
Rose has become something of a living legend around Saddleworth so I persuaded her to tell me her story for a small, or actually not so small, fee. I had to edit some of it and change a couple of identities but I hope you enjoy it. Angie.


I cowered in the corner protecting my face as best I could as the blows rained down, five, six, I counted, as they inflamed my tender bare buttocks, left, right, nine, ten, and then he changed to flicking up between my legs, one, two, three swats on my pussy lips cruelly held open by the over tight leather crotch strap of my harness and I gurgled in helpless orgasmic ecstasy.

"You're such an easy pony to please!" he said as he unfastened the "bit" from my bridle and fed me two sugar lumps and a slice of apple, and with a final slap across my rump he was gone.

I waited until I was sure he was gone before I lay down exhausted on my blanket and fell into a glorious exhausted satisfied sleep.

It was all so different to how we all imagined it would be, of course I knew about Ponygirls, daddy had always had a few around when I was little, but never in a million years did I think I would be one of them!

Daddy used to be in Parliament, a Peer or member of the upper chamber at Westminster, the House of Lords, until they got rid of the hereditary Peers around 1999, and then Daddy was rather lost, which is when he became more involved in the sport.

We lived in a nice house in Wiltshire, as near to secluded as one can get in England and next door to what the locals accepted as a nudist colony, but Melton Villa, was far from the luxury guest house it appeared to be from outside.

It was the great recession 2008, I did very well in my school examinations but when it came to Universities I just couldn't get any reasonable offers of places, I think they thought with Daddy's wealth he could get me into Yale or Harvard or somewhere exotic so they didn't take me seriously, except Daddy just didn't have that kind of cash, in fact we were hurting.

Daddy had agreed to organise the Oktoberfest which is hardly cheap or easy, and then with the recession the sponsors began to pull out, I was waiting for the right moment to ask about a loan for a gap year in Australia, literally hanging around outside Daddy's study when he asked me if I could help out after lunch as his temporary secretary had failed to turn up.

I agreed immediately, "You' d better look the part!" he added, as he peered at my blue jeans and too tight tee shirt, so I changed into a old white school blouse and dark blue skirt, I even put on a white bra so my breasts were not too prominent through the almost translucent light cotton weave.

We were barely inside the office when Daddy's two o'clock turned up, "Gerald," he greeted Daddy in that familiar way Daddy hates so much, "Good to see you, you solved our little problem I see!"

"Simon, come along in, sit down, Cigar," Daddy said in confusion, "This is." he said.

"Rose!" I said, "Pleased to meet you! Mr?" I queried as I looked at the ageing balding short fat slob as he shuffled past leering at me.

"Dighby!" he said, "With an H," as if you could spell it any other way.

"Well, Gerald," he said, "Waste of time me coming, what's she like unwrapped, got any pics of her in action?"

"I haven't said I'll do it yet!" I said, as Daddy looked at me in horror. "What's the deal Lord, Sir whatever your name is?"

"Twelve months two thousand a month, isn't it Gerald, tax free!" Dighby said.

"I want control of my pictures!" I insisted.

"All right, so where's your tack?" Dighby asked.

"Oh, Fosdyke and Earl are altering it!" I lied, "should be ready by Thursday!" I tried my best smile on Dighby and he said.

"Do we have a deal?"

"Yes!" I agreed.

There was some small talk and Dighby left, and we quickly followed, Daddy rented the office by the hour and we were out with a few seconds to spare of needing a second hour's hire

"Georgina, thanks ever so much for that." Daddy said as he drove us home in the Bentley, "It gives me another week or two to get a team together."

"He thought I was a Ponygirl!" I chuckled, "Wow, I guess that's a compliment."

"An easy mistake to make." Daddy admitted.

"Oh yes, with their perfect complexions and long legs and perfect breasts." I taunted, "Half catwalk model and half athlete, yes I definitely look like that."

"Georgie, look you've always been beautiful to me, but really, when you look at it, in cold light of day, you really are beautiful you know." he said kindly, "Which doesn't actually help me find another girl for the team."

"You wouldn't consider me seriously then?" I asked.

"Oh lord no!" he laughed, "What would your grandmother think!"

"Twenty four thousand pounds?" I suggested.

"No! definitely not." he said, "Do you want to do evening stables?"

"Yes, why not!" I agreed.

We walked the few hundred yards through the woods to Melton Villa, the Carts were already parked outside the stable block and Mary the stable girl was washing Dessie, Desert Orchid, or Nancy Boyd, as she was somewhat unfortunately christened, with a hose pipe.

Daddy insisted on warm water, he just never understood, like the bedding, one needs consistency, there is no hot water or soft bedding at a real event, so why pamper the girls at stables?

Daddy as always went to change, he had his own office and he quickly returned in his white shirt and breeches and his black hacking jacket.

"Will you do Sabine while I do Dessie?" Daddy asked me.

"Ok," I agreed.

Dessie was my age, my height, blonde like me, blue eyes and I just knew Daddy would screw her. It was in her eyes, lust, sheer unbridled lust. I could always tell, it wasn't rocket science, if Daddy took them to the tack room then that was one thing, but he took Dessie straight to her room, that way she couldn't resist, not that she wanted to, but there is a protocol to be observed.

I took hold of Sabrine's reins and led her gently to the tack room, she wore a standard working rig, shoulder straps coming down in a vee between her breasts to join the under breast strap, then the wide waist belt over a tight leather lace up corset and the crotch strap pulled tight so her lower lips, Labia Majore were permanently parted.

Sabrine wore the elaborate wide wrist cuffs necessary for pulling the two wheeled cart which was parked outside, her given name was conveniently Sabrina, Sabrina Hollingsworth, so Daddy simply changed one letter before registering her.

I un buckled her tack and laid it on the bench before I led her to the bath a simple hole four feet deep by a yard or so square where they could stand in thermostatically controlled bliss as the aches of the day were soothed away.

I left her bridle on as I scrubbed the dirt of the day from the harness and when I had finished I found her bathrobe and towel and laid them beside her, she hauled herself out of the water, emerging like a mermaid, and she undid her own bridle, and set it down.

"Phew!" she said, "Thanks." she grabbed the towel, "I am going to sleep for thirty six hours straight!" she told me, "They had me hauling fire wood!" and then she asked, "Are you coming to tea?"

I sometimes joined them, listening to their tales while they had their meal, usually they turned in around eight, in their individual "Stables" with comfy single beds and lockers for their things and CD player and DVD and TV and Computers, all in a nicely centrally heated double glazed freshly painted "Stable Block" better accommodation by far than your average student enjoyed!

Dot was waiting with Marmon as Sabrine dressed, waiting to use the bath and other facities, "You're welcome to stay, "Rose!" Dot chuckled knowingly.

"It's not funny!" I said, "He genuinely thought I was a Ponygirl!"

"You certainly have the looks but no way do you have the temprament," Dot, Dorothy Channinhg, Daddy's head groom laughed, "Oh dear no!"

"He thought I was a Ponygirl!" I told them at Tea, "Dighby, I could see it so I went along with it!"

"She called herself Rose!" Dot announced, "And do you know there isn't a Rose listed anywhere," she said, "I looked."

I watched the girls empty the plates of Salmon and then Chicken they were given, their appetites three or four times that of my own as they consumed just lean meat and a tiny sprinkling of vegetables and fruits, washed down with fruit juice and then, just like spoiled pets they sprawled on the couches and bean bags inn the lounge in their casual clothes and watched TV for while before they grew tired and drifted away to bed.

"Dot," I asked, "Could I fill in as a Ponygirl if Daddy can't find one?"

"Ah," she said thoughtfully, "well you have the looks, but, it wouldn't be right, and you know how Daddy likes to bond with his Ponies."

Oh I knew all right, I came home from school early once and there he was, standing between the shafts of a Pony cart behind the Ponygirl who was bent almost double the flap on his breeches down,and her crotch strap undone as he thrust into her and she trust back equally enthusiastically.

The image had a profound effect on me, shocked me, and I had stood watching them until they gasped and Daddy leaped back into the Cart and had whipped the over excited Ponygirl into a rapid trot.

"I'll see you later," he had said to me as he passed.

Sometimes after that he took me with him in the four in hand, and showed me how to drive with whip and reins, especially how to change hands and whip the left pair and right pair equally and to see who was puling and who not by the tension of the straps.

"I'd be delighted if you would join us, perhaps as a groom or trainer?" Dot dragged me back to the present.

"Perhaps," I said, but I knew most successful trainers had themselves been Ponygirls, few grooms became trainers without starting at the bottom so to speak.

Daddy was in the study when I got home, he had the Club website on the big monitor and was checking what was available.

"Daddy," I said, "Can I go to Sydney for a while,"

"Sidney who?" he said absent mindedly.

"Australia?" I said.

"Look, Kitten," he said, and this sounded ominous, "Bit short of funds, ah, at present." he confessed.

"But it's quite cheap!" I said.

"Look," he said, "I can't meet my obligation for Henley really, let alone the Oktoberfest, look at the figures!"

I looked at the book he offered me,

"What is the blue ink Daddy?" I asked.

"Suspected Bad debts." he said, "Cheques in the post that sort of thing," he said, "They think we're rich just because I drive a Bentley and we live in a nice house!" he exclaimed.

"We are aren't we?" I asked.

"Not at this rate, Kitten, not at this rate!" he insisted.

We looked at the site Daddy, really needed a transfer, an experienced girl preferably but we could see from the CVs they were really not of the standard Daddy needed, he thought he could get a fresh girl, I think he had my friend Harriet in mind, or that Barmaid from the "Greyhound" but for whatever reason Silvana and Evie had both decided to retire so Daddy was in serious trouble.

"Looks like it's me or nothing!" I said sweetly.

"No," he said "Definately not!"

"I'll make her an offer I think!" Daddy suggested, as he flicked back, "her, Lynva."

"But she's foreign!" I protested, a whole series of fifths and sixths were her best results.

"Well what other option is there?" he asked, I saw he kept flicking back to a girl named Byron's Beauty, "You keep on looking, I'll rustle up some coffee." he suggested.

I took his place and scrolled up and down the vacancies pages.

I couldn't believe some of the deals, no wonder Daddy was struggling to attract new talent,

John Bryant of Saddleworth offering forty thousand pounds as a sort of transfer fee to the trainer or "Owner," in Ponygirl parlance.

I started thinking, it seemed quite logical.

"Daddy, why can't I do it?" I asked as he came back.

"No, you can't be my Ponygirl, but you can help Dot if you like." he said, "or how about you go and see your mother in Monaco."

"I suppose," I said my mind working overtime.

"Good, it will give me some peace!" he said.

I sort of mulled things over in my head,

I woke late next morning, Mrs Giles Daddy's housekeeper was really off with me because I made her late making the bed but she made my breakfast and I went into Daddy's study and logged on to the Club website.

It was a bit naughty I admit, but I used some of Dessie, that's Nancy Boyd's, details and pictures of her tacked up and my own passport picture, and I registered myself as Rose Giles, using Mrs Giles surname and I used my own registration as assistant trainer as owner trainer, and I put myself on line!

It was just a joke really, but within an hour Bryant's of Saddleworth had emailed with an offer, luckily they emailed my own account, rather than Daddy's Ponyplay account.

It was a very very good offer. very very good indeed! They even included terms and conditions and an acceptance form.

Daddy came home in a foul mood, more investor trouble, and well, I offered to be a stand in Ponygirl again.

"No, No and Thrice No!" he said paraphrasing Shakespeare, "Just drop it all right." he said.

"I'll go and see Mummy then." I suggested.

"Yes, good idea!" he agreed. "Anything to stop you going on about being a Ponygirl!"

I accepted Bryant's offer, I agreed to start a week Monday and they would collect me from Glossop Sation.

I packed a case and went to see Mummy in Monte Carlo, and when I was sure the money had arrived safely in my on line bank account I set off back for England.

I went via Eurostar and then to Sheffield and got a Taxi to Glossop Station. Mr Bryant came in person to pick me up when I phoned, he seemed very nice, "Miss Giles?" he asked.

"Yes, Rose," I said.

"Right, I think I'll be seeing a lot more of you," he said with something of a leer, "You can do a the hundred metres in thirteen seconds and the four hundred in the fifty fives?" he asked.

"Oh yes," I agreed, "In the thirteens not thirteen dead,"

"Well we'll test you and if you can't it's deal off," he said frimly, "Did you bring your tack?"

"No, I don't have my own." I explained as I carried my holdall to his car.

"No problem, we like to keep to our own in any case!" he said.

I squirmed slightly, slightly nervously, as he stared at my legs through the tracksuit bottoms I was wearing with my trainers and tee shirt.

He had a brand new Lexus, one of the Range Rover clones they make, and we were soon purring up past the reservoirs and up the hillside until we were high on Saddleworth Moor, the track deteriorated and soon the tarmac was left behind, and then he stopped, by a white post.

"Hundred yards from here to that gate yonder," he said, "You got fourteen seconds."

"I need a warm up!" I protested.

"So warm up." he said, he was older than Daddy, sort of a Yorkshireman, big powerful.

I climbed out and did my warm up exercises Miss Higginbotham had taught me, running on the spot, star jumps etc. and then when the blood was pumping I said "Ready when you are."

He just said "Go," no ready set, just "Go," so I went, luckily the turf was springy as I sprinted and I just lunged for that gate.

"Back go!" he ordered and I sprinted back, I was gasping for breath as I got back.

"What the hell did they let you go for?" he asked in surprise, "That was under fourteen coming back!" he thought, "That's fast." he said, "very fast," and he thought, "Maybe you're no good at something, I just took a punt on those sprint figures, oh and your pictures of course, and of course the pedigree a Melton girl."

I was sweating profusely, despite the cold wind cutting across the moor. "Yes," I agreed, "I don't know why they didn't want me," I paused, "I thought I was doing well."

The farm was intended to look derelict to keep prying eyes at bay but I knew Bryants were among the best trainers there were, but as we splashed into the yard through six inch deep puddles I wondered if they hadn't gone too far!

Mrs Bryant met us at the door, "Come in and have a feed girl!" she insisted, the fayre was plentiful, great slices of lean roast beef and a few peas and carrots with sliced apples to finish all washed down with a delicious fruity cordial.

"Come through and I'll sort your Tack," Mrs Bryant suggested when I finished eating and I followed her through to a room beyond the kitchen.

Tack hung in great profusion, "Henry likes pale tan for blondes." she said, "I'm Aileen or Ellie as they call me, shall we try this?" she asked, as she held up a corset and waist belt in tan coloured leather, "Slip your jacket off."

I did as she said and she pulled up my Tee shirt and buckled it round me, "Nice Tan," she commented.

"Monte Carlo!" I said, "Mummy lives there."

"Is that too tight?" she asked as she tweaked the laces on the corset.

"It is a bit but it will be all right," I agreed.

"Best have your Tee shirt off for the next bit," she suggested, and I quickly slipped my Tee shirt off ,"Oh that's a fancy bra, best slip that off and all," she said so I did, I felt a bit odd standing there bare breasted but she seemed nice enough.

"Have you done cart work?" she asked.

"A bit," I lied, "twin shaft" I added, "With broad cuffs,"

"Good," she replied, "Lets try the cuffs next," she said and buckled the triple buckle cuffs around both my wrists, "We like the north country rest position, I don't suppose you tried that?" she asked.

"No," I said honestly enough, tried it, I hadn't a clue what it was!

She showed me, a short strap between my wrist cuffs, "Hands behind your head," she said

I tried it, it felt most odd, "and the elbow clincher," she said as she passed a strap around my elbows and pulled them together behind my back, "Look how good your breasts look!" she said pointing to the mirror.

We looked an odd pair, her in her fifties with greying hair dressed in the fashions of the nineteen forties me half naked with my breasts thrust out, "It's a bit odd!" I ventured.

"We use a leather cap instead of open bridle, I'll see if this one will do," she suggested, "You got a lot of hair," she added, "Make a beautiful mane."

She picked up a leather cap and scooped up my flowing blonde hair and fed it through the ring on the upper back of the cap and gradually eased it over my head until at last only my face protruded, she added the wide neck straps and asked how it felt.

"Sounds are muffled," I said.

"Yes," she agreed, "Keeps your ears warm." and then she said "open," and "Try the bit,"

It felt horrible, I tried to tell her so but she tightened the strap, "Unggh," I said.

I shook my head and stamped.

"Stop it, bad pony." she said and thats when she hit me with the whip.

I whipped round and kicked her hard. "Henry!" she wailed.

I whipped round but as I faced him Mrs Bryant caught me from behind and Mr Bryant icked up something from the bench and put bit over my face.

"Best we blinker her Martha" he said, no wonder his lordship got shot, what a bloody Madam!"

I found out later the blinker, or blinder actually strapped to the leather cap, blinding me completely.

"Pull the leather sleeve over her hand tie Martha she's marking her neck." Mr Bryant insisted, and I felt Martha working with something soft around my imprisoned hands as they passed around my neck.

"Beh Nung Nung queh," I threatened.

"Well use a wide belt and a single shaft," Mr Bryant suggested, "and we'll clit and tit her now while we're at it."

I felt the Corset being removed, a wide belt was passed around my waist and buckled firmly in position, but no crotch belt then someone pulled down my tracksuit bottoms and panties, balling them round my feet and pulling my socks and trainers off with them.
Something was passed around my left ankle, a loop or noose and before I could kick it away a second was passed around my right ankle and somehow my ankles were pulled apart despite my best efforts and I did the splits and would have fallen if someone, Mr Bryant I think hadn't gently guided me down.

"I've got it Henry, do you want the freezer." Martha asked.

"No, this one needs to know pain, give her a few swats and see if we can find the little critter." he suggested.

She hit me, on the tender underside of my breasts, then on my sex, right on the lips, it stung, my god how it stung, "Got it," Mr Bryant announced, "There it is, whoa ho, there it," there was a click and the most excruciating pain I have ever endured coursed through me from the very innermost secret part of me to assault my brain and dissolve into a million agonising fireflies. "There it is, done." he said.

"Pliers and the solder gun please Martha." Mr Bryant asked, and before I realised my left breast exploded into an agonising firecracker of an explosion followed by my right breast.

"Bar bells on the Tits Henry!" Martha suggested, "I got the iron hot!"

"This won't hurt a bit," Mr Bryant said, "In fact it will hurt a lot, so much so that you might pass out but don't worry." he said, "I'm just making a loop for your new clit ring."

He lied, it was a bit hot but nothing compared to the agony of making the initial hole.

"Just hold still," he said, and I suppose he soldered the loop shut, and then he pressed something through each nipple and soldered that judging by the awful stench of burning flesh and the agony I experienced.

"Right, welcome to Pony land," Mr Bryant said, "This is proper training, Yorkshire style, no mamby pamby beds and TV's, Computers, parties just a hard slog, and when its over you will sleep and when you wake you will want to train again because you're so cold and uncomfortable in your stall."

"Beleop Phog!" I exclaimed,

"Just pack in the back chat one stamp for yes two for no." he said, "Understand?" I stamped twice, so he continued, "Show her where she sleeps Martha!"

She led me away barefoot from the room, out of the door and across the yard and I heard her open a door, "In there," she said. and she pushed me into a pile of staw and slammed the door behind me.

I cried and cried, I just lay for ages sobbing, then I sat up, and listened, and despite the tight leather cap or helmet enveloping my entire head and covering my ears I began to make out sounds, the steady thunder of vehicles, it must be the distant sounds of the Motorway and then the sounds of other people or animals and finally the sounds of the TV the theme tune to Coronation Street, it could only be nine o'clock.

I thought back a day, saying goodbye to Mummy, going first class on Eurostar to get a good seat and finding it was almost empty, leaving my own documents in the safety deposit at Daddy's bank while I changed trains, and I remembered that beautiful dress I saw just after I put my credit cards in that safety deposit so I couldn't buy it, and now this naked and helpless.

I lay there for ages until I heard the ten o'clock TV news theme and then I explored carefully, it was a stable stall, straw on the floor, it smelled clean, I picked a spot beside the door for my dirty spot, kicked the straw away, and then I laid down, and stood up, and paced around, and thought.

You see I thought Daddy used the same training technique as everyone else, I really had no idea, of course I realised later, but you see an elegant girl from the Don Valley, Sheffield, Doncaster, she will be the result of a one night stand, drunken almost certainly, between an elegant chap and a local girl, maybe herself the result of a similar liaison, but she will be coarse and aggressive, so she'll need breaking.

Whereas I was broken years ago by the bitches at that awful school Daddy sent me to, no Ciggies behind the bike sheds for me, oh no cold shower, eat, prep, class, eat, prep, class, eat, cold shower, sleep. That was my life from Nine to Thirteen yers old.

So I got thirteen GCSEs, so what, and Four A levels but not straight As, I got a B in Art, and missed my chosen University course.

It was cold and my arms hurt until they went numb, and I shivered, and it got colder and the wind howled and the rain rattled on the tin, and after an eternity someone came for me.

"Best get you cleaned out young filly," a woman's voice said as she opened the door, "Walk on."

she slapped my left buttock with a whip.

I leapt forward, "Steady!" she said, "You're a lively one!" she commented, "Best have thee reins on afore us gets outside in the shit." and she clipped the reins to the end of my bit, and led me away, it was terrifying, the cold mud squelched between my toes and I followed blindly.

"Woah," she said, "Bend!" I stopped, "Bloody Bend!" she said and whipped me across the shoulders,

"Albert!" she said, "Bitch wont bend,"

"Her ent broke proper," a male voice said, "Ass like a knitting needle,"

"Hold her head then Albert!" she said and the next thing I knew Albert had wrenched my head down to my knees, and braced himself so I couldn't move.

I heard water running and then it hit me, right against my left bum cheek, it was freezing obviously from a hose pipe and then it homed in on my bum, I thought they were just going to wash me but she pushed the jet right against the bud of my bum hole and water started to squirt inside me, horrible freezing water up my bum freezing me inside, I wailed and stamped but she pushed harder and the cold metal of the hose nozzle eased inside my bum hole, I felt the freezing water filling me, I kicked and squirmed, they couldn't get to their whips, but I couldn't break their grip either.

"NNnnnuuuunnnngggg" I wailed into my bit but the carried on, I shook furiously shivering, and then suddenly the water jet splashed across my leg and the water began to run out of me, "Yuck what a mess!" I recognised Mr Henry Bryant's voice, "You better carry on till it runs clear, " he said and they shoved the pipe back in me again.

"Wriggle it about Annie loosen her up," he advised, "She's certainly got some pedigree," he said, "One of his Lordship's bastards I'll wager, your remember that one at Munich that time,"

"Oh yeah dad!" the woman agreed, "When you lost that bet with Gustavsen,"

"Yeah, bitch," he agreed, "And when she won he had her bit out and she bloody kissed him, my lot I'd have been lucky not to get spat at!" he mused ruefully.

Annie filled me up and pulled the pipe out again, "that will do!" Henry said, "Hitch up the single shaft cart, I'll take her for a trot."

I could barely walk, my insides had been scoured and felt raw, and someone just moved me a small distance to what must have been a barn, "This is a double vee single shaft harness, it swings up if you start or stop too quickly, so don't start or stop too quickly," she said as she bustled about, and then I felt the weight of the cart pulling down on my belt.

"She's ready Dad!" Annie shouted.

"Coming!" he agreed, and I felt him climb nimbly aboard the cart and take up the reins, he slapped my backside, pulled the left rein and I walked slowly forward squelching through the mud, "Gid up there," he ordered and slashed at my buttocks, the single shaft chafed between my legs and occasionally banged up against me, I was worried I might trip.

"Your all right," he said, "get a move on its turf," he said, "You'll be all right, it won't matter if you fall," he said "See!", he tripped me with the long whip, lassooed my foot with it so I cannoned helplessly into the ground face first, sliding along wet grass on my poor sore breasts and my face, "See," he said as he dragged me up by my hair.

"Understand?" he asked. I nodded, so I went a bit faster, he did it again, lasooed my foot, I did three hops and then crashed to the floor, faster this time, but at least i was expecting it and I arched my back and landed on my tummy, "Atta girl, now you run and I'll let thee feet alone." deal?" I nodded.

I clambered up myself without assistance, and started to run, "Hey!" he wailed, but the straps pulled back against my freshly ringed clit and fireworks exploded in my brain with pretty green roses and space rockets and little furry kittens, the barbells through my nipples throbbed, and then it stopped, I felt horribly empty.

"Pull you daft bitch," he shouted, I tried again this time it just rubbed gently, I seemed to be flying as that lovely warm feeling spread though me as I sped across the ground and I was unprepared for him to apply the brakes and shout "Whoah."

I stopped, "Well Eli," Henry said, "What do you think?"

I heard an elderly man's voice,"Ee, not bad lad, not bad?" he agreed, "Where's her from?"

"Down south, Ee you listen," he fiddled with my bit, and pulled it free,"

"Let me go you beast!" I exclaimed, "Or I'll" which was as far as I got before he re-fastened the bit.

"Posh see!" Henry boasted.

"Ah so she be," he said, "What she fuck like?"

"Too tight for us Eli," he said, "Ass that is."

"You want I to have a go?" Eli asked.

"If you 'ent got nothing else on," Henry suggested.

"Half a mo I'll get me pills." Eli suggested.

"Poor old sod's past it really." Henry said as he unhitched me from the cart, "But he's got a wiry little cock, ideal for loosening up you tight arsed bitches, and he led me around, "Just bend over the back of the cart."

Well to be honest it was the last thing I wanted to do, bend over so some old codger I had never even seen could sodomise me, but there was nothing I could do, because when I pulled away he just let the reins go and I had no idea where I was or where to run to.

"Now don't be awkward," he said as he seized my reins again, "bend!"

I bent over the back of the cart, I had no choice, and then I felt Eli, hard and warm against my backside, "Hold her still Mr Bryant her's all clammed up."

I tried a kick and got a painful slap across my breasts and as I jerked up so Eli slid his wizened old pen-like penis up inside my backside. It forced painfully up inside my rectum inch by agonising inch, It felt like I was on fire, it was horrible, and then long before it felt it was all the way in me it was squirting stuff inside me he never used a condom.

"Oh very nice Mr Bryant." Eli said happily, lovely and tight, first time?" he asked.

"Must be," Henry agreed, "Stand back let a man in." he said, "Hold her head!" he added and I felt his strong hands grip my hips.

"Nnnnnggghhh!" I squealed, as I felt Henry's softer but much larger penis against me, "NNnggg!""No!" I squealed again but Eli's cum was running out of me lubricating Henry's entry and he humped and squirmed and just as I was sure my anal ring would split, he slid in me, all the way, I felt his balls slap against me, and he did a strange thing, he unstrapped my blindfold.

I blinked, Eli stood there, looking like a Victorian Grandfather, bent over stooping with a full beard, old dark raincoat and his trousers around his ankles and beyond, beyond was this vista, the view was unbelievable, I gasped, we could see for miles in the crystal clear moor land air right across the moors to the purple haze of the cities with their industry and smog, and inn front of us the track led away straight as a die beside miles of drystone walls to disappear over a distant crest.

"Champion ent it lass," Henry asked as he cupped my breasts and used them to drag himself even further into me.

I nodded. "See it ent all bad up here." he explained, as he humped away "Do summat then," he said as if I should be enjoying it, but then he started groaning and his disgusting warm goo was flooding me. "Oh yes that oh that's it oh bloody hell." Henry groaned, "You'll give me a bloody heart attack."

He dragged himself out of me and staggered slightly as he connected the straps to attach me to the cart once again. "See, it's a straight clear run, now you run do you hear?" he ordered, and I nodded.

He pulled the blinder across returning me to the nightmare world of darkness, yet it was a safe world of privacy where I could believe that I was being abused in the darkness and privacy of my stable or room not outdoors in sight of anyone who might pass by.

I ran on carefully and although he whipped me I was too frightened to go any faster, and after a few hundred yards or so he stopped me once again, he just tugged the reins and I stopped, he spoke to someone, I felt unseen but coarse and dirty hands exploring my breasts and sneaking down, "Eh less of that Larry, tradesmans all right?"

"Spoilsport!" "Larry" exclaimed, "What's her fuck like?" he asked.

"Bloody tight for me lad, you want a go?" Henry asked, "Only I needs her loosened up really."

"No, you're all right Henry," he said, he turned me down, he turned down the chance to hump me when there was nothing I could do to stop him, except kicking maybe, but even so it was so humiliating, "Mebbe down Masons later,"

"Ha, you'll have to pay like the rest!" he said and he slashed the whip across my shoulders and shook the reins. My feet scrabbled for grip on the damp grass, my poor toes, I had a pedicure and everything at Mummy's and now my feet must be blistered and I doubted I had any toenails left!

I ran for ages and then we stopped, Henry climbed down and I heard him doing something and then a door creaked open.

He threw something over me, a sheet or Tarpaulin and then he unhitched the Cart.

"We're near road," he explained, "Best wear the bag for next bit," he advised, "I'll let reins droop, you walk I'll guide thee." he said almost kindly, but the path became stony and he picked me up and carried me a short way.

I heard voices, faintly, music perhaps, he set me down and opened a door, and the hubbub of voices became clearer, it was a meeting of some sort, then I heard the clink of glasses and the smell of Cigarette smoke, stale sweat and beer it was a bar or more likely the Local Public House "Is there any strangers in? he asked loudly.

There was a pause, "No you're all right!" someone said , "Is that the new un."

"Yeah this is it, Clive, if you want to lock up I'll get it out." Henry offered.

There was some laughing and clacking of door locks,

"Da Daaaah!" Henry laughed and he dragged the bag off me to his imitation of a fanfare.

"Hey," "Wow," "Bit skinny!" were some of the more sensible comments, "When can we have a go Henry!"

"I need to have her seen to first," Henry commented, "I don't suppose Dr Sugden has been in?"

Seen to? Dr Sugden? My mind raced I'd already been raped anally and pierced and humiliated what on earth else did they have planned for me.

"No but Harry Balls is in snug, thee want's vet not Doctor!" someone said.

"Well let the Dog see the Rabbit." Henry suggested, and he tugged me forward, hands grabbed at me as he led me forward.

"Harry!" Henry said.

"Mr Bryant!" Harry replied, "And what can I do for you?"

"Stop this un getting up the duff." Henry said.

"Hundred quid?" Harry offered.

"Fifty," Henry countered.

"All right, up on the table with it," Harry suggested, "And mine's a pint of Newky Brown."

"You heard!" Henry said as he fairly gently picked me up and laid me on the table.

"Looks healthy enough," Harry commented as willing hands parted my legs and then some one Harry perhaps?, parted my sex and peered inside, it was all horribly exciting, and I was getting damp at the thought.

"Anaesthetic," Harry called, and someone loosened my bit just long enough to tip my head back and force a slug of whiskey, Jack Daniels I thought, down my throat and then suddenly the bit was back in and there was this horrible horrible pain from my sex.

I couldn't scream, I tried to kick, it was hopeless, they were putting rings through my Sex lips Labia or whatever it's called in Latin, but they weren't, there was another pain and another and another, "Got a bootlace anyone!" Henry laughed.

"I got some lovely red silk upstairs!" a woman's voice trilled, "Half a mo," I heard her feet clattering up the stairs, the hubbub of conversation increased, I couldn't make out much, something about Harrogate.

"One of his Lordship's rejects!" Henry was saying, "Soft bastard hadn't even branded her, and her ass wasn't even broke but bloody hell is she quick over hundred yards."

"I got it!" The woman trilled, "Let me it needs a woman's touch!"

"No, you're all right, I used to sew the Pakistani girls back up at end of term at Uni." Harry said.

"Twenty years ago!" Henry said, "Let Maggie do it." and I cried with pain s they sewed my sex together, the lips sewn shut. I almost passed out.

Finally they were finished, "Right lads form a queue, twenty quid a time." Henry laughed, "Got the Box Clive?" he asked.

See Part two.

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